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  1. Glad to see you're still working on this project! While we wait for an update, here is a question for you all. How would you feel about a talent that let psykers add their ranks in Discipline to the damage (after damage is calculated but before Soak) in an Attack power? Perhaps Tier 2 or 3. That would allow psykers to circumvent the need for a staff in order to deal good damage.
  2. I see you've already corrected the mistakes I pointed out in Chapter X, I'll go through it again and see if I find more! Going through the old Dark Hersy books, I was wondering what your thoughts are on adapting the possession rules for daemonic entities. They offer a nice alternative way of using daemons and warp entities instead of straight combat. I'm by no means an expert on FFG's 40k RPGs, but perhaps they could work like they do in the original Dark Heresy, with opposed Discipline checks over a series of rounds until a party reaches a certain number of successes?
  3. Well, I stand corrected. Turns out I can't read Anyway, thank you so much for the amount of work you've put into this! I'm looking forward to the Chambers Militant expansion.
  4. It's great to see you back in action! I've been thinkng about running a Dark Heresy campaign in Wrath & Glory for the past few months, but now that you've released this, I'm not so sure about the system. I have a minor nitpick regarding the Corruption rules: I played in a campaign last year using your ruleset, and hardly anyone retained corruption between adventures. We even fought a rogue psyker and a group of nurglings and daemonettes summoned by sorcerers, but I feel the corruption recovery is too lenient as we interpreted the rules. There is no stated difficulty for the Discipline check, is that supposed to start at Average or Trivial? If the latter, I'd suggest starting at Simple or Average, so only acolytes with high Willpower and Discipline are able to escape the downward spiral of corruption that is service in the Inquisition.
  5. Love all the resources you have shared! Could you upload the .pngs for the fantasy-styled characteristics and statblocks?
  6. Having read the Psychic Powers section much more in depth now, I guess you are right. What strikes me most is that while weapon-wielding characters are better combatants than psykers, psykers are incredibly powerful in social situations. A telepath can overcome almost any social obstacles with good rolls. Not that that is bad, of course! Now, I can't wait to play a psyker.
  7. This is an amazing homebrew, both visually and in terms of game design. Props for that, I'm having a blast playing this conversion! After a few sessions played, I was wondering if psychic attacks are perhaps a little underpowered, given their high costs in resources (strain + risk of rolling in the Perils table). With the usually high soak values most enemies have (and players as well), and the increased difficulties from adding upgrades (which mean less successes), weapons tend to shine much more than psychic attacks. I guess this problem stems from the fact that in the base game soak values tend to be much lower. Having shared these concerns with my GM (I'm not playing a psyker though, so take this with a grain of salt), we toyed with the idea of having the power deal double the base characteristic to bring them on par with ranged weapons, but perhaps that's too much of a buff. Oh, and an unrelated question. Are psykers supposed to add 1 disadvantage die when manifesting powers in armor providing 2 or more soak, as stated in the GCR?
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