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  1. It would be an alternate history as said before, thus no place in the 5th Ed Rokugan where gunpowder is still forbidden. Here is not a playing system (like was rolemaster or savage world) to be adapted by user in any world u want, but a whole game that shares the same world as (at least) 1st and 2nd editions. Thus no way to officially have gunpowder there, unless special supplement dealing with outside Rokugan is done.
  2. i do not contest the interest of gunpowder in history, but it cannot be accepted on Rokugan per "divine" decree long time ago. The rokuganese society and celestial order would not survive to a such revolution that deny the infalibility of an emperor.
  3. The Kuni do not practise Maho or use corpses. Only Eta are to manipulate death body or blood or flesh. The only Kuni that did that became Maho Tsukai and/or died. A such clan would be mostly an Eta constituted one, a blasfema vs celestial order, a thing that cannot be allowed to exist within Rokugan except concealed and mostly tainted. The only way to exist for such a clan could only be far outside the Empire. You talked about mirroring the Lion, how could a minor clan mirror the Lion without being erased by lions? That mirroring would be a thing that no lion could suffer within the Empire. Nobody either the Emperor could assume the political cost to protect such a clan vs Lion. And Lion is not really known for being the most subtle amongst the clans.
  4. if i remember good, Matsu Lion Prides are using two weapons and Matsu herself does.
  5. Lol, using Mao to preserve Rokugan could be betterly welcomed than using gunpowder in this same objective. Doing this is direct defiance to a secular imperial decree, a direct disobeyance to the Emperor will… Good luck to anyone who would try this, the fact it could be successfull or not will not be considered for your defense; in fact you will not have any defense and you will suffer a dishonorable death and probably have your name erased from history and probably your family ashamed. You could instead envision to flee forever outside the Empire and letting your family to assume your shame instead of you. Basically you die and do another PC or you flee, become dishonorable npc and create a new pc.
  6. 1) they are monks and respected for that. Basically they are to be considered as neutral for main political issue. 2) they are retired samourai but still samourai for the purpose of celestial order. Now they are monks. 3) wisdom of the Tao, when they feel the wisdom is to be provided, and not only for Dragon. Mostly anywhere they elect to go with no official licence to move freely 4) they were samourai with their own training. But mostly they are not to obey any mortals. Several disobeyed and were executed because wisdom was the Truth in front of a Daimyo.
  7. Simple, since the white deer battle vs gaijin, black powder is forbiden in Rokugan and an imperial crime as blood magic is. Thus, it's normal to not mention these weapons, or it's not Rokugan.
  8. Hello, i m willing to pre order L5R from the website, but whatever i set both my billing and shipping adresses or only the first one with checking both are the same, whatever i do, the same result: there is issue on billing and/or shipping address. FAQ assumes it should work on international shipping... Trying to pre order from France to France Ty
  9. Does it mean that for the Gencom we will have more than beta test materials and updates?
  10. you are a samourai, thus you can do At least you can help you group as a target for foes, and die to give your friends a chance to win the fight Btw, take a look on your technics, some can support your friends or disturb your foes, eventually take a weapon to delay the ones foes that will support your friends' adversaries... you can also try to protect the shugenja, delaying the ones that could reach him.
  11. Mostly, u only need to understand the way of life of Samouraï and the culture. That are the main difficulties. L5R without assuming to play in the culture with honor/Glory worths nothing. It does not involve full RP, but at least respect and understanding of culture. After u have to understand how R&K works (following versions), that s all
  12. lol, i laugh while reading LCG vs RPG saying 5th ed is bad... It's LCG deliriums that was near to kill L5R, Timeline and so on became non sense and totally abusive and inepts. i dream a day LCG will be totally cut from RPG and RPG redo with ED1 timeline
  13. for my future campaign, will directly reset to ed1 timeline... fed up with cards players deliriums and nonsenses
  14. yep, after reading assisting, it should be limited by rank, a pc should not be assisted by more than its rank other pcs/npcs
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