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  1. Not having any nostalgia for them myself, the minirigs always seems a bit naff to me. Honestly I was expecting the "modern" ITT - FFG did say they wanted to do some Mando stuff - but this could be cool. For me the question is the same as always: is the scale roughly correct? If yes and it's not obscenely priced, I'll buy one, maybe even two or three over time(for terrain). If they do a shrunken dinky version, I'll pass.
  2. Krennic wasn't a Moff, as far as I'm aware. He was a red-bar Admiral later appointed as Director of Advanced Military Research, he wouldn't have the necessary civil authority to get something manufactured off his own back, so as I said, he would have had to persuade the Imperial hierarchy to adopt his pet project in your scenario and push it through all stages of development, all within the first six or seven years after the foundation of the Empire, when he was ostensibly laser-focused on manipulating Erso to weaponise his Kyber research and politicking his way to his later position. Not impossible, just IMO implausible. And more implausible still is the idea this stuff was just a different company's stab at ST armour which the Empire just kept using - the two companies you mentioned aren't implied to be the only places where ST armour is being produced, they were simply directly appropriated and merged after their leaderships were caught behaving treasonously, there's no indication they or anyone else wasn't working to the same core design spec that the DMR had already laid down, or that any design spec except for the one we know and recognise ever existed beyond prototype stages. The canon explanation for Shoretrooper armour is that it was purpose designed for use in tropical environments, which I find silly for the reasons I already listed above. Regarding scuba stuff - yes? I'm not sure of your point here, they have full on scuba gear, so they can operate underwater for as long as their air lasts(indefinitely, if it's got a scrubbing and recycling system in there). That's not what I was proposing for my not-Shoretroopers, hence why I explicitly compared what I was proposing with the idea of scuba gear to illustrate them as being more limited than that. I'm also not getting your second point here - yes, "adding a widget" is exactly how most Stormtrooper variants happened pre-Disney(or rather, pre-Ainsworth legal case, in which they didn't so much shoot themselves in the foot as blow off their whole leg below the knee with a shotgun), and that's much more sensible for a galaxy-spanning authoritarian regime that relies on mass production to efficiently equip its vast armies and uniformity of appearance in those armies to reinforce their ideological teachings. So if, as your last point there says, regular ST armour is too restrictive for Shoretrooper duty, then the plausible way for the Empire to address that would be to take Scout armour - the widespread existing variant of armour already explicitly designed for additional mobility - and "add a widget", rather than create a whole new set of gear from scratch for an extremely niche and uncommon duty. That said, I'm not sure why it would be all that necessary - where are you reading about ST armour being uncomfortable? In both cases where we've seen Shoretrooper armour on screen there have been other kinds of soldier around seemingly doing just fine without specialist extra equipment. No idea, that came in I think with the Rebels cartoon when they gave jumptroopers their new look with the tweaked helmet and shoulderpads, I included it because it's been consistent since then. I might change it in the next revision though anyway, since I'm probably going to have to mess about with the canon Shoretrooper ranks on my versions as they're dumb as well - why on earth would you put all the most identifiable bits of the Officer variant on the front of the chest and the left arm, facing towards the enemy rather than your own men? At least the "squad leader" variant's marks continue onto the right shoulderpad.
