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  1. It feels poopoo to buy 6 decks before getting my first Sanctum faction but getting Mars 5 times, Untamed 4 times. Kinda makes you wonder how well the distribution is for the randomness
  2. This isn't mtg? Why do you insist on linking mtg rules? Strange concept? There are other ways to play card games then what mtg does.
  3. Didn't realize this forum had anything to do with either X-Wing or 40k or miniatures in any way at all?
  4. Yes you do. ACTION CARDSWhen an action card is played, the active player resolves the card’s "Play:” ability and, after resolving as much of the ability as possible, places the card in their discard pile. Library Access says Play: "For the remainder of the turn, each time you draw....." Phase shift says Play: You may play one non-Logos card this turn
  5. Seems a trifle uncalled for there dontcha think Dim?
  6. I haven't lost a game because of Bait and Switch. It's annoying, but plan ahead and you should be fine.
  7. I don't know. I bought 3 decks, than 2 decks, then 2 decks, then 3 decks first 3 decks had Mars, Untamed, X first 2 decks had Brobnar, Mars, X second 2 decks had actual randomness Mars was the only absent faction second 3 decks had Sanctum, X, X
  8. Lets look at what you are saying According to you, When I play this card I can Play: deal 3 damage to a creature, play another card, play another card, deal 2 damage, play another card, deal 1 damage Do you really think it works like that?
  9. Different people developing different products?
  10. I say sequence matters. According to 'da rulez' Except the game doesn't have this lingering effect Page 5 of 'da rulez'
  11. I don't know Seems intuitive to me
  12. Hmmm. That will impact other cards in the game than, like: Also going to change my stance Page 5 Rulebook Yes I would say sequence would matter. Play Phase Shift, then immediately 'have to' play Non Logos card.
  13. I understood it before. I hope FFG puts more oomph into the Sealed tournies than the Archon tournies.
  14. The secondary market. If that catches well, than FFG has something big with Keyforge. Keyforge not being a licensed IP makes it even better for FFG.
  15. I guess? For me, winning when I am supposed to cuz I gots the bestest stuff, doesn't feel like I really won anything. I can make sloppy plays and still win cuz I gots the bestest cards When you gots the bestest stuff and I still beat you, well that is a win I can savor. okay
  16. I am always intrigued by people who want all the advantages and somehow having all the advantages makes them a 'competitive player'. Wouldn't a competitive player be the ones who don't require all the advantages? You know the type that can utilize an inferior deck and still win more often than not.
  17. I find it odd that Biomatrix Backup can only be played 1 way and if that 1 way doesn't work out the way yous guys want it, well we get this thread.
  18. Page 10 Rulebook DESTROYED When a card is destroyed, it is placed in its owner’s discard pile. If a card has a “Destroyed:” ability, the effect resolves automatically when the card is destroyed, immediately before it leaves play. Don't see nutin about 'A creature must be damaged before it can be destroyed'
  19. Really? Seems odd to have these cards in the set then.
  20. 10Ten

    Deck Thinning

    I have The Girl that Punctually Realizes Castles which utilizes both Purge and Archive to decent effects
  21. Yeah Library of the Damned or Life Ward in that deck would be Aces
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