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  1. Which leads me to believe that at a certain point in the scheme Ezra pulls Sabine, leaving Thrawn... err.. with Ashoka?
  2. Could be. But you know that Disney is not going to let your explanation of Thrawn's love interest(s) ever happen. PS Ezra and Thrawn sharing adventures for a while, and Sabine showing up? I see Disney making the redemption arc for the Grand Admiral and forgetting his genocide in Lothal
  3. Not at all. In fact , I will adventure to say that perhaps she could be a rebel scoundrel that Thrawn captures and underestimates, but surprisingly manages to deceive him and to escape from his clutches, by also stealing something of value to him. A redemption arc from Thrawn would follow or perhaps a sudden tragic death of this lady in one of their encounters, but hey, this is what drama is all about, is it not? I feel that in general, characters with a love story gain in presence and prominence in a fictional series. Think of Han and Leia, Kanan and Hera, Padme and Vader, Luke and Mara, Satine and Obi, etc. It is almost never for the worse I think.
  4. Yes true, I forgot about the love interest between Hera and Kanan. And, if I am not wrong, I feel that the revelation of their emotions to each other happens during 2-3 chapters almost at the end of the series right? To me, I feel it almost like an exception in the series. I do not think that a love story needs a happy ending. Some of the most beautiful love stories end up in tragedy. And they are beautiful because, you know it is not going to last so carpe diem. I feel, Rebels is based on Ezra´ s main-arc of growing up into adulthood, taking the first seasons to explain his teenage years (with his own teenage problems), and then growing, understanding the world he is in and finding his place, and ending at the point when he becomes a young adult by losing his paternal figure (aka becoming independent) and by making his own vital decisions and taking full accountability for them. Certainly, in each season's finale and ultimately towards the ending of season 4, the series grows adult in parallel to Ezra´´'s coming out of age. If I remember well, I think towards the end you can also see more explicit violence, even torture, which I do not think is gratuitous. I feel it realistic. I cannot believe, at times of war, of a commando entering into enemy complexes without killing anybody, and to do this repeatedly over 4 years. This is war, and people die at wars. No offence intended. It is the enthusiasm of the series for avoiding kills on screen by the Ghost crew that puts me off. The imperials are always depicted about killing this one and killing that one right? They are in their right to do so, this is a war and the rebels are their enemies. They realistically are not going to let the enemy kill their friends and colleagues and sit quietly. On the other hand, the Ghost crew are never about killing anyone, even though they might have their rebel comrades dying around them right? I am not asking for overly graphic violence, but for some realism in the battles. Rome was not conquered by getting people unconscious. PD From Rebels Hera, Kanan and Thrawn are my favourites in terms of themes explored and charisma. Having said that, I feel it would be good for Star Wars developers to find a girlfriend for Thrawn to make it even a deeper character.
  5. I have watched Rebels from beginning till the end once, to kill the hunger of more Star Wars and, certainly, I will be getting this box and all the minis in due time, the same as you will. But this is not my point. I take for granted that everyone with some spare time to write in this forum and to purchase and play with these expensive IA toys is a deep Star Wars fan. It is true that rebels has some memorable moments, my favourites being primarily the series finales. However, the point I am trying to convey is that, as I feel that rebels is orientated to a juvenile audience, when I play IA, I like to do it with characters/minis which represent and clearly show in their audiovisual material the complexities of grown adults. I will explain myself more clear: Firstly, Rebels lacks explicit violence which you can clearly see in the original trilogy and rogue 1. In the vast majority of cases, the stormtroopers and/or any other ground troops in rebels are either stunned, made unconscious, immobilised, tied or any other ingenious mechanism you can think of that avoids showing an explicit murder committed by the Ghost crew. Violence and murder is an adult theme, which tends to be avoided in rebels. For me, in this war of stars, violence is a necessary means. Wars are all about violence. Therefore, I feel more passionate about playing IA and defeating enemies with characters which clearly show more deadly instincts (eg. the kind of what Rogue 1 minis would be for instance), than those in Rebels. Secondly, Rebels does not have a love story, similar to the love between Han and Leia, to give an example. Love. I do not mean friends love, but couples love (love that eventually leads to sex and reproduction). This kind of love is an adult theme. Therefore, I like playing more with Leia and Han on the table, or with any other established couple with love interests for that matter, than I will possibly be with Sabine or Ezra. Personally, when playing IA figures whose audiovisual counterparts are drawn from films or series featuring them with deep personal feelings and loving interests, I feel those characters (ergo minis) more real, more recognisable and human. The fact than I am playing with them on their 28mm version, I found it more enjoyable. Thirdly, Rebels lacks the kind of moral ambiguities that are shown in rogue 1. I refer to rebels killing in cold blood or trying to do so. Non politically correct decisions and moral ambiguities is an adult theme. These are out there, everywhere in the real world, on our planet. They give realism to any fictional drama. When I play IA, I like to play with minis that belong to a world where there is not that clear cut between good and evil. Rebels tends to be overly black or white, if you know what I mean. For these reasons and to conclude, if you give me the chance of spending a FF budget on IA minis and a box game, I would choose FIRST spending these resources on an adaptation of Rogue 1 (and possibly Solo) rather than rebels. I can guarantee you that I will play Tyrants of Lothal, because I am passionate about the mechanics of the game. But the fact that I do not wish more rebels minis coming up because I feel there are other interesting settings to explore which rely more on adult themes, that does not mean that I consider rebels series a joke or a sub-product.