  3. Regarding the "shoretrooper" concept generally - I think it's a silly explanation they came up with. Either it's a genuine specialism, in which case making it a temporary rotational assignment is bizarre within the logic the canon people are attempting to lay out where the Empire is a military where every individual vehicle has a unique and uniquely equipped corps of drivers dedicated to them; or it's a rare temporary assignment, in which case the notion that it would have its own entirely unique set of armour designed for it is also bizarre given we have a template for how the Empire handles such duties - it modifies the basic armour. It even does that for a lot of dedicated specialisms, but still, definitely for the "occasional duty" stuff - magmatroopers, sandtroopers etc. As to the "different manufacturers" concept, I don't agree. Firstly, the Empire doesn't have the same relationship with the people making their gear as a modern government does with defence contractors. ST armour and its variants are designed in-house by the Department of Military Research, and then manufactured to that given spec by either factories controlled directly by the military themselves or by companies that have been fully or partially(by the inclusion of loyalists with veto power on the boards) nationalised. In the canon, Shoretrooper armour must necessarily exist because the Imperial hierarchy decided it should exist, directed the DMR to develop it, and then instructed that it be manufactured, it can't be the result of simple variation due to contract tendering because that doesn't happen. Armour may not be conducive to swimming by IRL logic, I agree, but it is A Thing in Star Wars - both the Clone Army and the Stormtrooper Corps had variant armour for underwater ops(and in both the old EU and nuCanon they were variants of an existing basic armour type rather than a wholly unique new design like Shoretroopers - Scout in EU, regular ST armour in nuCanon). Space doesn't have "drag" IRL either, but it does in Star Wars, there are lots of nonsensical things in the setting by IRL standards, so I look more for internal consistency than compatibility with external logic. Which brings me to the final issue I have with Shoretroopers - and the variant troopers generally, which drove me to this effort which in any circumstances but lockdown would undoubtedly be a huge waste of time - is that they undermine one of the core, in-setting and out, thematic elements of Stormtroopers and one of the major things that set them apart from the clone army(ironically): uniformity. Clones had an endless parade of specialised types of troopers, many of them bred to their purpose, and on top of that they customised gear and added unit colourschemes and personal markings. Stormtrooper, by contrast, were meant to be a faceless mass of white death; gun one down, another identical sterile indoctrinated white killer steps forward to take their place, endlessly. That one trait was how they could still be scary as an adversary no matter how much they had to job to the heroes in cartoons or be made fun of by LulRandumb directors in The Mandalorian. The more Disney insist "the whole Imperial military are Stormtroopers, all of 'em, everywhere" while simultaneously coming out with more and more unique designs, the more that thematic underpinning is undermined, and the more they really do just start to look like jobbing cartoon baddies who're no real threat to anybody. I like the designs themselves plenty, so this is my way of having my cake and eating it.
  4. Thanks man. You know, it's funny how things go, because your idea of dropping the "coastal" part has sparked a notion in me based on going the opposite way and leaning in hard, hah What do you think about making them soldiers of the Army's Maritime Division? Not regular crew or officers, who I'd probably envision using space Navy-style jumpsuits and normal uniforms, but an actual small-m marines force. Like, drop all the existing "lore" around them and recontextualise the armour design as the battledress of that sub-branch's infantry. Lighter gear to facilitate working on and around ships and water, the unique helmet maybe has a rebreather in there that lets them swim underwater, but more on the level of IRL dudes with snorkels rather than full on diving gear. Having them be outside the Stormtrooper Corps even makes me comfortable sticking with the cool but decidedly not-stark-enough-for-stromies colour choices. What's holding me back on that notion is the naming, what would the force be called given Imperial Marines exist and have always been a Stormtrooper thing.
