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  1. I really hope that they do. I've sent an email to them inquiring if something was in the works and if not, to consider putting something in the works. So far I have not heard anything back.
  2. check out this thread: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1751072/there-mapeditor-quality-pictures-map-tiles-wanted download the doom-tiles zip, open and you can take a look at all the tiles. They are all double sided, one side is blue (UAC themed) and one side is red (**** themed).
  3. This would definitely be interesting to implement. I too think glorykills are quite easy in this game. In my opinion you wouldn't need a glorykill coin or anything, just remove enough damage to get that demon 1 health above glorykill status. This would be done in the "status" phase of each round. To counteract the advantage this could give to the invader, place those damage tokens on the demon card and next time the demon takes damage equal to what is on it's demon card, it will just die if it doesn't defend the attack. Depending on your perspective this gives advantage to both sides. Can't glory kill as often, but demons could also be killed outright easier.
  4. I've had that scenario come up in my game play. Not sure how "correct" it is but in my group we decided that since both are "interrupt" cards that whatever is played first gets priority. And if multiple marines have the magnum shot in their hands and they are both in range there is nothing stopping both of them using it in the same turn on the same invader attack. "Play after" would mean before the next mechanic of the game happens. There is some ambiguity there but it should be within a reasonable time frame as well.
  5. In the few situations where cards allow you to throw more dice than what is provided, I've always thrown the dice, and then re-rolled dice to get my maximum dice roll adding everything together.
  6. I found a post that doesn't allow weapon trading in the doom 2004 game, but nothing related to the 2016 version. I never thought about weapon cycling in the same round. I think maybe it's probably a better idea to not allow any weapon trading.
  7. I played with a group recently and the topic came up about weapon trading. No one could find anything in the official rule book about this and we collectively made a decision that you can trade weapons among players by being adjacent and spending a movement point to do so. The invader fragged the marine who was going to trade his next turn and then he forgot about the trade as their strategy changed so we never got to actually execute it and see how it changed the dynamic of the game. After thinking more about this more I feel like there would need to be contingency rules involved in trading like: 1) all weapon set cards need to be in the action deck or hand 2) one movement needs to be spent to find all the action cards of that weapon set - then re-shuffle the action deck 3) one movement spent to trade to an adjacent player 4) receiving player shuffles received cards and places them on the top of his action deck (or shuffle into the deck?) Is there any official rules on trading?
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