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  1. You are 100% correct. 👍 Why this is even an issue is baffling to 99.9% of us.
  2. I have this deck Sage Ricardo Fleecelash[Dis/Logos/Untamed] # ofLogos creatures 5, #of them scientist 4. Untamed card Curiosity Play: Destroy each Scientist creature.
  3. Not really. Number of cards do board wipes/partial wipes. Biomatrix Backup allows you to atleast keep the card somewhat close. part of the time. Better than Curiosity. I have this deck Sage Ricardo Fleecelash[Dis/Logos/Untamed] # ofLogos creatures 5, #of them scientist 4. Untamed card Curiosity, Play: Destroy each Scientist creature.
  4. I got nothing then. You're one who seems to be having issues with this. The fella who wanted all of us to get into the game was just killing the creatures on the board. I went through my deck twice in that game. Eventually 3 of us finally convinced him "Dude this isn't Magic" Perhaps there is some holdover from another CCG/LCG/etc. that is mucking up your concept of how the game works. There are plenty of cards that can stop The 2 Key Flop: Control The Weak Key Hammer Mind Barb Lash of Broken Dreams Interdimensional Graft Effervescent Principle. Neuro Syphon Scrambler Storm Hypnotic Command Shatter Storm And so on. That was me trying to get you to say something productive. Those were your responses. How was your responses productive? I gave you back the same snarkiness and sarcasm that has been your calling card on this particular sub forum. Evidently only you are allowed to do those things? Odd ain't it. Since this is a thread that I started and you haven't responded to the OP in any manner nor has any of your posts been productive, you can take a hike.
  5. If that is the case, why not question them all? Every single creature ability has "a creature" as part of the glossary definition.
  6. You dropping 'troll' on someone else.
  7. Page 3 of the Rulebook 16Nov2018 edition However What are your thoughts on
  8. You're making an implication that your decks have a very easy time of multi-key making. How many key forging accelerators do your decks have? I see. You're one of those that needs to have the last word. Boop on you.
  9. You have moved on.... Yet you're still responding? That another of your opiacts or a straight up oxymoron? You sure are amusing to watch. You appear to love confrontation, but can't handle a simple boop
  10. Yes. I used your absurd stipulation, that you are now trying to foist off as opiact, (you know opinion as fact) added a touch or two of sarcasm to highlight the invalidity of your assertions. Absurd: adjective utterly or obviously senseless, illogical, or untrue; contrary to all reason or common sense; laughably foolish or false: "an absurd explanation." Sarcasm: noun harsh or bitter derision or irony. a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: "a review full of sarcasms." Wow I have a completely different result. Perhaps you and your friend are trying to play Keyforge like M:tG? One of my mates had this issue. Kinda weird since he was the one who wanted to get into the game. He watched the videos, read the rules, got a bunch of decks and played it just like M:tG
  11. I have this condition called levelheadedness. (I woulda said common sense, but unfortunately that's turned into an oxymoron)
  12. Luckily for us, Keyforge smothers your fears by using 3 factions
  13. Really? Any other absurd stipulations? Can only be a game if it uses no primary colors? Only half a game if not played on the fifth Tuesday of the month?
  14. I have a creature that has the card Biomatrix Backup (CoTA 208) attached. Its my opponent’s turn and they use one of their creatures to attack and destroy my creature. What happens? Since it is your opponent’s turn and they are the active player, they will get to make all decisions for all cards. In this case Biomatx Backup has the word “may”, meaning that the effect is optional TURN SEQUENCE(pg4) The game is played over a series of turns. Players alternate taking turns until one player wins the game. Each turn consists of five steps: 1 Forge a key. 2 Choose a house. 3 Play, discard, and use cards of the chosen house. 4 Ready cards. 5 Draw cards. The player taking a turn is referred to as the active player. The active player is the only player that can perform actions or make decisions; a player does not make any decisions when it is not their turn. Each step is described in the following sections. Been there the whole time.
  15. Nah the OP has a very convoluted way of saying it. Biomatrix Backup says: This creature gains, "Destroyed: You may put this creature into it's owner's archive"
  16. 10Ten


    Your opponent unless creatureless always has a flank creature? Hmm, I have 3 decks with Brobnar all of them have at least 1 Valdr
  17. Why do you say that? I've never experienced anything like "non-interactivity" when it comes to FFG games. If you need up tempo games, I gots no problems pulling out Pit or Dutch Blitz and we can go all twitch skillz.
  18. I don't have Epic Quest, I have only 1 deck out of 7 that has Sanctum😞 , I do have a Key Charge and Chota Hazri in my deck Lady "Rebel" Hahl
  19. Huh? Um that is not what the rules say. STEP 1: FORGE A KEY If the active player has enough Æmber to forge a key during this step, they must do so. To forge a key, the active player spends Æmber from the Æmber pool on their identity card, returning it to the common supply. Then, that player flips any one of their key tokens over to its forged side, indicating that the key has been forged. The default cost to forge a key is six Æmber. Some card abilities may increase or decrease this number. No more than one key can be forged during this step each turn, even if the active player has enough Æmber to forge multiple keys.
  20. Age is getting to me. I was really wanting it to be whatever my current amber total was.
  21. Chota Hazri Play: Lose 1 Amber. If you do, you may forge a key at current cost What does this mean? Does this mean I can forge a key outside of Step 1? Does this mean I can forge a key with only say 2 amber?
  22. They wouldn't pull 3/5 of their decks and leave the other 2/5 up? Isn't that kinda odd to do?
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