  5. A couple of years ago I did one of these topics discussing Imperial ranks, and I landed on advocating for Himser's effort at rationalising them. Since then I've become dissatisfied with pretty much everything around the Imperial military, so having decided to use the Smacksart templates to try and hammer it all into something that makes sense to me I thought eff-it and did my own version of the ranks as well. Enjoy the results of my obsessiveness, maybe someone else will get some use out of it(EDIT: Updated the Army image with Maritime stuff): I'll go into some of my reasoning, but I left it until after the pics so people with a low tolerance for Saxonite blethering don't have to subject themselves For the ranks I'm using the colour conventions established with R1/Solo/Rebels, but I'm ignoring a couple of specifics(the Galen Erso/Ops Colonel rank from the behind the scenes on R1, because it doesn't fit the pattern and because they didn't even follow it themselves - Erso gets a 4Yellow-1Red in the film, not 5Yellow-1Red as they said; and the assignment of 3Blue-2Red to "Captain" as a rank for the Navy, because that doesn't jive with the fact Kallus confirms 3Primary-2Secondary is Commander rank and because I prefer keeping Captain as a rank for the other branches) and added a wee embellishment(technically all the one-block ranks should be "Ensign", but using Midshipman for Navy and Subaltern for Ops feels more thematic and when all of them were actual ranks IRL they were equivalent). I'm using Himser's setup of the double-row red-over-blue bars for appointed/tasked ranks, because once they decided to feature them in Rebels and some of the nuCanon comics, the old(bad, but it existed) explanation that they were a post-Yavin reworking of Imperial ranks didn't hold up anymore. For the template designs, my main goal is to see an end to the parade of Overly Specific Troopers we've been getting. As a rule, if one of the new Trooper types is wildly divergent from the norm, I've tried to use context clues within the canon to make them into examples of a branch of the military, rather than taking every single thing as unique and specific as Pablo & Co seem determined to. I couldn't find a use for the Shore Trooper design despite quite liking it(especially in proper white rather than beach chique colours) because it's just too specific - when your basic Stormtrooper armour can with minimal modification be used underwater, on active lava fields, and even in the vacuum of space then the idea it's going to struggle with above-average humidity levels seems a bit farcical. And yes, I know the thematic callout is to tropical dress in IRL militaries, but those exist because the only way for a fabric uniform to be tolerable in hot humid climes is to make it with lighter fabric and less of it, it doesn't have a climate-controlled undersuit like ST gear. And yes, "snowtroopers", but it's been evident for a while that despite the name it's more of a general purpose "hostile environment" armour set - flametroopers use it so it's resistant to both extremes of temperature, it's been deployed to post-blast Jedha so it can clearly handle particulates and other atmospheric nasties and so on. Shore Troopers are superficially similar conceptually, but the comparison doesn't hold up. One choice I expect some people will be puzzled by is the Imperial Intelligence uniform, my logic goes like this: I didn't care for the notion that the ISB white jacket uniform was now just a generic "intelligence officer" uniform, and I dismissed it out of hand when I dug into the cite notes on the wook and realised the whole notion is based on reading words to the effect of "a uniform worn by members of the intelligence community" to mean "members of the intelligence community wear this uniform" and combining that with "and this other book confirms Imperial Intelligence are part of the intelligence community(uh-duh), so they must wear the white ones"(not kidding, that chain of logic is laid out right there in the cites), when the initial phrase could just as easily be read as "the people wearing the uniform are members of the intelligence community", which the ISB are. A perfect example in fact of the ludicrously exclusive way of thinking that defines the way the lore people approach the Imperial military - before long we'll be getting Pilots-The-HCVw-A9-Turbo Tank-But-Only-Every-Other-Thursday Troopers. As to why I went with the grey and black rather than the more common fanon approach of all-black - firstly, in nuCanon all-black is already used by Stormtroopers, Naval Security, and "staff officers"; secondly, the only depictions we do have of anyone associated with Imperial Intelligence in nuCanon in a uniform are Galen Erso's olive-grey with pale mint-grey accent panels getup after he joins the Tarkin Initiative(which is under Advanced Weapons Research, which is managed by Imperial Intelligence), and the Information Office department seen in Rebels which wear a unique jumpsuit variant in the same grey tone that show uses for all the standard Imperial uniforms; and thirdly(finally), there's those brief shots of background extras on the Death Star in ANH wearing a grey jacket with black trousers and cap which haven't been given any specific association in nuCanon or elsewhere, and while that appears to be a lighter grey colour and probably actually was, those olive tunics are renowned for being the original version of that white&gold/black&blue dress meme, changing perceived colour and tone radically based on lighting or the colour grading of a scene, so to me it hits "eh, close enough" territory. It also seems fitting - the [colour] tunic with black trousers and cap does echo the ISB uniform a bit, while using the standard officer olive-grey for the jacket colour seems fitting for the organisation also(properly?) known as Military Intelligence. Anyway, let the nitpicking commence
  6. This popped up as I was browsing pinterest. Now, maybe it's just a coincidence, but if intentional I'm loving the attention to detail and care for the older material the people making the show have.
