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  1. @Deadshaneand @M.Mustermann I just want to say that you are both right. I’ve used Wookiees effectively in the ways each of you described. Their exact use varies from game to game depending on what threats you are facing and how your opponent decides to interact with them. I’ve had equal success shooting down Boba Fett and tying up Palp in melee in order to protect my objective focused units. My preference is to always have a medic unit available to try to keep them intact long enough to have at least one good charge attack with 4 Wookiees.
  2. ++ Standard (Rebel Alliance) [787 Points] ++ + Commander + •Han Solo [120 Points] •Jyn Erso [130 Points] •Leia Organa [90 Points] + Operative + •Chewbacca [114 Points]: Tenacity •Sabine Wren† [125 Points] + Corps + Rebel Troopers [40 Points] Rebel Troopers [40 Points] Rebel Troopers [40 Points] + Special Forces + Rebel Commandos - Strike Team [44 Points]: DH-447 Sniper Rebel Commandos - Strike Team [44 Points]: DH-447 Sniper + Command Hand + Command Hand: Sorry About the Mess, •Explosions†, ••Brains and Brawn, ••Reckless Diversion, •••Change of Plans, •••Complete the Mission, ••••Standing Orders + Battle Cards + Condition Cards Deployment Cards Objective Cards ++ Total: [787 Points] ++ Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net)
  3. I’ve played 4 casual games with them and have definitely found them frustrating. However, they do the job they are supposed to do and typically frustrate my opponent as well. These are some general observations I’ve made with them: Pros: typically targeted before more fragile units, allowing those units to over perform (when Pathfinders live) Support Jyn (who took down a full squad of Wookiees in melee on her own) when both are infiltrating Last model standing can live through multiple intense attacks, even against pierce Almost guaranteed to either capture objectives and/or harass your opponent (i.e. not able to be ignored) thematically accurate Cons: probably going to die at some point need duck and cover (i.e. tack on 8pts to cost) high cost/wound trouble finishing off units sometimes, there just isn’t a good placement for infiltrate very luck oriented with all those many many white dice on offense and defense Fielding multiple units is cost prohibitive IMHO For me, I’d rather have a 114pt Wookiee squad than a 116pt Pathfinder squad. I’ve seen Wookiees draw my opponents’ attention and also do heavy damage consistently, paving the way for other units to win objectives. Pathfinders have a narrow margin for error and rely a bit too much on lucky dice rolls for my taste. Typically, I find I hate Pathfinders Rounds 1-2 and love love love them if they are still alive in Round 4. So far, I haven’t seen them fail at doing their job, even if they die.
  4. I think Saboteurs would make more sense for infiltrating the middle. It’s really strong to deny that area with proton charges and be able to flee while blowing Snowies up.
  5. I’ve only played a couple games with Pathfinders and one with Pathfinders and Jyn. I found myself feeling like I needed 2 pathfinders when running Jyn, but I am waiting until Sabine comes out to see if she provides the additional support I was craving. If Jyn is your only commander, she can end up well out of command range of your corps units which gets tricky, so having more troopers to issue commands to seems necessary. TLDR: depends on your strategy
  6. I’m pretty sure we played this right with Pathfinders, but if Vader throws his saber and nets 1 hit and I roll 4 defense dice, his attack still has pierce 3, right? So even with one hit, I would still need to roll 4 blocks to avoid it? That’s how we played it since it seemed to make sense.
  7. smickletz

    Duck and Cover

    Yes, the suppression token gives you the cover 1.
  8. My hope is that no matter what they do, the Organized Play does not force anyone into buying new factions. Organized Play already is designed with moving product off the shelves, which has been fine for getting started in the hobby. If I need to by CWE expansions to play the game in this way, I don’t think I will. I’m enjoying collecting and painting one faction and building around it.
  9. I tore Boba apart with them from range. They hit consistently enough with the bowcaster to at least get 1 pierce through on him. I would have preferred to charge him, but he was about a millimeter out of reach, so I aimed and shot. I’ve found having a medic unit is helpful. Keep it in range 1 to restore a mini, probably twice, then send your medic unit out to capture an objective. It doesn’t matter if the enemy is pumping fire into the Wookiees if they stay alive - you just keep your other units alive and either a) hitting or b) securing objectives. I always take the bowcaster and usually have tenacity. Emergency stims is awesome too, especially if you have a medic!
  10. If you like to push the middle, try proton saboteurs. They pair well with Chewy and Reckless Diversion. This will keep the Emperor at bay if you wait to blow the charges. I agree with keeping the Z6 and medic apart. Make your opponent need to choose a focal point. You’re right: focus on Fett and he’s dead or irrelevant by turn 3. Kill him and his command cards are gone too, but you can still get one of Han’s back with Notorious Scoundrels. Han lists are all about controlling the timing of what your opponent can do and I agree that Chewy elevates him tremendously.
  11. Here’s a flexible list I’ve had a lot of fun and success with: ++ Unlimited (Rebel Alliance) [798 Points] ++ + Commander + •Han Solo [120 Points] + Operative + •Chewbacca [114 Points]: Tenacity + Corps + Fleet Troopers [86 Points]: Rebel Officer, Scatter Gun Trooper Rebel Troopers [48 Points]: R5 Astromech Droid Rebel Troopers [58 Points]: 2-1B Medical Droid + Special Forces + Rebel Commandos - Strike Team [44 Points]: Proton Charge Saboteur, Recon Intel Rebel Commandos - Strike Team [44 Points]: Proton Charge Saboteur, Recon Intel Wookiee Warriors [114 Points]: Bowcaster Wookiee, Tenacity + Support + AT-RT [85 Points]: AT-RT Rotary Blaster AT-RT [85 Points]: AT-RT Rotary Blaster + Command Hand + Command Hand: Sorry About the Mess, •Sabotaged Communications, ••Reckless Diversion, ••Turning the Tide, •••Change of Plans, •••Notorious Scoundrels, ••••Standing Orders ++ Total: [798 Points] ++ Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net)
  12. I think the hardest thing about this list is having only 2 units with range 3 (+ the bowcasters, but ideally you aren’t taking potshots with the Wookiees). If you have a plan to make it work consistently, then go for it!
  13. I’m weird and put in way too much time by putting painter’s tape on the rim then removing it when I’m finished painting and basing 🤪 I like the smooth look to the bases, though.
  14. I noticed AT-RT grappling claws are incorrect. They show 3x black but should be 3x red.
  15. I think the rule changes help the airspeeder far more than the AT-ST. They at least put it into consideration. I recently made three lists for an Operation: one that maxed out activations with 3 supports (12!), one that included an airspeeder and no supports (9 activations), and one that seemed a happy median (11 activations). All had identical commander, corps, and special forces with minor tweaks. I chose the middle of the road list, but ended up with two corps units (135ish points) doing nothing to help with objectives the entire game and Han not shooting once. If I were to replay the match with the new rules, I think I would have taken the airspeeder since the extra activations ended up wasting time and those units did little in combat. My Fleets and Han literally hid behind buildings the whole game.
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