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  1. So would Psionic blast apply with a Leywalker's Strength replaced by Craft ?
  2. From the FAQ 2011 "Instead of Moving Normally As long as a character is able to move, even under special conditions, he may use a movement effect with the wording “instead of moving normally.” Example: The Cloak of Feathers states “Instead of moving normally, you may discard the Cloak of Feathers to teleport to any space in the same Region.” A character in the Inner Region may use the Cloak of Feathers to move to the Crown of Command because the Cloak of Feathers has the wording “instead of moving normally.” If a character cannot move or must test to see if he is able to move (such being Enslaved at the Temple, for example), he cannot use any movement effects. Note that characters on the Crown of Command do not move and therefore cannot use any movement effects."
  3. One comment : Celestial vs Temporary change + gypsy + spell call = death
  4. **** I came here to check what if the warrior has got the doomsword ? but it looks like there is no problem thanks to his godlike ability ==> warrior + doomsword just wow.. what could complete such an already fat character in second hand ?
  5. I was wrong about one thing I remember : When the top Omen is discarded, The Harbinger is out after the new top Omen is resolved. Meaning I have to wait for the cards replacing process (because it is part of the new top Omen's instructions, including drawing new events) to move out the Harbinger. Sorry for that. Necropolis does not suit me as we need to shuffle the discard pile whenever a character lands on and I am not crazy about shuffling any deck while in game. Well, if I choose not to follow the "If there are no cards remaining in the Omen stack, the game is over and all characters lose the game." why would I keep the Apocrypha ? >> My mistake here, I should not have mentioned it, it was pretty logical in fact. Thank you for answering.
  6. I am in the Woodland with the Harbinger and land on a Dense forest space. OK I draw 3 Harbinger cards : Rain of toads, The first sign and Doomsday prophet. OK. Since I have the Black astrolabe cursed magic object I roll on the Harbinger chart first. 3, OK. I have the lowest result encountering the Rain of toads and ditch my 2 potion trinket cards, Witch cat, Anathema priest and Black astrolabe. Toadified. Bog terrain card on my space. OK. Then The first sign. Top Omen card discarded >>http://www.talismanwiki.com/War>> The Harbinger is out. Do you agree my 2 potion trinket cards, Witch cat, Anathema priest, Black astrolabe and the Doomsday prophet are all discarded and replaced by Harbinger cards on my slimy little toad face space ? If so, I draw plenty of new Harbinger cards (6), included Events (included Gates of ****) but the Harbinger does not come back as the Omen is being resolved here. Do you agree with this situation ? No mistake here ? God I love the Harbinger expansion. Just a few homerules : --> When the last Omen is in play nobody wins of loses, chaos remains. --> When the Harbinger deck is exhausted, the Prophecy disappears, every Harbinger stuff is removed but Terrain cards (except Hellpits) and Harbinger cards not involving new Harbinger cards. --> I chose to remove Stones of Time, The Apocrypha, Rise of the Dead and Necropolis from the Harbinger stuff.
  7. I need to know what is the true printed text on the Putrid Zombie card please : the one I handle here says "you cannot take Followers" and the wikitalisman's "you cannot have Followers". If it says "you cannot have Followers" do we agree I must ditch those I have ?
  8. I would guess, as the spell picture shows, that if another character intends to encounter you after his move, you may cast Lightning bolt to prevent him to and end his turn. You would be allowed to cast it like every other spell saying : "when you are about to engage in battle or psychic combat", not during nor after in order to prevent him to take his reward. I believe you would not be allowed to cast it after another character has defeated the Lord of darkness with a 8+ score in order to prevent him being teleported to the Crown of command. Unless Lightning bolt also may be used with the following intentions ?? >> in order to consider the battle or psychic combat a stand-off, Simulacrum like >> you realize you are about to be defeated then you cast Lightning bolt to consider it a stand-off instead ? >> What do you guys think about this ? But I guess this explaination says it all ? https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/850520/lightning-bolt-what
  9. Ok then I guess the Tavern Maid ends her movement into a space that has any characters and those characters will roll 1 die no matter they have 1 gold or not.
  10. One feeling about the Graverobber. After a few games played with him, I have been thinking the draw top 8 Adventure cards ability hoping for a good object then discard the remaining cards kinda boring. I like the way Talisman rules its tale to each character everygame thanks to its large Adventure deck, but there, because of the Graverobber, we believe we are missing a lot of those cards we love to encounter. Did anyone have this feeling of boring ? However his 2 other abilities have complete agreement, very strategical or not. I would have prefered draw the top adventure card hoping for a good object. 1 card was enough. 8 is a waste of tale to us.
  11. Is the Tavern Maid allowed to end her movement onto a character whose pockets are empty ? Meaning >> as the text says : "he must give you 1G AND roll" does this "AND" mean we have to pay 1G the Tavern Maid to roll or not necessary ? Even if I refuse to play with the City board, I believe gold is a good way to regenerate thanks to the village and the city for example
  12. I am quite sure about the answer but still.. >> May the Tavern Maid choose those 5 potion cards or just draw the top 5 ?
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