  7. It's amazing how much wrongness there can be to unpick in such a small comment 😝 Firstly, fandoms are not hiveminds. The fact that 100% of everyone who's ever expressed interest in an IP is never going to like every bit of content created for it isn't actually a problem for the creators of content unless they're consistently making stuff that doesn't appeal to big chunks of the fanbase, or worse creating content aimed at deliberately crapping on what big chunks of the fanbase actually liked about said IP. Acting like "you can't please everybody" is some kind of stunning revelation that uniquely marks out Star Wars fans as bad eggs is a nonsense. The only reason Mando is so make-or-break for a lot of fans is the state of the rest of the content released since the Disney acquisition. Secondly, execution matters. If you go to a deli and order a ham salad sandwich, there's a wide range of possible outcomes there which technically meet the definition of what you ordered, but as a customer you might be inclined to reject as unacceptable - maybe it's got nob-all ham on it, maybe its drowned in dressing to the point it's soggy, maybe you noticed the guy making it didn't wash his hands, maybe the bread is undercooked, heck, maybe the guy literally cops a squat and craps on top of the filling. They're all "a ham sandwich", so by your logic, you have no right to complain and should just uncritically take whatever you're given - they met the letter of your request, everything else is irrelevant right? 🙄 I thought Luke was great. I enjoyed the episode. That doesn't mean I can't understand why some people found the CGI unnerving, or the pacing a little wonky, or whatever else. It doesn't mean I can't see and/or discuss flaws in it myself.
  8. Phew. Looks like we'll only have to wait a single interminably long year to find out what happens to the remaining plot threads rather than a couple. Plus we're getting two Star Wars shows next December, woo. EDIT: Also on the criticism of the episode - didn't Boba roast the TIEs with his guns reversed before jumping out? I'm sure I remember that.
  9. I thought the whole hoopla with Headland's series was it would be one of these "female-led" affairs, so it's not going to be about an established male character surely. As for Rogue Squadron - some people are hyping themselves up thinking she's referring to Lucas or Stackpole, but there's a horrible suspicion forming in the back of my mind that it'll be Rian "nice beloved franchise you got there it'd be a shame if someone subverted it" Johnson. His purported trilogy seems to have vanished into the ether(thank jeebus), but I doubt Kennedy would let him be completely sidelined if she could help it, and if one thing is clear from the recent announcements it's that Kennedy's position is nowhere near as precarious as some might wish.
  10. C&Ds are not the same as DMCA Takedowns, which are applied almost automatically and only require the person filing them purports to hold "a good faith belief" that they own the rights, plus have a built-in method for challenging them that doesn't require the filer to pursue anything, meaning they're consequence-free: they say "we own this", the site takes it down, the file uploader can then choose to challenge the notice, the filer then has two weeks to take further action or the file goes back up - no muss, no fuss, no lawyers, and no possibility of nasty court cases unless the people filing the claim want them. Regardless of what you notice, I hang in a discord that has a lot of the guys actually sculpting the various 1:1's and not-GW 3D models(if I can ever get my brain around Blender I hope to be one of 'em), DMCA's are common enough they're now just expected. Despite making basically no effort - one guy at their legal department does a trawl every month or two and sends a bunch seemingly at random - they still manage to nuke loads of files, to the point where there's now an organised effort in a different discord to get the files off the free repositories like thingi as quickly as possible after they're uploaded and get them shared around multiple other places that are less vulnerable(megas, torrents etc). If Disney actually dedicated any appreciable amount of their legal team's clout, they could scour pretty much every online 3D model site, free or paid, and places like Shapeways, in less than a week just by drowning them in DMCA takedown notices because they know most people *don't* challenge them.
