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  1. I watched your wrap-up and shared some of your insights with my group during our discussions. I tend to like to tinker with house rules, but other people reasonably wanted to see how it went before we made any changes. We decided to play almost exactly RAW for the start , and agreed to discuss any other changes after Act I (although we did keep the tournament rule with respect to flotillas, on the theory that it prevents degenerate cases with many rogue squadrons and is a mercy rule otherwise). Having seen the first 2 rounds (of 2 battles each), "Crippling" is definitely something I'm going to push for. This is partially self-interested, in that I'm flying mostly alive-or-dead smaller rebel ships, but it's also come from watching the greenest player almost blow up the other Rebel player's one big ship two games in a row. As I think one of you said, if you get a ship past half hull, especially a large one, you've done more than half the work of killing it and deserve some credit. It was Ally tokens, however, that forced even the most change-conservative of us to discuss things mid-Act! Informed by your experience, I advised that our first attack be against Nal Hutta, and our second against Mandalore, using the first ally token to secure the second. Seeing the Ally token in action* convinced people that we should nerf it ASAP before one side having both those locations tipped things further. The Ally-haves were at this point in favor of more severe nerfing than the Ally-have-nots; we all quickly settled on "things added to your fleet via Ally token count towards providing the other admiral understrength bonus XP and upgrade rewards" because it was an easy change to make (we applied it retroactively to the other player of the first Ally battle). Then we discussed/theorycrafted for a while about how to change what it actually adds, trying to balance it with the other tokens, balance it Rebel-Imperial, and generally making it interesting. We eventually settled on EITHER 1 ship with up to 1 upgrade worth 50 or fewer points (calibrated to include both Raider types but exclude TRCR90's) OR 30 points of non-unique irregular squadrons (calibrated to exclude two YT-2400s). Thoughts being: small ships are way more risky to add because they're way more vulnerable, and you don't necessarily want the biggest # of points because it counts towards understrength; ship plus upgrade opens up a variety of interesting options for both sides (none of which, that we could think of, obviously better than the others); two YT-2400's (or to a lesser extent, two Firesprays) are so obviously good addition to any fleet that we wanted to rule it out if there was any hope of Allies not being the coolest token always and forever. We'll see how it goes! *To brag a little, I used it to get VCX's, yoink the Recruit Ally objective token out from under the enemy Star Destroyer, which made me feel clever and also got me 45 points of objective-Ally Lancers. 😄
  2. I haven't gotten to the wrap-up yet, but I finished the climactic battle. I really enjoyed this series! No amount of thinking about something this complicated compares to playing it, and there's not a lot of examples of that out there for RitR, certainly not in minute-by-minute detail. Looking forward to your reflections on it as my friends and I start our RitR campaign (first battle later today!). I also appreciated the fun atmosphere and good humor, even as it turned out pretty lopsided. I haven't watched anything else of yours, so maybe it goes without saying that you guys seem like good friends to begin with, but I think we'd all have forgiven Ken if he had tilted a bit more... we've all been there. 😰
  3. Sorry to hear about your tournament. My group was always aiming for doing it online, due to geography. We're still getting ours arranged, but we've played a lot of test games with both players bringing a starting RitR fleet (vanilla task force rules, starting RitR commander). We'll probably play vanilla for the first time (for simplicity's sake, other players probably less in tinkering than I am, etc.), but I'm interested in @Admiral Calkins (or others!) thoughts on these things. Our impressions have been that large bases are much less powerful with only 1 upgrade than with the potential to xmas tree, and definitely not invincible. They certainly explode often enough, although some of that might be due a tendency among us of flying a little on the reckless side (not naming names or admitting fault here 😅 ), especially since large base often goes with "fewer activations" and/or "not much squadron coverage." Having flown against a Starhawk a second time in that format, I'm maybe slightly less intimidated by them. Admittedly, that was against the newest player of the group, so not the best data. But I think 1 upgrade + no unique upgrades to start + no defensive retrofit is a big hit to it against a player who figures out how to whale hunt. They seem to really want Agate, a