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  1. Just checked and he does. Thank you for your response!
  2. I've started work on a Stinger Mantis custom expansion. I have finished the stats but I can't find a 3D model to print. I have searched many 3D printing websites. If anyone knows where I can find some files please send me a link. Thanks. For stats I went for: Attack: 2 (forward arc) Agility: 2 Hull: 6 Shields: 5 Elite pilot talent, 2 crew, 1 astromech, 1 modification and a title. Actions: Focus, Boost and jam. Pilot ability (Greez Dritus): When an enemy ship is in line with the left or right side of your base you may perform an additional action. Ship ability: Civilian Use, when attacked by missiles you may immediately perform a boost action.
  3. I am starting to make stats for the Aurore-class freighter and wanted to have a model to go alongside these stats. I have looked on many sites but can't find a 3D model to print. If anyone knows where I can get 1 please let me know. (I know this is a bit off topic for this thread but I will justify posting here by posting a picture of the model once I've printed it). Thanks.
  4. Here is a link to an image collection with all the cards https://zendillaaks.imgur.com/all/
  5. I was only allowed to attach a certain amount of files so i couldn't attach the pilot cards Edit: (see link below)
  6. Recently, I started to make stats for a Maxillipede-Class shuttle (https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Maxillipede_shuttle), as seen in the Clone Wars animated TV show. I made the cards for the CIS and the Republic (stolen shuttle used by Colonel Meebur Gascon and D-squad). The pilot cards were made on Strange Eons 3 with the X-Wing second edition plug-in (http://cgjennings.ca/eons/) and the crew cards and other upgrades are made on the X-Wing card maker web app ( https://x-wing-cardcreator.com/ ). I have attached images of the pilot and upgrade cards. Please comment additions and other feedback. Thanks. I will soon be 3D printing a model for the ship.
  7. Yes I have seen your Zeta class- in fact it was the inspiration for this project. Yep I’ve looked on thingiverse but didn’t find anything either.
  8. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a free stl file of a Zeta Class Cargo Shuttle in 1/270 scale for casual play and custom missions. Please let me know if you know where I can get a file from.
  9. I also got one from the A-wing - does anyone know where I could purchase the turret individually without the ship?
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