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  1. That's a really good point. In a situation, where you know that you would likely be knocked out during the counter attack, it would then be better to choose a weakness card to improve the odds of surviving the negate and last stand tests. You are right, that does seem quite ridiculous.
  2. You are all wrong, sorry. The answer we were looking for here, is Tom Bombadil! 🙃
  3. At what point are the cards then discarded? And when do you reshuffle your deck? And which cards do you reshuffle? Let's imagine a scenario where Gimli first attacks and draws 4 cards. He is then counter attacked and draws another 4 cards to negate damage. Now, what if Gimli takes too much damage and needs to do a last stand? Meaning he could potentially draw another 4 cards, making it quite likely that his deck would be empty before he gets all 12 cards on the table. So how would reshuffling and selecting the card to place on top of the deck be handled in this case? Or would he put the chosen card on top of his deck after the counter attack but before the last stand test? Which would give very good odds of always having at least one success for the last stand test.
  4. I would say Gloomhaven is pretty cheap considering the amount of content it has. Playtime-wise, with 95 scenarios, it's probably closer to your standard dungeon crawler with five expansions. And you do not need to get one of those fancy organizers. Some small tackle boxes, zip-lock bags and other small cardboard containers work fine. Anyway, I do not see this being too similar to Gloomhaven. Sure, the influences are there but to me this looks more like a compilation of mechanics from other FFG franchises above anything else. Either way, I'm curious to see how this works out.
  5. I like dice for casual, fast-paced dungeon crawling and treasure looting action. But prefer card driven mechanics for more challenging, slower paced tactical games. Not yet sure which one this is going to be. So far it looks like this would land somewhere in the middle of the two.
  6. Just out of curiosity, what would your definition for long term support be in this case? How many years should the active life cycle of the game be or how many expansions should be released for this game - or any other game for that matter - for it to qualify as having long term support?
  7. Visited my local store here in Finland yesterday and they had received a new shipment and had all the books back in stock. Reprints unofficially confirmed! 🙃
  8. Does the base game feel like a complete experience to you guys? Or do you feel it needs one or two expansions to hit it's full potential?
  9. Do you think this will end up replacing Eldritch Horror completely for you? Or do you think you would still want to go back to EH every now and then? Is there anything you miss from EH that you would have liked to see in AH third? Ignoring the differences in the amount of content available currently.
  10. Yeah, some of the card packs not being available anywhere sure makes doing the chronological thing hard. Or super expensive. When I first bought the core game earlier this year, some of the older AP's were on bookdepository.com for like 10-11€, including shipping. Figured I'd pick them up later. Guess how that worked out for me... ?
  11. How's this working out for you so far, playing the adventures in a more random order? The reason I am asking is I recently started going through the adventures in chronological order myself, using only cards that are available in the current cycle and the previous ones. Which makes for a nice narrative experience. But I do get the urge to add in more player cards and heroes from some of the upcoming expansions, which I already own. Just thought it might be weird fighting spiders in Mirkwood one day, then getting heat stroke in the deserts of Harad the other and then escorting Hobbits to Mordor the day after.
  12. Based on your experiences, do you feel like there is a player count sweet spot? Or is there a specific investigator count that you tend to gravitate towards?
  13. Thanks. It's good to hear that the core game mechanics make movement a non issue. And while I do agree that one can always adjust the rules to their liking, I personally often feel bad about doing this. Feels like cheating in a way. If any given game requires adjustment, in terms of rules, I would prefer that there would be an official variant or whatever. Just so I could sleep better at night. But that's probably something I just need to get over, personally ?. Speaking of house rules, someone on the BGG forums quoted one of the developers at Arkham Nights talking about having their own house rule, where you can pay $2 to get a 3 space taxi ride, when you draw a blank token from the mythos cup. Not commenting on whether this is a good house rule or not, but sounds like the blank tokens would be good way to easily incorporate house rules. Speaking of money, how easy is it to make money in this game? Is that something that you specifically need to set out to do by heading to a specific location to work or whatever? Or is that something that sometimes also happens as the side effect of other encounters? Basically what I am wondering about is how much money you are generally accumulating in a game and whether that is something you can afford to spend on increasing movement, without screwing yourself over.
  14. Just wanted to say that I really appreciate you taking the time to experiment with different investigator counts and then sharing your experiences here. Would love to hear more of your thoughts on player count scaling with different scenarios and different characters. Might take a while before I can pick up the game, so I have to live vicariously through forums posts and youtube videos for now.
  15. I said that I was curious about movement and I mentioned once that I felt that lower player counts might be at a disadvantage. How is that now repeatedly arguing anything? Or maybe you are mixing me with the OP or some of the other posters here that expressed similar concerns. Anyway, maybe you are right in that I should have taken the time to express my concerns in the form of actual questions instead, since nuances are often lost in forum discussions. I did not mean to attack the game or insult your sensibilities. If I did, my apologies. It's been a while since I've actually posted anything on any forum and I tend to forget how touchy people can get. Which is fine to be honest. Good to see people being passionate about their hobbies. I am more than happy to hear that the game is looking pretty solid in all respects, based on Duciris' reports here.
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