unique officer (Walex Blissex, Lando, etc.) or one of the titles as defensive tech, especially since, being the priciest large base, they have even more of the fewer activation and squadrons vulnerabilities mentioned above. Still, I'm interested in the half-damage, half-points idea. Didn't know that about SSDs, found a bunch of interesting stuff looking up huge ship rules! Curious about extending it to all ships in a task force game? Or even squadrons? The better-flown/less-reckless (😅) RitR test games among us are tending to be pretty low-scoring, and I expect that many/most of our games will approach that as people get more familiar with the format and their fleets, or just as the fact we're playing For Keeps settles in when we start the campaign. It might be more interesting if 2 damage to a CR-90 is worth a few points (or worth repairing to deny the points). It's still a malus to larger ships, for the same reason Opening Salvo favors smaller ships -- a smaller ship is more likely to have just exploded anyway. As for squadron cap, among us people have tried squadron fleets, but no-one has pulled truly dominant combo yet (someone even tried something like Task Force Firespray, but didn't succeed in protecting the flagship well enough; seeing how well TFF did, I'm wondering if that was a one-off, or if the Rebels can do anything similar). Many of our test fleets seem to be starting with 0-1 squadrons if they're not a squadron based fleet, and expecting to add them during the campaign. That might be a product of just our priorities (you can add anything except ship hulls during play, so why do squadrons up front?) but it'll be interesting to see how squadron task forces (who will get to refine with upgrades and aces) and not-squadron task forces (who will get to double, triple, or more their squadron points) evolve in comparison to each other. One of the things that looks fun about RitR is that sort of ongoing evolution in response to circumstances! That got long, but again, curious what people think, so I can bring it back to my group.
  4. Necro maybe, but this is as far as I've watched your videos.* I found them on BGG initially but then saw you're on here also (which makes sense). Thanks so much for sharing! These are fun to watch and they're helping me figure out how stuff works in the lead up to the campaign my friends and I are soon to play online. I'm going to keep watching through them, and paying attention to what you and others who have actually played have to say about various rules questions as I dig through the forum for knowledge. *I don't know what the future holds, so no spoilers, but as of Round 2 Battle B, I'm rooting for the Imperials because a) I've gotten myself blown up pretty much every way they have so far, sometimes as recently as last week, and b) I want it to be more of a horse race!
  5. Thanks for the writeup, @Admiral Calkins! This and your other AP are the two most useful things that come up when I google "task force" and "starhawk." Some friends and I are starting a RitR campaign soon, and after exactly 1 test game where my pal brought a Starhawk, we're considering ruling them out as part of a starting fleet. Given that you and your opponent apparently decided the best possible thing was to just never attack, do you think that's reasonable? Or have you seen them seriously challenged in a 200 pt format (maybe by squadrons)? How'd Starhawk lists do in the tournament (if you got a chance to see)? Thanks!
  6. As I expect is the case with many of you, when I GM I'm a magpie -- stealing, modifying, repurposing, etc., from official or fan sources.* I also make my own stuff sometimes, and was thinking about paying it forward by putting in a useable format for other people to steal. When you take to the internet, what sort of GM resources do you like to see? Started NPCs? Fluff (species/planets/organizations)? Sketchy adventure seeds? Fleshed out modular encounters/full adventures? *Shout out to One Shot First by Peter S. Thompson @Maveritchell and "Operation: Thunderbolt" from SoR, my latest victims from each category!
  7. Oh yeah! Thanks. I meant to link those earlier. So people don't have to click through: All stats 2, Wound Threshold: 10 + Brawn • Strain Threshold: 10 + Willpower • Starting XP: 90 • Special Abilities: Ubese begin the game with one free rank in either Perception or Survival. They still may not train Perception or Survival above Rank 2 during character creation. • Special Equipment: Ubese begin the game with a set of specialized armor (treat this as adverse environment gear) that allows the wearer to ignore b imposed by any environmental effect, and includes a built-in breath mask, a voice modulator and one additional hard point. I did not find them inspiring. They seem fine, but I'm converting a d6 character, and it does not line up to their d6 stats. It also seems like they pay a lot of xp for their armor -- if you figure 130 base, -10 for their free rank, it's another -30 for a pretty unremarkable piece of gear.
