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  1. This is always the defence that I see put forward when this discussion comes up, and it relies rather heavily on missing the point. People are not objecting to the way Legion presents information. People are not saying you must have five books and charts out the bum or the game is rubbish. Whether someone prefers a very streamlined approach or a very detailed approach is not the issue at hand. What people find unimmersive about games like Legion is that the way they have chosen to go about their abstraction gives you the feeling that you're playing a game, when what they want is to feel like they're commanding an army. You can have a ludicrously complex game that feels game-y(eg, 8th edition 40K), and a hugely streamlined ruleset that still captures the sense of command really well(eg, too many historicals to count). What the people you're attempting to refute want out of a game is for the rules to make the optimal actions a player must take to achieve victory be at least a facsimile of the actions an actual military commander would have to take if the situation being depicted were real; a system where morale, terrain, maneuvers, battlefield conditions and the objectives of the scenario are the primary focus and all function in at least a loosely "realistic"(by whatever the rules of the setting are) fashion. A lot of modern games have shifted their focus to listbuilding, card-combos, chained activations, keyword synergies, and aura-bubbles with the result that there's a disconnect between what you feel like you should be doing in a given situation as the commander of an army, and what you need to do to get the win as the player of a game. You can make the instructions on how to play the game as compact and easy to reference as you like, the issue is the content of the instructions, not their style or accessibility.
  2. Then why are you not inventing these 500 or more topics, right now? It's not like people who consider topics not strictly related to gameplay or new releases to be part of Legion could stop you, and if there's just so much "proper" on-topic content being forced out by us dastardly people who think Star Wars is part of a Star Wars game, surely you could drown out what you see as off-topic discussion easily since your unnamed alternatives are so abundant and vitally interesting. Be the change you want to see in the world, etc. Or, you could muster up some energy - maybe eat some trail mix first to gird you for the task - and go to the Herculean effort of using your mouse to scroll past topics you're not personally interested in 🙄
  3. The Bolt Action conversion seems mostly done, alas the guy who's done it isn't a fan of points systems so unless someone else with an understanding of the ruleset steps in and provides that, as well as Republic & Separatists lists, it'll be GCW-era scenario-based only.
  4. Soooo much This. Sadly GW, who used to be the king of "sci-fantasy wargames for history nerds" have gone the same way with their core games these days, since they're all about deck/listbuilding and auras and keyword synergy now. If it wasn't for the Specialist Games team they'd be a lost cause. As to the topic, it's probably BS, and I very much hope it is. Not because I particularly care for Legion as a system, but because they've not put out nearly enough cool models yet. Once FFG give us comprehensive model ranges for Rebels, Empire, Republic, Seppies, Scum(inc at least Mandos, Hutts, Black Sun, and Crimson Dawn), then they will have my permission to die.
  5. But again, the argument "it's not Legion related" isn't enough, because that's an opinon that is not universally shared. If the argument is that off-topic things shouldn't be in General, then it doesn't matter whether you personally think one thing or the other is or isn't "Legion related" - there are subforums already there who's topics cover all of the things that people who want an OT forum claim they want to see discussed, so by your own logic those things should be discussed in those forums. This is what you guys don't seem to get, you're not arguing for an OT forum, you're arguing that the General forum has no purpose. Or, alternatively, everybody can read the topics they find interesting, ignore the ones they don't, and there's no problem. Crikey even with all the supposedly "off topic" threads it's not like things move particularly rapidly in Legion General, people are complaining about having to skimread past like, five threads, it's not like you're having to go hunting on page 10 or whatever.
  6. Your problem is that, self-evidently, plenty of folk don't agree that those discussions are off-topic, and I'd wager and even larger chunk of the forum populace don't care either way. I'd also be interested to see you and other proponents of an OT forum actually address Tauntaun Scout's post there - pretty much all the main topics of discussion that directly and unequivocally relate to Legion the game system already have their own dedicated forums, with fully on-topic content in them, so A; why are you not just in those, and B; assuming all the "OT" material(ie, not just what you aren't interested in reading, but everything that by rights would fit into one of the existing subforums) was excised from General, what exactly is it you think we're going to be discussing here other than new release threads once a month?
  7. Agreed. Also, people are acting like the "off topic" posts are somehow pushing out "real" Legion discussion - erm, sorry chaps, the reality is the "off topic" discussions are happening because otherwise the forum was pretty dead. Further, while I get that for a lot of FFG-game folk it's the rules and the mechanics that are the "real" topic for discussion, plenty of us are only here and buying the models because they're Star Wars. Whisper it, but some don't even play Legion at all, they collect the models for the sake of it, or for use with the WEG D6 rules or some other game. For that segment of the community - and they're part of it, regardless of what event-circuit types think - Star Wars as a whole is very much "on topic" for Legion.