  6. Finally some news! Tyrants of Lothal and the rest of Rebels crew. Yes indeed, the trend was inevitably going into Rebels. As said before, by no means I am fond of Rebels, however, every cloud has a silver lining, and my reasons for liking this release which definitely puts a stop to the Legion invasion are: 1) T.H.R.A.W.N. 2) Death Troopers. This is exciting news. This can be a precedent for the releases to come. With Death Troopers in play, I foresee the beginning of a trend towards Rogue 1 (which I feel should deserve a big box expansion), and perhaps later on, Solo and the final third anthology movie. 3) Lothal Tiles. New tiles in different planets are always welcome. I guess we will getting some meadow lands to enrich our tile ecosystem. I´`'d love to see one day Mustafar (volcanic setting) and Scarif (jungle and beach setting) and Death Star tiles. 4) Tyrants of Lothal is a small box. Fair is to say that big box expansions outperform small box expansions in every department. Therefore, I am glad that they have kept this rebels expansion to a small box. After this release, I consider the cycle of Rebels releases complete, and feel that they should be moving on to different pastures and more adult themes. To me, the age average of people playing IA is much more older (and complex :D) than the age average for which Rebels series was designed for, therefore no reason for lingering with more Rebels. From this point, I only see 2 paths to move IA onwards thematically: either Rogue 1 (which I feel very likely with Death Troopers), and/or Endor (which I feel very unlikely, but in my own humid dreams, a perfect setting for creating the two massive aspects that I feel IA is leaving out: an Imperial-based campaign and a merc-based campaign. And what if all of the existing IA boxes could also be played with a team of Imperial heroes or mercenaries? Surely, new campaign books and more rebel minis as enemies would be needed, but who would not like to break bad in Hoth, Tatooine, etc.?
  7. Legion has dropped and IA remains nowhere to be seen. After all this waiting, waiting and waiting , they must come up with something BIG in this 2018! As I'm primarily a campaign player, I' love to see an Imperial campaign. The opportunity to play with 5-6 new "heroes" from the Empire. A big core box if necessary. A starting setting in Endor, outnumbered by rebel scum, similar to what Battlefront 2 did brilliantly (the beginning at least ). In this way, the Rebel players could have the coveted ewok minis, and Imperial players could kill them all. Everyone would be happy! Truly, that would be an Imperial Assault. They could also make a big box merc-based campaign, with 5-6 new bounty-hunters, criminals, exiles, etc. working for big Poppa Jabba or another famous kingpin, beating the dust of rebels and imperials alike, depending on who pays more, and the possibility of making moral choices of good and evil at the end of a mission or during it, with consequences over the campaign of course. With all the boxes and blisters that exist today in the market, they could easily do both. Particularly, I do not like the trend of bringing characters from the cartoon series Rebels. I hope they stop it and focus on the movies. Might be that I'm becoming a grumpy old man, but I certainly hope they stick to the original trilogy, rogue 1 and (hopefully) Solo if it is good. I do not want to see at the turning point of the campaign a space whale floating over my minis.
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