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  1. I wonder if it works that way. I don’t think you give the order during the command phase, so I’m pretty sure you would not get the movement. Timing will need to be clarified.
  2. Both seem good, but not for everyone. In the right hands and lists they will give opponents fits. In the wrong hands and lists, you may as well have reb/imp Officer.
  3. Those three are my fave to play. Dr. Strange has started to get stale for me b/c of how insanely powerful he can get. Once I’m able to get more multiplayer in, I think I’ll primarily be using Ms. Marvel. Solo games drag on a bit with her. Thor would be my other multiplayer choice.
  4. Welcome to the community! Seems like you made some good choices to start. I primarily play solo and have really enjoyed Ant-man so far.
  5. It is possibly this is the result of a disgruntled ex-employee. If it’s real it would need to be scaled down.
  6. Force choke effectively does this for Dark Side characters. But there is a huge list of force powers we are yet to see so I could see something like disarm appearing eventually.
  7. I just came across the info on YouTube. I wish I could justify a second minis game!
  8. I wonder, though, if a banned/restricted list would be easier to manage than point changes. Printed cards make errata and points changes tough to track and makes entry into a game so painful. It’s why I never got into x-wing on an organized play level. I felt out of the loop when I found out my ships didn’t actually do what I thought they did b/c the cards were wrong.
  9. Just saw that Crisis Protocol is doing a banned/restricted list. Could this be a solution??? Banned: Overwatch Comms Relay Restricted (no more than 2 of/list): Strike Teams Tauntauns E-stims etc.
  10. This would create major problems for a couple reasons: 1) Bounty hunters can be deployed behind LOS blocking terrain that is difficult to get to and stay there the entire game 2) this is a thematic miss b/c the bounty hunter does not need to engage at all to claim their bounty. In ESB Boba was actually pursuing Han. I could see a case for collecting a bounty on any or each commander or operative finished off by a unit with bounty. That would allow a single hunter to gain multiple VP without needing two hunters. I think the biggest problem with bounty at the moment is that Boba Fett is simply outclassed by other units available to the Empire and Bane is tough to fit into CIS lists as efficiently as desired (especially compared to Padme/R2).
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