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    Seems there is a new contract up, but still has issues.
  2. 500,000,000 people in 62,000 square kilometers. That is why. A Ristie has a car service.
  3. Ahh. So you were meaning Running the Network.
  4. " two or a strain threshold by one is worth about 5 XP.....strain threshold by two or more, it’s worth about 15 XP instead. " About: near in time, number, degree, etc.; approximately:It's about five miles from here. I realize soo many peeps out there want this to be done with zero, zilch, nada gray areas. Never gonna happen.
  5. I had read a post on another forum a while back that resonated with me. I always start with a session zero. At session zero We make characters together! That way everyone knows who is playing what. I no longer allow people to show up with ready made characters or for people to make a character at session zero, just to make a new one before session 1. I also put a limit or 'boundaries' on what I am willing to GM. If I say I am wanting to run a city campaign that lasts for 18 sessions. That is what I am wanting to run. I refuse to spend 17 sessions outside in the forest in a city campaign. Have a copy of every character's character sheet. I have a sheet of paper with random names, street names, businesses, etc. that I can insert into the game when someone asks for or about something I haven't completely detailed.
  6. This is why I don't bother with gaming on the crucible thingie.
  7. Uh-oh looks like we are going down the "It depends on what your definition of is, is."
  8. Don't forget The Game Crafter mere .08$ or better depending on price these are .0778$ for 10-99
  9. I've looked everywhere on Hobby Lobby's webstore. I'll have to go back and get the official name for the chit bag(can't remember)
  10. I went to Hobby lobby got 2 grab bags of wood chits, 1 circle 1 square. an hours worth of painting and I got 2 tokens worth of Keyforge awesomeness for 5$
  11. 10Ten

    The Brad emails

    Um? Don't we already have this stickied at the top of the forum here? Do we really need multiple threads stickied that do the same thing?
  12. Actually no. See the issues with Statistics is we don't live in that world. Sure there may be 11 billion gizillion decks capable, but you know.... There's only what 12decks per box? 10-15 boxes per case? Having 35 cases with the exact same faction distribution isn't even a blip on the 11 billion gizillion possible, cuz statics says so. Yet how would you feel when someone says "cause statistics", you still feel cheated, because we mere humans don't live in the statistical world
  13. You are more than willing to accept random guy's explanation, well not surprising because it fits your own narrative, but having a second account is outrageous? Those decks are by no means 'really bad'.
  14. IDK. Brand new forum account, making unsubstantiated wild claims, could just be you 'proving' that this "supposedly happened". Why would someone scan an unsealed deck? And where is the other deck?
  15. We have no idea on how the algorithm works for Keyforge. With the 3 separate factions per deck and only 7 factions, there is going to be patterns/runs emerging out of the decks.
  16. Ohh yes, the glorious "it's not a pattern if you keep adding zeroes to the size of data" defense. 😏
  17. How is one able to buy from amazon or ebay, but unable to buy directly from FFG? Nope doesn't pass the smell test. You are wanting FFG to recall all their product, spend the money to retool their box making machine, repackage product. All on the off chance that some knucklehead might, might be trying to scam someone out of, what? a deck that has better card list in it? On the secondary market no less, something that FFG has zero control over. Wait, you also mention there is a chance of an off chance that this might kinda sorta happen at an unknown, unnamed local shop somewhere.
  18. We are saying "Don't buy from questionable sources."
  19. Don't go all sensible like that, it may confuse and confound...
  20. Who cares what mtg does This isnt mtg
  21. There is always a smell with superglue It does crystallize, even on paper, especially paper with finish the box has. There is evidence, i.e. tear, on the bottom. Changing dies to have a perforated bottom isn't going to stop someone from opening and resealing the box. I don't get why you are so steadfast that there's a chance there might be someone somewhere who perhaps will do this. If you are buying a product from Shady McShadypants cuz the deal is sooooo good, well that's on you for wanting something for nothing. Buy from FFG directly or support your local game store. If you think your local game store is doing this, inform FFG. Worrying and getting all upset that this might perhaps kinda iffin be happening? Well, that's on you.
  22. Yes you can tell if someone used 'superglue'. it smells it crystallizes will have two different tear layers on the bottom
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