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  1. I have 5 decks now. ? Every single deck has Mars. ? [Brobnar, Mars, Untamed], [Brobnar, Mars, Shadows], [Dis, Mars, Untamed], [Logos, Mars, Untamed], [Mars, Shadows, Untamed]
  2. coolstuff has this one for 230$ heh, yesterday they had 5 pages of decks for sale, now down to 2. Oh and someone bought the other horseman deck they had for 270$
  3. I see that they play quite different, I wish the distribution of factions was a bit more complete in a boxx set
  4. Don't know how I am feeling about getting 3 decks and having 2 of the 3 houses being exactly the same.
  5. Technically I got 3 decks, that was the first opened. Not sure how to react to this but 3 decks Untamed, Mars, Dis - The Girl that Punctually realizes Castles Untamed, Mars, Logos - Anwar, The Animal of Woolberry Untamed, Mars, Shadows - Lady "Rebel" Hahl
  6. 10Ten


    The closest retail store to me is a CoolStuff. So of course they are already sold out of the box set. Still have Archon Decks though.
  7. Yes that is my first deck. Dis,Mars,Untamed
  8. Which reviews? I used "reviews of realms of terrinoth rpg" as my search criteria in google. Are the reviews from cannibal halfling gaming, gameingtrend, and tapletopgaming/uk the type of review you are directing me towards?
  9. Still not understanding what the issue is. This product isn't a Monster Manual/Bestiary It's a campaign setting.
  10. Where are you getting 14.99$ from? The FFG store has both decks for 6.95$ each. Miniature Market has them for 5.99$ You are comparing a brand new product with zero history to a product with over 40 years of history and literally hundreds if not over a 1000 different products?
  11. .35$ per card? No, don't find it ridiculous.
  12. I read the series. Not enough has been talked about regarding the Fey. Weres and Vamps...idk, it's a good popcorn read, but actually playing in it might not be all that.
  13. 10Ten

    Earth AC

    I'm waffling about how to do the lead up to the current time of the game setting. Really it's about how much of a reaction would our current politicals have if there is a space battle clearly seen by the whole planet? Any suggestions?
  14. 10Ten

    Earth AC

    Cyber-punk and wuxia have a lot in common.
  15. 10Ten

    Earth AC

    Showing my age, that's a rough quote from Thundarr the Babarian
  16. 10Ten

    Earth AC

    There was a battle in space between the earth and moon unleashing cosmic destruction.... You have some space debris falling onto the earth and then a race to collect what is still up there floating around. Flash forward a couple centuries and blamo! Earth AC!
  17. 10Ten

    Earth AC

    My setting for Genesys is called Earth AC(after contact) I will be posting some more information as I go along along. syfi-cyberpunk no aliens multiple planets kungfu-wuxia
  18. 10Ten

    Earthdawn Genesys

    I haven't looked yet but I think Earthdawn would be a great candidate for this system
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