  8. Because then you can climb certain talent trees faster?
  9. That is often advice I get when designing stuff Thanks for the feedback! Specific thoughts: Forager: I like this because it specifically makes them good at the Surviving parts of survival (as opposed to tracking, etc) as appropriate to living on their Mad Max homeworld. Any reason to replace it with a rank of survival instead? Technophile: Agreed too good (although I don't think the Technical Aptitude is that big of a problem, as it's kind of a corner case). Gearhead does what seems to be the heart of it. Xenophobia: Probably agreed it's convoluted. I did want to knock their Knowledge down, so that Ubese techies are less polymath. Starting XP: 95 Special Abilities: Special Abilities - Ubese begin the game with the Forager talent. and one rank in the Gearhead talent. Atmosphere Requirement - 'True Ubese' require adjusted breath masks to filter and breathe Type I Atmospheres. Without the masks, Ubese suffer two setbacks to all skill checks. Xenophobia - Ubese take a setback on any knowledge check not focused on the Ubese or technology and any Leadership, Charm, or Negotiation check on non-Ubese . Non-Ubese get a setback when using Charm, Leadership, or Deception on the Ubese. Rough XP budget (based of the 130 xp guideline): -20 xp for stats -20 xp for forager and gearhead (only 10 xp worth of talents, but, paying a premium for not having to go in to specs to get them) +5 xp for Atmosphere Requirement +0 xp for Xenophobia (knowledge is very situational, all of the social penalties is to Presence stuff, and it includes a bonus to resisting social checks) =95 xp "
  10. Tl;dr tell me if I made overpowered stats for one of my favorite Star Wars races. Star Wars nerds tend to pick up on random background details/characters, think they're really cool, and elaborate endlessly on them. For me, one of those background things is the Ubese. The canon wookiepedia entry really emphasizes how thin information about them is (one was named Bossk! Leia beat him up and took his armor!). The EU had a little bit more, mostly (entirely?) from d6 RPG supplements, further embroidered by fan-supplements. For me, I guess they're kind of like hipster mandos -- warrior race guys in cool armor, but more obscure. Anyway! I made stats. I think they're balanced, but then again, I would, wouldn't I? All stats 2 except: Brawn 1, Agility 3, Cunning 3, Presence 1 WT: 10+brawn ST: 10+willpower Starting XP: 95 Special Abilities: Special Abilities - Ubese begin the game with the Forager talent. Atmosphere Requirement - 'True Ubese' require adjusted breath masks to filter and breathe Type I Atmospheres. Without the masks, Ubese suffer a setback to all skill checks. Technophile - Ubese still possess the obsession with technology that doomed their homeworld. They start with 1 rank in any two of Gearhead, Speaks Binary, Technical Aptitude, Tinkerer, and Utinni! Xenophobia - Ubese take a setback on any Core Worlds, Outer Rim, Xenology, Education, or Lore check not related directly to the Ubese or technology. They also take a setback on any Leadership, Charm, or Negotiation check with non-Ubese . They gain a boost to Cool or Discipline checks to resist Leadership, Charm, or Deception checks by non-Ubese (or non-Ubese gain a setback when those skills would be used in an opposed check). Rough XP budget (based of the 130 xp guideline): -20 xp for stats -5 xp for forager -15 xp for Technophile (only 10 xp worth of talents, but, you have lots of options) +5 xp for Atmosphere Requirement +0 xp for Xenophobia (knowledge is very situational, all of the social penalties is to Presence stuff, and it includes a bonus to resisting social checks) =95 xp Sources: http://starwarsmush.wikia.com/wiki/Ubese http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Ubese/Legends http://toris.magriller.net/ubese.htm
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