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  1. Also remember line of sight is from the top center of the mini.
  2. There I said it. You're going to tell me that Luke costs 25 pts less than an AT-ST? I can't even should Luke with any of a fully loaded AT-ST's guns if he's engaged with a trooper. In order to get most of the more beneficial abilities of the AT-ST you have to buy upgrade cards. And it is the only piece right now to have a Weakness. Don't get me wrong the AT-ST should cost a good 170-175, but 195 is too much considering how it can be taken out of the game if the map is mildly terrained. And its mortar's suppression ability is essentially useless if the player knows to keep their troopers within range 3 of Luke. Look, the AT-ST is great. I have yet to have it fall in battle. But I also have had times were it seemed like an expensive paper weight on the battle field because I could never see any thing. It would be more useful if those 20 extra points could be used to upgrade something else. All this being said, this is my first game I have gotten into like this and I may not know what I am talking about, it just feels like it can be more useful.
  3. I think you mean 390 (it might be 380)
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