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    Yes, Starhawks have counter with salvo
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    What is dead may never die.
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    Much of my background focuses on naval strategy, operations, etc., both in the present and in the recent past (20th century). So with that in mind, I have collated something of an organization to the types of ships the starships in Armada play, based on their role and capabilities. A note, I know that almost every ship in Armada can be forced to play the role of carrier, so I’m mostly focused on ship-to-ship capabilities and design. Here are my thoughts.
    Let’s start with the light units. Both flotillas rather defy conventional denomination schemes, but for the sake of it I’m filing them under corvette-carriers (that’s carriers that are corvettes, not ships carrying corvettes, for the record). The best real world analogs are the Bogue style escort carriers built by the Allies during World War 2, cheap, slow, expendable(ish), and kept around not to fight other combatants face to face, but to organize squadrons and perform critical fleet support functions. They are, I will note, the only ships that are carriers in the American sense, which is to say without significant internal armament.
    Next up are five small ships often grouped together that I am going to break apart for doctrine reasons, the CR90, the Hammerhead, the Raider, the MC30, and the Gladiator. For the CR90 and the Scout Hammerhead, I would classify these ship as a frigate/destroyer escort. It’s fast and agile (frigate-built), and effective as a light screening ship capable of pitched combat, but not a dedicated killer. Even with TRCs, CR90s have a rather standoffish approach to combat, and they certainly have relatively low damage output compared to many other options in game. They exist as flanking fire support, drawing attention and energy away from the main battle group, and with titles like Tantive IV, they fulfill a similar support function in fleets to the corvettes. An example comparison is the recently retired Perry class frigate, or for WW2 the vein of a Fletcher class destroyer.
    Raiders, Torpedo Hammerheads, MC30s, and Gladiators by contrast are destroyers. Just as fast and agile as the CR90, instead of plinking away at the edge of battle they dive right in, gunning for high damage output and destruction. Raiders are destroyers with an anti-aircraft (squadron) bent, like the WW2 era Gearing class, whereas Gladiators and MC30s destroy ships, pure and simple. A more modern comparison for the latter pair would be the Cold War era Soviet Sovremenny class destroyers, or the American Spruance class destroyer. For WW2, I'll select the French heavy destroyers of the Fantasque and Chacal classes. These are the aggressive units in a fleet, with high dice-hull ratios, and often high points-hull ratios as well. Like frigates, destroyers typically operate in groups, often with cruisers or a battleship present, but wolfpacks are not necessarily unviable.
    The next category is light cruisers, filled by the Nebulon-B, the Arquitens, and the Pelta. These are ships that start to form the backbone of fleets. While not necessarily as high-performance as destroyers or frigates, light cruisers are found in many fleets as the flexible muscle, and the ships where a loss is actually possibly a significant degradation to fleet fighting power. By counterpoint, they are also usually the lightest ship that can safely wander off into danger from its own angle (e.g. Yavaris plus squads). They are equally adept at organizing squadrons, particularly the Pelta, and fighting ships face-to-face, and offer (generally somewhat) improved durability over destroyers and frigates. Sending a light cruiser to fight a destroyer is not a guaranteed victory for the cruiser, but odds are in its favor when played well. For historical comparison, I would compare the Nebulon to the Omaha class scout cruiser, the Arquitens to the Leander class, and the Pelta to a (somewhat slower) Cleveland class, with the Independence class light carrier filling in the Command version as the game’s only escort carrier. As a rule of thumb, the lightest most fleets will go for flagships is a light cruiser for these reasons, barring the odd destroyer swarm (e.g. Clonisher). Quasar Fire I'm going to slot here, since it's about as durable as a light cruiser, but more like the Command Pelta. We're going to pick Ranger as our point of comparison for the mid-century era, and either the brand-new Queen Elizabeth or Izumo class medium carriers.
