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  1. Bdolfos

    Krennic and Deathtrooper article up

    Well Han's 0-pip still has more priority than Krennic's 1-pip. So not really.
  2. Bdolfos

    Krennic and Deathtrooper article up

    Death Troopers seem pretty good, but Krennic is a little bit underwhelming in my opinion. I think his abilities might be too situational (although his 1-pip aka "0.5"-pip card is very cool).
  3. Bdolfos

    Imperial Royal Guards Article Up

    Palpatine's entourage ability allows you to take 1 extra Royal Guards Unit.
  4. Bdolfos

    What future Empire units?

    Maybe give it 3 HP so it can take a few wounds before you start losing minis?
  5. Bdolfos

    Future Rebel Units

    It's more likely than a U-Wing.
  6. Bdolfos

    Scout Troopers Article

    Not if you use the sniper as a bootleg Scatter gun with a full squad of Scouts.
  7. Bdolfos

    Any clue on Fett?

    The spanish website now says that Boba and Scouts will be coming on the 28th of September.
  8. Bdolfos

    Imperial Royal Guard expansion announced

    Maybe it's just harder to use. Afterall it was designed to be used by a droid.
  9. Bdolfos

    AT-RT Tactics

    I didn't face a list with two AT-STs yet so I don't know. If my opponent has one AT-ST I mostly ignore it or try to get some Ion Tokens on it.
  10. Bdolfos


    That's what spray is supposed to represent.
  11. Bdolfos

    What’s left for this year

    Please no! Anything but that!
  12. Bdolfos

    Chewie is Next

    Watch him die in Episode 9.
  13. Bdolfos

    Emperor Palpatine expansion announced.

    Well dark side force users draw power from negative emotions such as fear. So maybe Palpatine embraces fear to become more powerful? But from a gameplay perspective a courage value of 2 would be not so great for all the troopers around Palpatine. And even if he had an ability that triggers when he panics the enemy just would not shoot him when he already has 3 suppression tokens making the ability rather pointless. Not to mention that he could loose actions pretty often which is also not so great considering he only has a speed 1 move.
  14. Bdolfos

    Emperor Palpatine expansion announced.

    I don't really see how Palpatine is too powerful. 210 points plus probably another 20-40 for upgrades is pretty brutal. Especially because he's moving at speed 1. His Pulling the Strings ability is pretty nice but if you want to use it he's probably not gonna see combat that often. His command cards are okay I guess. For his 1 pip he needs to get in range of multiple units to really make use of it, while the 3 pip is not that great in my opinion. I find that most of the time 3 orders are enough to give me full control of all my units.
  15. Bdolfos

    Imperial Royal Guard expansion announced

    Does anybody have an idea what the Electrostaff upgrade card says? Edit: Ok I think I deciphered it: "While defending against a meele attack, you gain Immune: Pierce. Sidearm: Meele (While performing a meele attack this mini can only use the weapon on this card.)"