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  1. They are etched brass from scale link UK.
  2. Yeah, I love basing these. I’m sort of trying to base them, how each unit appears in the movies. The Endor army is about half finished, I need to add scouts and I have another AT-ST I’ve been sitting on. I felt like the sand/desert base was the most versatile and generic so that’s how most of my units will appear. The Hoth units will also be a complete playable army. I have a lot more snowtroopers to paint up. Thanks for all the kind words. I’ll be posting more updates as things get finished. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do painting them.
  3. I wanted to do this a year ago, but now is better than never. Here is is some of my desert themed Jedha/Tatooine/Jakku/Scarif army
  4. Very nicely done sir
  5. “Re-read” my reply further in the thread. I saw it on the shelf in a store when I was buying paint.
  6. Yeah but I’m not going to put snowtroopers on an Endor themed base. I’m leaning towards just putting all my imperial commanders on generic deck plating bases.
  7. Is there an actual street date? I don’t think there is
  8. ??‍♂️Walked into the store and saw him on shelf
  9. So I picked up General Veers today and painted him up. I’m trying to decide how to base him. All of my imperial stuff has Endor bases so far, and I was going to put Veers on a snow base because he was only on Hoth in the movies. However he also never was seen out of a str destroyer or AT-AT so I could do deck plating. What are your opinions? Edit: heres some of the cards and the mini just for proof.
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