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  1. So here are some pics of my Twi'lek and Pilot Luke. Please excuse the image quality, still getting the hang of taking pics of minis. For the Twi'lek I basically lobotomized a female Rebel and built up her Lekku and headband using green stuff. She's still very much a work in progress, though. For Luke, I used a hobby knife to scrape away all of the detailing on his top half (unfortunately, I slipped and ended up giving him quite an authentic Wampa scar...). I'm going for a snowspeeder pilot / crash landing on Dagobah look, so he's got quite a puffy collar. The detailing on his chest is rather tedious - luckily I don't have to be too exact as this area will be covered by his arms... Thanks for looking!
  2. That is some great green stuff work, there. Very inspiring!
  3. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I will be sure to add some more stuff over the weekend. Yeah, I did, glad I made some sort of impression over there. Thanks for remembering
  4. I particularly enjoy modding/converting existing figures to create something unique. Had really been looking forward for Legion to arrive and I couldn't wait to start tinkering. Here are a few of my current projects, maybe I can inspire you to try something similar? I cut off Luke's left arm and sculpted him a new one. Replaced the hilt of the lightsaber, too, which was pretty fiddly and envolved some improvisation. Now I just need to get round to painting him... I wanted to convert Vader into a more battle-ready pose, so I turned his head slightly and repositioned his arms (some additional sculpting was required). Pretty happy with how he turned out. . And here I modded an AT-RT from the core set. I've seen a similar conversion on this site, I believe, so thanks for the inspiration. Basically grafted the arm of the Rebel commander onto the AT-RT driver, added some green stuff sleeves and replaced his backpack (so he has a rifle). He's also positioned so it looks like he's standing up in the stirrups (or pedals, whatever). I've got some other stuff that I can share if anyone's interested. Beside the general arm/head swaps that a few people have been doing, I'm also working on a few other things like Luke in his pilot uniform and a Twi'lek... Thanks for looking!
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