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  1. Man play what you want and have fun. Its a points based game and not every game needs to be 800pts. Local store has a nice crowd growing and i see alot of either 600pt or 1200pt games. Its alot more of the 600 than 800 locally. Dont be afraid to create your own extermination objective. As long as you and your opponent are having fun thats all that matters. As far as the super competitive meta goes efficiency is key. People will play what they are good/have pracice with in those events. They also play alot of strategy turn 0 thant most of us dont always consider.
  2. Episode 3 is ready. We brought a local into the mix to talk about tanks clones and more. https://dbmsrcr1.podbean.com/e/episode-3-a-local-some-clones-and-heavy-weapons/
  3. Heres the feed link. https://dbmsrcr1.podbean.com/feed.xml
  4. I had 2 close friends that never converted. Lgs had 4-6 at the end of 1.0 and average 6-8 since 2.0.
  5. Ran a frieghter captn l337 dalen and guri against 4 selfless b wing with shield upgrades. Was a close game that guri swung from losing to my opponent conceeding next turn.
  6. I might be "airborne" before we record lol. That wasnt a thought during the name brainstorm session. 82 is from the location we record.
  7. Episode 2 is live now. We talk clone and how we are growing the community. https://dbmsrcr1.podbean.com/mf/play/ed7b4k/episode_2_here_we_go_again.mp3
  8. Think ill try your 2400pt idea and see what happens
  9. Play whatever poijt limit you want. Seems like we always have an odd man out at the store on mondays. So ill play a 1200pt army against the pair with 600pts each. Just go out play and have fun. Grand army unit break down 1600pts 0-4 commanders 0-4 opertives 6-10 corps 0-5 special forces 0-5 support 0-4 heavies Frim the rules reference in grand army. Have fun. Ffg is over your shoulder saying you cant do it. Just remember its all in fun.
  10. Starting a new podcast with a kitchen table view of the game. Join us for a reatraing bolt free first episode of drinking and chatting alot of different things from the world of legion. https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-w3rsq-abc601 Discord https://discord.gg/NUCeVcN Facebook Facebook.com/82ndlegion
  11. Shocked at 3 pages in we havent seen @TauntaunScout yet. Im sure he will bring balance back to the forums. Im excited about new corp and support choices. The veterans have a spot maybe 2 in my current army. Taunrauns im mulling over. Itll be a 2 of expansion purchade.
  12. Id love to see this as an android app. Great app thanks for what youve done.
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