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  1. On 4/15/2019 at 6:11 PM, Jon D said:

    I know it's just how FFG does things, but in this particular game, not having at least a ground car to start is massively inconvenient, not to mention shortsighted. 


    Whether you're a PI, a Soldier or whatever flavor runner you choose, having to take the bus while kitted out seems like a bad idea. 


    And the Ristie should at the very least get an air car. Cause, you know, being from a family that's richer than dirt. 

    500,000,000 people in 62,000 square kilometers. That is why.

    A Ristie has a car service.

  2. two or a strain threshold by one is worth about 5 XP.....strain threshold by two or more, it’s worth about 15 XP instead.  "


    About: near in time, number, degree, etc.; approximately:It's about five miles from here.

    I realize soo many peeps out there want this to be done with zero, zilch, nada gray areas.  Never gonna happen.


  3. 2 hours ago, HaphazardNinja said:


    I immensely appreciate this. However, as a mechanic she is an interactive learner. She cannot "do podcasts" or really anything where she just listens to people. Again, thanks for your input (and shameless plug😁). If it makes you feel better, I was already a fan.

    I had read a post on another forum a while back that resonated with me.


    Skills/tips/superpowers of GMing I am willing to share.
    I use:

    • Sandbox
    • Railroad
    • Illusionism
    • Lying
    • Cheating
    • Fudging
    • Manipulation
    • Crying
    • Begging
    • Linear Plots
    • Ignoring
    • Meta Gaming

    Or anything else I think will keep the Players engaged.

    To me, keeping the Players engaged is VASTLY more important than any RightWaytoPlay purisms people cling to.


    I always start with a session zero.  At session zero We make characters together!  That way everyone knows who is playing what.  I no longer allow people to show up with ready made characters or for people to make a character at session zero, just to make a new one before session 1.

    I also put a limit or 'boundaries' on what I am willing to GM.  If I say I am wanting to run a city campaign that lasts for 18 sessions.  That is what I am wanting to run.  I refuse to spend 17 sessions outside in the forest in a city campaign.

    Have a copy of every character's character sheet.

    I have a sheet of paper with random names, street names, businesses, etc. that I can insert into the game when someone asks for or about something I haven't completely detailed. 

  4. On 12/19/2018 at 5:35 PM, Admiral Deathrain said:

    Judging from the data that is available even through just the app we have no reason to assume anything but a random house selection on a per deck level. Occasional occurrences of emergent patterns do not change that, quite contrary, they are hints that there is actual randomness (or at least an adequate aproximation of it) utilised, rather than some form of equalised randomness.

    We simply have no good reason to theorise about patterns in deck distribution. The manufacturing process of completely digital printing sure doesn't benefit from it. Yes we can't be sure how the algorithm specifically works, but there is nothing supporting the theory that it doesn't work as advertised and a good amount of data suggesting that it does.

    Actually no.


    See the issues with Statistics is we don't live in that world.

    Sure there may be 11 billion gizillion decks capable, but you know.... There's only what 12decks per box? 10-15 boxes per case? Having 35 cases with the exact same faction distribution isn't even a blip on the 11 billion gizillion possible, cuz statics says so.  Yet how would you feel when someone says "cause statistics", you still feel cheated, because we mere humans don't live in the statistical world

  5. 15 minutes ago, xbeaker said:

    What is certain is that he got decks that provided no Aember shard.  I am a programmer, so I know weird things can happen.  It is possible that for whatever reason these 2 decks had a bug that just made them not register as first time scans.  But it is more likely they were returned.  B&N has a pretty generous return policy.  And the teller isn't going to inspect what appears to be a sealed deck for signs of possible tampering.  And that he said they appeared to be below average decks also lend to the theory they were opened before.  But yes, based on the information, it is impossible to know either way.  

    I would suggest if anyone else runs into a deck which provided no Aember straight out of the deck, before you scan any others go to the app and search for the names of decks.  That is a sure way to see if they were registered or not.  It may not help you either way.  But it would prove it was scanned, not just a bug.  

    You are more than willing to accept random guy's explanation, well not surprising because it fits your own narrative, but having a second account is outrageous?


    Those decks are by no means 'really bad'.

  6. 20 hours ago, xbeaker said:

    Seems like only a week ago I was agreeing that this could be an issue, while @10Ten and @WonderWAAAGH mocked me for saying it was all but impossible and the odds of it occurring were next to nothing.  I guess a major retailer is what 10Ten would consider a Shadey McShadeypants.  Also a shame you din;t have his legendary nose, which can sniff out glue long after it has cured.