    There is a case to be made that the durability of the Gladiator and MC30 slide them into the light cruiser category, leaving the Raiders and Hammerheads alone like the CR90. In some configurations, particularly MC30 Scout Frigates in Ackbar fleets with Gunnery Teams as long range harassers, MC30s provide the long range fire and moderate durability common to CLs, while the Gladiator’s brace token means it can be more survivable than an Arquitens. However, and I expect this to be a point of discussion, I have left them as destroyers, albeit heavy destroyers, by virtue of their aggressive playstyle to maximize black dice effectiveness, and the design intent that is less intent on a survivable multi-role platform than a dedicated attack unit. There is not actually a good comparison in real naval strategy for that much firepower packed into a platform both that expensive and that delicate, but given that the entire point of the ships is to deliver dice to target, I stand by the destroyer classification. I will further note here that while the use of torpedo language about black dice upgrades and the short range can evoke torpedo use from bygone eras, they are in no way related to the submarines preceding the nuclear revolution. U-boats and other fleet submarines from the World War II era were extremely slow and relatively unmaneuverable; their only advantage against escort ships was stealth afforded by submerging, which they were not able to maintain for significant lengths of time, even after the advent of the snorkel. Modern nuclear-powered fast attack submarines have the power-to-weight ratios and top speeds to make the comparison ok, but the emphasis on stealth approaches and superior sensor technology that dominates undersea combat is not present in Armada.
    Above light cruisers are heavy cruisers, the Assault Frigate MK 2, the Victory, and the Interdictor. These are all solid ships, capable of holding a battle line, and with support from either another heavy cruiser or multiple light units effectively challenging enemy battleships. These ships are often the flagships of fleets without the dreadnoughts, and are fully in the range of capital ships in the classical sense. They are able to fight, and fight well, without the lighter units, but if the lighter units attempt to fight without them against superior forces, the odds are not in their favor. Heavy cruisers are most notable over light cruisers for the significant improvement in durability they offer, in addition to the usual firepower improvement. The Interdictor is something of the odd man out here, as it is fully as durable, and situationally as powerful as the other two heavy cruisers, but performs a far more subtle fleet support function than the other two ships that doesn't have a good real equivalent. A good general comparison for all of them is the Baltimore class or the Slava class cruiser, with the Saipan class carrier channeling the carrier capability.
    The final category of starship is the battleship. This is the Imperial class Star Destroyer, the MC80, and the MC80 Liberty. These are the ultimate capital ships, with little to fear on the table besides each other, the ships they are built to fight. They fully meet the classic definition of a battleship, capable of both weathering and dealing incredible amounts of damage. They also are capable of providing incredible squadron support capabilities like fleet carriers, and are priced like all that to boot. A further subdivision might be that the Imperial and the Liberty are the category of fast battleships, providing (relative) speed and firepower, while Home One is a World War One style dreadnought with thick armor (shields and defensive retrofits) at the cost of speed. Historical comparisons to the Iowa class (Imperial), Bismarck (Home One), and the Scharnhorst (Liberty) are not at all out of place.
    I would hold that Armada does not currently have a battlecruiser. (If you wish to fight me about whether or not Scharnhorst is a battlecruiser, spoiler: she isn’t, she’s a fast battleship with a very specific mission set, PM me, this is the Armada forum.) There are two overall understandings of the battlecruiser, the British version and the German version. (The Japanese version is just early fast battleships, so that doesn’t count.) The British version, invented by Admiral Jackie Fisher, focused on battleship size ships with battleship grade guns, but cruiser-grade speeds, meaning cruiser-grade armor. These were ships like HMS Invincible, HMS Renown, and the mighty HMS Hood, intended to avoid enemy battleships and sweep away enemy cruisers with hugely superior firepower. The German approach was (surprise, surprise) the inverse, trading the biggest guns for battleship grade armor with the cruiser grade speed, often leaving German battlecruisers with firepower sufficient to cow cruisers, but less overwhelming than British types. Examples would include SMS Von der Tann and SMS Derfflinger. A great example of the distinction is the results of the Battle of Jutland, where numerous British battlecruisers were destroyed (doing something doctrinally they had no business doing), more than one with all hands, whereas the German battlecruisers all survived (more or less) the pounding delivered by British rifles.
    Squadron comparison to follow.
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    Pants became shorts

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    Fithian_Rankin reacted to Karneck in Steel Command - A Most August Moment   
    Pelta take the house Cup at gencon.
    Dumpster Fire in 1st place, and double pelta in 2nd!
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    Fithian_Rankin reacted to Bertie Wooster in GARM!!!!   
    Yes indeed. 
    Garm, Pelta and Nav Team OP, plz nerf.