  11. But that makes no sense, if anything it's *easier* to find and take stuff down when it's on sites like shapeways. You can literally search all of the online 3d printers and file repositories and turn up hundreds of hits, some of which aren't even careful enough to avoid using trademarked terms, and they all operate according to the DMCA bull**** system where you can get files taken down just by submitting a form. GW do this constantly, even making claims against things where they clearly don't have a leg to stand on(eg, claiming trademarks they've not actually registered anywhere on the planet, claiming for historical symbols, claiming for similar designs that aren't exact copies based on "aesthetic") and mostly get away with it. If Disney wanted to they could have an intern eradicate third party miniatures in an afternoon, at least until people started sharing the files on places that don't care about DMCA. I've absolutely no doubt that at least a few crawly bumlicks have tried ratting third party producers out to Corporate Daddy, so I find it hard to believe they don't know fine well.
  12. Disney already got paid, they almost certainly don't give even the tiniest wet fart about third party stuff unless it ever became so prolific it actually threatened the commercial viability of the game(and thus, the licensing revenue) which isn't ever going to happen, both because third party stuff is arguably a net benefit to tabletop games and because the nature of FFG games makes playing without buying the official boxes difficult. As for their ability to eliminate kits from the internet, I don't see how they could. They never managed to eliminate people selling unofficial vehicle and starfighter kits even when the only way to make and sell them was to construct physical models, cast them in resin, and send them through the post, the idea they can prevent it now that the models are digital and many of them are free just doesn't fly. Hamper their distribution a little, maybe, with the attendant risk of Striesand Effect.
  13. That depends entirely on whether they did the sliding scale for it or not. If they did it in ~1:46 like most Legion stuff? Yeah, that'd do really well simply because there's no alternative, and it'd be the biggest "accurate"(ie, not a toy and with correct proportions) AT-AT full stop. If they drop the size down though, there are already model kits in the 1:52 and smaller range that cost a fraction of what a Legion AT-AT box would, so people who don't play Legion would have no reason to buy one. Also it's worth remembering that consumer 3D printing wasn't a thing when the WotC AT-AT came out and now it very much is. It's a kit that would take a lot of resources to develop and manufacture, and while I'd love to see it, I don't think the opportunity cost in other cool stuff we could have that's more suitable for the scale of the game.
  14. I was super excited when someone mentioned Rogue Squadron...until they also mentioned it will be set post-Sequels, which kinda killed my enthusiasm. It'd be unreasonable to expect a straight adaptation of the novels of course, but the period just seems so unexciting and barren - even setting aside feelings about the ST itself, it killed off all its baddies pretty definitively, and even if they fudge that a bit so there's a Remnant of the not-Remnant, The Mandalorian is already doing that "struggles in the aftermath of victory" thing, so they'll probably have to set up a new antagonist in the film itself which will be a job of work. Bad Batch, Kenobi, and more Mando is all good stuff. The Ahsoka and Rangers series' could be interesting given they're going to tie in with a metaplot via Mandalorian - a nuCanon version of Heir to the Empire could be fantastic. Cassian Andor is a bit of a nonentity, but I'll tune in for the K2 snarking and if I find a compelling spy thriller while I'm there so much the better. I enjoyed Glover's portrayal of young Lando in Solo, I hope they can maybe get Ehrenreich, Clarke, Park etc back and do some of that planned Crimson Dawn/underworld stuff in there, and I hope they can do it without going all Current Year(which, to be clear, isn't necessarily a bad thing in general, I just don't think Star Wars is a good vehicle for approaching topics with nuance, meaning you either make bad nuanced Star Wars, or you have to make your Current Year Star Wars show into a full-on polemic) given the creator. Don't have enough info to know what to think of the Headland show yet.
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