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    Eratta in PDFs

    Do we know if the Eratta will be updated to the PDF versions of the core book and Terrinoth? Just asking as some new players had some questions during a new game start up and they were addressed in the website eratta but not in the pdf copies we have. I even went to Drive Thru to see if there was a listed update but didn't see one.
  2. Similar but way way more game effecting. We literally were able to skip entire challenges because we called in a favor. however favors we owed to other NPC bodies were called in and lets say... it made some hard decisions especially for the long run. If that was a favor owed in a long game not just a con game the result would have lasting effects on a campaign.
  3. So how do I sign up? at their booth or some other space? Sorry this will be my first Con so super excited.
  4. I actually have considered this. Its on my list once I finish my other two mini conversions I am working on.
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