    That really does suck.  I know my wife purchased there for our Nephew.  My Mother-In-Law paid $20 a deck on Amazon because she didn't know better, I hope those are untampered at least.  Obviously this isn't B&N opening, it is someone buying, opening at home, then returning them.  I still stand by the opinion that while FFG is not responsible for the actions of others, a die which perfs the box making it more difficult to open and cleanly reseal, and a black box on the wrapper making the scanning of in-the-cellophane decks impossible would be nice.  

    IDK.  Brand new forum account, making unsubstantiated wild claims, could just be you 'proving' that this "supposedly happened".


    Why would someone scan an unsealed deck?  And where is the other deck?

  7. 24 minutes ago, Admiral Deathrain said:

    More like the '2 is not a valid sample size for anything, neither is 100' defence or rather attack/critique. Humans are wired to recognize patterns, that is basic psychology. This means that when looking for patterns, we have a high false positive and low false negative rate. There is a reason statistical research needs to be codified so much and is constantly evolving to be more restrictive, if we want to see something we probably will find a way to see it.

    And sometimes, there just might be a pattern.

  8. 12 hours ago, Suttkus said:

    I had to buy a sixth deck before I got one without Mars in it.  That's how random works.

    People have this idea that random should be smooth.  It isn't.  Ask someone to make twenty dots on a piece of paper randomly and they'll almost always make a very smooth, even arrangement where the dots aren't clustered at all.  Ask a computer to put twenty random dots on a piece of paper and clustering is something that will happen a lot.  This phenomena is a real challenge to scientists who sometimes have a difficult time determining if something that looks like an unusual cluster IS unusual, or just random stuff randomly clustering.  There are entire branches of mathematics dealing with this problem.

    The human brain is just terrible at statistics.  It wants to find patterns in everything, even where they don't exist.

    Ohh yes, the glorious "it's not a pattern if you keep adding zeroes to the size of data" defense. 😏


  9. 1 hour ago, xbeaker said:

    That is always good advice.  But it can be difficult to pull off in practice.  

    How is one able to buy from amazon or ebay, but unable to buy directly from FFG?  Nope doesn't pass the smell test.


    You are wanting FFG to recall all their product, spend the money to retool their box making machine, repackage product.  All on the off chance that some knucklehead might, might be trying to scam someone out of, what? a deck that has better card list in it?  On the secondary market no less, something that FFG has zero control over.  Wait, you also mention there is a chance of an off chance that this might kinda sorta happen at an unknown, unnamed local shop somewhere. :rolleyes:



  10. 1 hour ago, xbeaker said:

    I'm not.  I'm not paranoid at all in fact.  I have zero concerns that I have or will buy an opened deck.  But everyone is saying "It can't possibly happen. No one ever does this. You are insane to thing this could be pulled off. It would be obviously detectable by everyone.."  I am just refuting that.  

    We are saying "Don't buy from questionable sources."

  11. 20 hours ago, WonderWAAAGH said:

    I am an Ork, sir, not a Troll. We space-fungoid types have very different senses of humor, but in this case I'm being quite earnest. Calling them something different is well and beside the point, since they are functionally different. Or do official Magic tournaments bar them from use for no good reason? 

    Who cares what mtg does

    This isnt mtg

  12. 18 hours ago, xbeaker said:

    Once superglue has cured there is no smell.  
    Used on paper it doesn't crystallize.  I use superglue to make my tuck boxes because it creates such a thin seal.
    There would only be 2 tear lines if the resealer puts the glue in a different area than the original glue, and doesn't do anything to neaten it up.

    And this also assume the buyer is knowledgeable enough to even look for these things.  Most people I know open their boxes from the top, and don't even consider that there would be people doing this.  Where for the cost of modifying their dies a bit FFG could have a perfed bottom that would tear very easily when opened from that side preventing easy re-sealing.  

    I don't get why why you are so steadfast that FFG not do anything to modify the boxes for protection.  

    There is always a smell with superglue

    It does crystallize, even on paper, especially paper with finish the box has.

    There is evidence, i.e. tear, on the bottom.


    Changing dies to have a perforated bottom isn't going to stop someone from opening and resealing the box.


    I don't get why you are so steadfast that there's a chance there might be someone somewhere who perhaps will do this.

    If you are buying a product from Shady McShadypants cuz the deal is sooooo good, well that's on you for wanting something for nothing.

    Buy from FFG directly or support your local game store.  If you think your local game store is doing this, inform FFG.  Worrying and getting all upset that this might perhaps kinda iffin be happening?  Well, that's on you.

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