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  1. Mine was missing the gear stick completely. Have lodged a ticket but still another disappointment concerning this overpriced model.
  2. Hi I am just wondering why the rebel speeder is the same price as an ATST and the new imperial TX-225 tank. The speeder is smaller than the air speeder, costs more in $ and looks ridiculous next to the tank for only $10 less. This might not mean much in US $ but $89 AU for it while the tank is $99 AU just doesn't sit well. THis is the first Legion product that I have been extremely disappointed in. Any one else feel the same?
  3. ghalgor1

    Son of Skywalker

    Thanks to you both
  4. ghalgor1

    Son of Skywalker

    Hi All Can anyone explain how the Son of Skywalker card works, as I was under the understanding that that you cannot attack more than once in a round but yet Son of Skywalker seems to allow it. I know that cards supersede the rule book but I thought the rule of 'cannot' supersedes everything. Thanks in advance
  5. MY core set has an At-Rt handle missing - on the side that the rider is holding his own gun in.
  6. Hi all i was just wondering if anyone else received biker scouts that did not have the scout firing backwards from their starter set? I received 2 riders but I think they are the two that come in the expansion pack. While I feel I don’t have a right to complain, I do feel a bit cheated as I don’t have the full range of poses. Anyone else?
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