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  1. Correction on the time. It will be 1-5 but certainly folks will be there early to chat and set-up.
  2. My guesses would be: 1. this Can be difficult to pull off against an entire army, but is also the most perfect use of Reckless Diversion. Requires positioning and timing I.e. a skilled play to max protect your other troops 2. Reckless Diversion would overrule distract and the unit with the face up order token would be the only eligible target. Again, just my guesses. I’m curious to hear the official dissection of the rules.
  3. This Sunday, Feb 9th from 12-5pm, Alternate World’s in Cockeysville, MD will be hosting a learn-to-play event. 4-6 regular players will be there with armies, maps, and terrain ready to walk you through your first games of Legion. We will be featuring the Skirmish format. Come out if you haven’t had the chance to play much or at all!
  4. Hi @John333 Alternate Worlds in Cockeysville, MD has a consistent group. Usually someone is there on Thursday nights. Might be a bit far depending on where in PA you are.
  5. While I generally agree that popularity/ease of use does not necessarily mean a unit is overpowered, tauntauns are ridiculously good units. They have a high floor for newbies and a high ceiling for anyone who puts time and strategy into them. They aren’t broken, but I do think they are overpowered.
  6. I would argue that the Comms chaining is a strategic way to play and requires a certain level of knowledge and skill to achieve. The Crit 1 just happens with dumb luck. I’d rather keep the valuable part that requires skill than the valuable part that doesn’t. A mortar getting a crit through every other round seems fine if it lets you pump up your shores and mitigate order control every round. I don’t see that as unplayable.
  7. I feel like Comms Relay would barely be used without Shore/Mortar so it shouldn’t change. But ... maybe take away critical 1? It’s weird that the ATST mortar lacks crit 1 but this mortar has it. Taking away some of the points efficiency is more important than making Comms Relay irrelevant IMHO.
  8. I plan on experimenting with Rebel Officer/Sabine/RTs. When using a hero commander, I’ve found Chewie better for the guardian and freeing up so many points while fulfilling an important role.
  9. The “Upcoming” tab now says Jan. 31. I’m hoping that’s false.
  10. And why trust co-writing to the writer of Batman vs. Superman??? Disclaimer: I haven’t seen it.
  11. It could be, but it’s too easy to plan around in this format. If it hits, it hurts. However, Palpatine won’t have the same support he would have in an 800point game because he is taking up so many of your points. I’ve used Sabs to prevent Palp from easily getting to a good middle position to use And Now ... You Will Die and anything with surge to crit (b/c of Guardian from Royal Guard) to soften him up. Savvy command card play will also help. There are only 5 rounds, so Han/Chewie can easily play Change of Plans or Sorry About the Mess twice in a game at opportune times for example. But, anything with a force upgrade or a lightsaber certainly gets even more powerful in this format. Grievous goes nuts as early as round 2!
  12. Good question, I didn’t catch an answer to it in the Live Stream, but didn’t watch the entirety of it. Alex did say there would not be a “500 Point World Champion” and an “800 Point World Champion”. The game will still be designed with 800pts in mind. With the old OP structure, at our store it was always the same group coming out to play so we got to know each other pretty well. If someone is being overly competitive, it tends not to go over well since we all want to enjoy our time and are not all willing to buy three tauntauns. There’s always room for competitive play, of course, but I see this as a way for casual players to get more games in and for smaller stores to run more effective tournaments. I don’t think a 500 point competitive tournament would be as fun as an 800 point tournament, but I do think playing multiple 500pt opponents on a weeknight would be more fun than trying to fit in a full 800pt game with one person.
  13. Since it is a non-competitive format, I wouldn’t expect a Meta to develop. Quick, short games that a meant for a fun experience. This allows for a bit more of a sandbox game feel where you can really experiment with units. You’re right in that some units will be stronger than others simply because of the round limit, objectives, board size, and terrain coverage. But if someone is coming to our game nights looking to dominate with the “best list”, we’d probably just stop playing the format because it wouldn’t be fun anymore.
  14. You totally should. The meta is wide open, 500pts is a blast to play, and if you just want to skirmish, the price point is low. Clone Wars core set will get you two decent 500 point armies.
  15. Check out The Gift of Games in Grayslake. They are hosting a tourney in February.
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