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    Fithian_Rankin reacted to Mig1921 in Is SSD a turning point for Armada?   
    No, I think the turning point of the SSD will be the upgrade cards.  Palp commander, Vader crew, etc will be the real winners here.  they bring so much to empire and how they will function.
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    Fithian_Rankin got a reaction from Zrob314 in Average Wounds per unit   
    This is fantastic! What a great resource. Thanks for crunching these numbers. 
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    Fithian_Rankin reacted to BenBot in Sick of Rebel Troopers   
    In my experience with Rebels I’ve found I need to take Dodge actions more than I initially wanted to. 
    Dodge - Shoot is often the preferred turn for a Rebel Trooper unit.
    Move - Dodge is common. 
    And don’t forget Nimble! You get that dodge token for the whole turn.
    Leia can be a huge help in handing out those dodge tokens and freeing up troopers to get an aim action every once in awhile. 
    Try different stuff and find what you have fun with! 
    My advice would be to embrace the chaos of the Z-6 and make sure you’re getting dodge tokens.
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    Fithian_Rankin reacted to syrath in Jyn, Leia, and Troopers   
    Recommend Intel on Jyn is a waste of points , with infiltrate you don't want to be close enough to your opponent that you need recon to get closer, if you aren't that close then infiltrate will let you set up wherever you want without needing reco n to get there. 
    if you out Jun or even a unit that far forward to your main forces is say you are placing her wrong. Similarly with pathfinders, t he latter you want to place them in a position where your opponent cannot ignore them and will need to waste time dealing with them while you position the rest of the forces, or you want to position to claim a centre objective turn one and use danger sense to keep you alive. Every shot they make on the unit is a movement lost trying to get to an objective, the game is often about action economy and starting 2 or 3 moves closer and  forcing an opponent to use 3 or 4 actions to deal with them, then the cost is paid for, sit then at range 2 of your enemy you get maybe one shot in but ultimately you get blasted it of the water by sheer unit attacks on you. So sit them in place in cover at range 4 and let your opponent come to you. You just sit, or retreat (using dauntless) drawing them off position and building up suppression. Meanwhile bring in your own forces where you want. r
    Jyn wants positioned more discretely (perhaps on or near one of your close objectives.)
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    Fithian_Rankin reacted to smickletz in Jyn, Leia, and Troopers   
    If you do not place Jyn first, which can be strategic, or if you have multiple Infiltrate units, then Recon Intel can be a huge help. Your opponent may have placed a unit in such a way that it’s difficult to get Jyn into necessary cover or into that little nook you want her. Recon Intel often will let you get there (either on Jyn, Pathfinders, or both).
    It will also let you get into Range 3 of a unit that’s already been placed so you can shoot at them turn 1, though I don’t recommend putting yourself out in the open.
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    Fithian_Rankin reacted to syrath in Jyn, Leia, and Troopers   
    I can understand, placing them in cover after placing at a position where You couldnt. I'd just put Jyn in cover further back, if there is no cover then there really isn't enough terrain on the table. I'd never set Jyn that close to the opponent that you can shoot turn one. 
    To me Jyn is an objective grabber, as are the pathfinders , although the latter makes an excellent tarpit as well. Anytime I even get tempted to use her as all out offense leads to me getting her killed quickly. Her courage also makes her an excellent rally point. I'm not picking her to go up front and hit the targets though, 2 or 3 solid hits are usually enough to get her wiped off the table. 
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    Fithian_Rankin reacted to Mep in Why does Jyn suck?   
    Jyn either wins ... or her chances are spent.
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    Fithian_Rankin reacted to jocke01 in Why does Jyn suck?   
    I think she is good, but lacks consistency. She is a mis mush of all the 3 other commanders with a brunch of rules/keywords that rely om her command cards. 
    I think you need to play her more as an operative rather than a commander.
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    Fithian_Rankin reacted to Deadshane in Why does Jyn suck?   
    I think she is fun.  So there, nyaah!
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    Fithian_Rankin reacted to Drasnighta in Different ways of getting rebel re-rolls.   
    Welcome to Rebel design Philosophy 101.
    The Imperials get Consistency, with Reroll Source after Reroll Source after Reroll Source.
    Rebellions are built on hope, and so apparently, are their Dice Modifications.
