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  1. What do you think about the map, which includes all locations from every expansion
  2. Maybe it is a variation of the Yellow Sign... just turn the tentacles down and add inner circle
  3. I suspect that it is a Sign of the Great Old Ones. Because of its tentacles, by the way. As far as I know it was a war between The Great Old Ones and the Elder Gods. And now we can use the Elder Gods Sign trying to protect from the Great Old Ones. But it is only my hypothesis, I have no any proof of it.
  4. Hello. Does anybody know something about the Doom sign. What does it mean, what is a legend of it? Where I can read about it. In which book it was mentioned?
  5. Did anyone except me playtest my Septogramm??? (it is almost 350 views) What do you think about such game mechanics???
  6. The main internal legend of such game mechanics is that Investigators watching the stars (yellow circle around Omen sign is the rim of the telescope) recognize an unfavorable Omen and make attempts to prevent its negative consequences. The choice as a matter of fact at them only two: movement on a circle or movement directly on a starbeam - they will have the Omen. But with such a game mechanic Doom becomes a little less desperate.
  7. If the possibility to influence the dice throw result by cards or abilities is too imbalance, so it can be just forbidden. "The result of this dice throw can not be changed by the cards or abilities of the investigators!!!" so next Omen symbol will depend only from Fortune
  8. They simply did not have a choice. I am the Gamemaster and the Fieldholder. So I just printed the septogramma, attached it to the corner with paper clips and said that now we play like that. We all are slightly authoritarian in Russia ???
  9. I thought about redesign. It can be just sticker with septogramma. FFG can just make a bundle-miniexpansion: a little box with septogramma sticker, couple of gates, ten-fifteen new contact or expedition cards, and maybe new Investigator - some kind of astrologer-astronomer (maybe Gypsy hex) with Omen track skill. For example: If Doom is 5 or more he/she can choose straight or round direction of Omen track arrow when Mythos has "advance Omen" without dice throw.
  10. It's sad that no one seemed interested in my proposal
  11. What do you mean? The Lead Investigator anyway has to throw a dice when Mythos has "advance Omen". If the Lead Investigator doesn't have any special abilities or cards that could influence the dice throw result (this is the most common case) so next Omen symbol will depend only from Her Majesty Fortune as usually.
  12. The main point is that the Lead Investigator could try to influence the Omen sign. As a rule, the ability to change the result of a dice throw is not permanent and in any case depends on chance. The location of the Omen signs is exactly suggested in such a way that the Lead Investigator could try to avoid the undesirable Omen.
  13. Yes, we have. The star allowed to avoid Green Comet Omen during three phases of Mythos when cards had "Advance Omen effect". It was very usefull, because we had four Green Gates on the field when it happened lost time.
  14. The Eldritch Horror Omen track proposal by Mikhail Fedan This proposal adds an opportunity for the investigators to influence the symbol of next Omen by dice throw and try to choose one of two possible symbols (round or straight arrow direction). 1. The Omen track looks like Septogramma – seven-pointed star*. Every game begins with the Omen marker on the blue stars space at the top of the star. * this view is schematic 2. The Omen advances anytime the above symbol is displayed on a Mythos card, if the Mythos calls for it in its text, or whenever a Condition calls for it. 3. When the Mythos card has Advance Omen effect (in future expansions/editions the icon can be changed for) the Lead Investigator throws a dice (anyway only one dice!!!). 3.1. If the result is 1-3 then move the Omen token one space clockwise around the track (yellow arrows). 3.2. If the result is 4-6 then move the Omen token one space in the direction of the star beam (black arrows). 3.3. The result of this dice throw can be changed if it is possible because of the cards or abilities of the investigators / OR the result of this dice throw can not be changed by the cards or abilities of the investigators. 4. If, for any other reason, you need to change the Omen (even counterclockwise or against the direction of arrow) apply described rules of dice throw. 5. All others rules of the Omen game mechanic remain unchanged (advance Doom by 1 for each Gate on the game board that matches the current Omen symbol).
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