  8. I've no idea why anyone would think that, given Lucas' total involvement with the animoo was pretty much just Tartakovsky saying "Can I do an animoo with your robot man baddie, George?" and Lucas saying "Yeah sure whatever."(there's a reason the Genndy-Greivous is so different from the one we see in RotS and TCW), while The Clone Wars cartoon which depicted ARCs as Operatives in Legion terms was overseen by Lucas' protege and had a lot of direct involvement from the man himself. I really don't understand why FFG would just do them as a basic SF squad, and not even just because it runs counter to how they're depicted in canon material. The GAR has a lot of potential elite units even assuming Legion never moves beyond just depicting the Clones - ARCs, ARFs, Clone Commandos, SpecOps Troopers, Clone Paras, and those are just the ones with unique armour variants, nevermind the ones that are regular gear with a paintjob - so "using up" an SF slot on a unit that could easily(and better) be depicted in another way seems odd.
  9. The big news for crusty old grogs like myself is they're finally going to be doing some more OT era content starting in February. Right now they've only confirmed some stuff for the co-op nonsense and two Supremacy maps(Death Star and Scariff), but hopefully we get some more out of them before Disney forces them back to ST material or the game dies(thankfully it seems to be doing pretty well for them at the moment, seems the message has finally gotten out to the more casual/occasional end of the market that it's no longer a microtransaction-ridden hellgame).
  10. You've misunderstood. My objection to TLJ is exactly that it does answer a question. All of them, in fact. At the end of Empire, Our Heroes are down but not out, regrouping with the wider Rebel fleet, with a revelation to come to terms with and a new immediate objective(rescue Han). At the end of TLJ, the Resistance is dead. Luke is dead. Snoke is dead. Rey's parentage(and thus her only actual character trait) is dismissed out of hand. The only question it leaves unanswered is "why did nobody come when Leia called", and nothing about the film itself suggests the answer is any different to the one it gave to all the others; meh, doesn't matter anyway. And the leaked material doesn't follow TLJ, not as it appeared on our screens anyway, given Luke is in it and not as a ghost. All of that is compounded by the fact that Rian & Kennedy stuck firmly with the changes that evidently led to Trevorrow deciding to walk away from the project, despite the fact that their obvious intention to make Leia the Big Deal of EP9 instead of Luke was no longer possible because Carrie sodding died. They could have elevated TLJ from utter shlock to the same kind of forgettably passable as TFA with just a few reshoots to allow Leia to die in the space battle and revert Luke from Grumpy Boomer Stereotype to something approaching a decent mentor figure, maybe make it clear there was a wider Resistance and there's probably a reason why they didn't show to be explored late(excising any part of the utterly pointless casino space-horsey nonsense would have left them plenty of time), and had a decent foundation for 9, but whether out of sheer ego or base incompetence they wouldn't and so we ended up with TRoS instead. It still wouldn't have been Empire-level good, but it wouldn't have had a non-trivial number of lifelong Star Wars fans walking out in disgust or slaughtered the franchise's merchandising potential.
  11. And I'd have liked The Last Jedi to have been the middle film of a trilogy rather than closing down pretty much every plot thread and question done in the first movie, but hey ho we don't always get what we want.
  12. The issue with The Mandalorian's trandos isn't the colour IMO, it's the tweaks to the proportions. If they were done for practical reasons, like it would have been hard to make costumes that would let the stunt folk move and fight in if they'd stuck closer to the originals, personally I'd prefer they resort to CGI or just use different aliens. The newer ones look less alien.
  13. Not going to argue the TLJ stuff(it's a bad movie, it's a bad Star Wars movie, Rian Johnson is a smug wee bleep) or the JJ stuff(his films are a vacant string of action setpieces stapled together with something you could only very generously call a "plot" and lathered in memberberries to cover up the cracks) with people again, nobody is going to deploy some stunning piece of logic or rhetoric here to change my mind and nothing I say will change the views of people who like them, but this bit jumped out at me. Would it not be better to teach your daughter that it's better to look for deeper qualities in characters and stories to connect with rather than feeding the IMO bizarre modern trend of reinforcing the "I can only identify with people who share the same arbitrary arrangement of superficial physical characteristics that I have" thing? More representation, done organically, is a good thing certainly, but the idea people will or should struggle to enjoy things that don't have a given number of people who look like the viewer isn't a good thing to my mind.
  14. Yaaaaaas. Damnit how is Favreau & Co nailing this so hard. These guys have single-handedly saved my appreciation for Star Wars.
  15. I'm not going to dispute that there was backlash against the prequels at the time, there absolutely was, but this whole "Jar Jar hate from fans drove Ahmed Best into depression" line is absolutely revisionist nonsense designed to reinforce the modern "toxic fans" BS - Best himself blames the media and their constant berating and piss-taking and s***-stirring for those mental health issues, not fans. And that article fairly reeks of damage control. Just like them claiming that it was totes unintentional honest guv that Rose Tico was in the movie for, like, 30 seconds - as they're finding out, the TLJ cheerleaders are the people who'll really go for your throat if they think they're no longer being catered to.
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