    They have a small pool of "set to x face" (TRC/ "Intensify Firepower!") for specific circumstances, but no massed rerolls.
    You are very limited to Caitken and Shollan, and Ordnance Experts for black Dice.
    Otherwise, you're just...  Relying on Hope.
    Might as well Embrace it.
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    I think Force Reflexes is a bit pricey for Luke. It’s a free action, but it’s also an exhaust, which means that Luke has to recover to use it again. In my experience, Luke wants to be mobile, so he usually has better things to do than recover. In practice, that means you’ll probably get one good use per game out of Force Reflexes on Luke — a bit low value for 15 points. Those points could be used to buy some upgrades for Chewy: Duck and Cover or Emergency Stims, maybe. FR is much better on Vader, who gets to ready every turn for free with Master of the Force.
    Also, you might consider including some of Han’s command cards. They are INSANE and can have a massive impact on the game.
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    Fithian_Rankin got a reaction from BenBot in New player Rebels   
    I think Force Reflexes is a bit pricey for Luke. It’s a free action, but it’s also an exhaust, which means that Luke has to recover to use it again. In my experience, Luke wants to be mobile, so he usually has better things to do than recover. In practice, that means you’ll probably get one good use per game out of Force Reflexes on Luke — a bit low value for 15 points. Those points could be used to buy some upgrades for Chewy: Duck and Cover or Emergency Stims, maybe. FR is much better on Vader, who gets to ready every turn for free with Master of the Force.
    Also, you might consider including some of Han’s command cards. They are INSANE and can have a massive impact on the game.
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    Fithian_Rankin reacted to BenBot in New player Rebels   
    That’s not a bad looking first list!
    Have you started purchasing stuff yet?
    I still recommend getting two core sets to start because the value is so great and you get extra dice and range rulers etc.
    If you’re friend is going Imps it’s even more financially efficient to split the core sets!
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    Fithian_Rankin reacted to The Jabbawookie in All the Black Dice   
    I would consider swapping Ciena for Mauler; otherwise she'll be shot at last.  With Mithel, your opponent wants to kill everything immediately after getting through Zertik, forcing hard choices (plus heavy auto-damage has great synergy with Soontir and Counter.)
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    Fithian_Rankin reacted to Varren in First attempt at Armada, any critique welcome   
    Thanks for the additional advice.  As a side note I LOVE Cannot Get Your Ship Out and have read probably 75% of the articles there, some twice.

    I really wanted to run those Tie fighters if I could, I just love the flavor of a squad leader and a bunch of ties flying around my ISD to keep it free from rebel scum.  I want to note that this is a kitchen table game with a friend of mine who has not much more exp than me, so anything that expects some sort of meta will probably be overkill.

    I read elsewhere that if you know how to fly then you don't need the Relentless title, so I think I'll just learn to fly the hard way by making mistakes.  I'll report back here how the game goes.  For anyone following along, the final list will be the original minus the hanger bay and 1 tie fighter.  That's 1 pt short of being able to add gunnery teams on both Vics.  I'm still open to how to get that last point, but I'm only looking for minor changes now.
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    Fithian_Rankin reacted to Cleto0 in First attempt at Armada, any critique welcome   
    Welcome to Armada @Varren !
    I am looking at your list from a competitive stand point and notice a few things.
    1. Squadron Choice
    This 5 man squad seems to be good, but will fall quickly to any dedicated ball. I recommend a switch to Ciena Ree and Mauler Mithel. These two squads together give you 1 deployment (1 less than your squadrons) but give you ample hull to chew through (+ tokens!!) These two can be reliable antisquadron and will help keep your costs low (only 32 points). 
    2. Understanding Game Rounds
    Armada is broken into 4 "phases".
    Phase 0, which is before the game starts, with list building, astroids, deployment and objectives. In this phase, you need to define your strategy going into the game. What ranges benefit you most? What objectives do you want to run? How do you want to deploy obstacles? and most importantly, Where will I deploy? These questions are hard to answer, but as you get more skilled, you can answer them easier. I recommend you look into some of the good blogs and websites in the Armada community, such as http://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/. you can look for specific things, like (http://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2018/02/fleet-building-201-big-heavy.html) that correspond to your build. Check out their stuff on building fleets. It is super helpful!
    Phase 1, round 1(and sometimes round 2) is your Phase 1. This is the stage when you want to get tokens on your ships, maneuver into the battle, and Prepare for combat. Normally, Squadron commands SHOULD NOT be done in Phase 1, unless you are saving a token. This is because you can move your squadrons in the squadron phase without worry. This phase is also important, because you will be navigating (hopefully with a command or jerjer or Thrawn dial) and when you start heading one way, it is hard to change direction. Navigation is the most important phase of the game, and should be treated so. Many newer players make their mistakes in this phase. 
    Phase 2, this phase is normally round 2-4. This is the "attack" phase, and this is where you will do squadron commands and Con fire commands. 
    Phase 3, This is after the initial combat, and here you are normally Navigating away from the combat or engineering. 
    I recommend a switch to thrawn because you can set your dials and pull them whenever you need them. You can treat him like JJ by just even putting nav commands, but he is more useful if you put confires and squadrons. 
    Here is a list that would be better for 400 points. Trying to run full 2 vics and an ISD is impossible with ISD II and Vic IIs. I recommend a switch to a Kuat and two Vic Is. 
    This list allows you to fully upgrade all of your ships and you get a lot more competitive of a build. You can still run JJ, if you want, which gives you points to play around with. 
    ISD Kuat Refit (112)
    • Grand Admiral Thrawn (32) JerJerodd (23)
    • Governor Pryce (7)
    • Boarding Troopers (3)
    • Electronic Countermeasures (7)
    • Leading Shots (4)
    • External Racks (3)
    • Avenger (5)
    = 173 Points
    Victory I (73)
    • Captain Brunson (5)
    • Ordnance Experts (4)
    • Dual Turbolaser Turrets (5)
    • External Racks (3)
    • Seventh Fleet Star Destroyer (5)
    = 98 Points
    Victory I (73)
    • Captain Needa (2)
    • Ordnance Experts (4)
    • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7)
    • External Racks (3)
    • Seventh Fleet Star Destroyer (5)
    = 94 Points
    • Mauler Mithel (15)
    • Ciena Ree (17)
    = 32 Points
    Total Points: 394 (or 385 with JJ)
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    Fithian_Rankin reacted to Cruzer in First attempt at Armada, any critique welcome   
    Pretty solid stuff for a first list. All of these ships may be expensive point-wise, but there's good reason for that (the sheer number of dice they throw at most ranges) which makes them very easy to just pick up and play with. The Vics alone wouldn't be so much of a worry to an opposing player, but the ISD II is ALWAYS a situation of "oh crap". You also have managed to give the VSDs some good reroll power (not to mention, given their slow natural speed, Quad Bats fits them to a T).
    Getting into the more critique-y bit, I'd heavily caution the use of expanded hangar bay when you don't have an overflow of fighters. The second that one of those TIEs goes down (and they very likely will) it's essentially dead points. You can get by fantastically with just the ships' native Squadron values and even just the ISD's if you make good use of the token+dial combo. D-Caps is FANTASTIC on Vic IIs. If you were to drop anything in this list, they'd be the last thing I'd recommend. However, at present neither of them get a ton of punch since you're not using Gunnery Teams on either Vic. The numbers speak for themselves, you either get a max damage-output of 9 from your front hull (2 max per red, 1 per blue) OR a max damage of 18 from the same hull; all in just that turn, all at long range! I'd even argue if you place the Vics in the center and use Moff JJ, your opponents could be unable to avoid that big first shot 90% of the time at least (which with the wrong ship could spell an 1-shot-kill). Final Critique would be kind of a minor one, but while your squadrons are a good solid handful on their own, I'd err more on the side of having an even number of them. Remember, if you have an odd number of squadrons during deployment, the last one you place HAS to go after you place everything else in your list. Even numbers just give you that extra bit of freedom in your early game planning, so the closer you can stick to it, the better off you'll be.
    Anyway, I hope all that helps. Again, very solid list. Happy flying! ^^
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    Fithian_Rankin reacted to BiggsIRL in Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker, added Chris Terrio Interview   
    *Shows up with a single ISD and a Quasar, and a bunch of elite fighters.*
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    Fithian_Rankin got a reaction from Flengin in NEW ARTICLE!!!   
    More sickening Imperial oppression. THIS IS WHY WE FIGHT!
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