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  1. Thank you for explaining it. I get it now. Can you clarify how the dice pool is formed? Do you only gather the dice off of the card for the range band you are shooting from? Or is it ALL dice from the card like the original post states?
  2. rule reference off the website and in the starter pack Evade : At long range, the defender cancels one attack die of its choice. At medium range, it chooses one attack die to be rerolled. At close range or distance 1, this token has no effect. how can you not cancel the attack die that has the accuracy icon on it?
  3. Okay so in a game against my brother I had raddus on a Corvette. Turn two I don't bring my ship in and the ship raddus is on is destroyed. My brother and I couldn't figure out if the ship off the board could be brought into play anymore. I had another Corvette on the table but the card to bring in the ship was gone. So my question is does the ship get destroyed or can it come in at range 1 of the other Corvette.
  4. Okay so in the sat you state that to create the dice pool you gather the dice of the armament that is printed on the card. So based on this all dice on your card are part of the pool and dice that can't be used during the attack could be change as per something like dual turbolaser turret because you don't have a step that removes dice that are out of range. I'm pretty new to this game but this way of creating a dice pool seems wrong. Also you don't have a stipulation if a evade tokens is used and an accuracy die to free up a different token. Is there a "back" button in this rule stack? So say you are taking 4 damage and it will destroy your ship because it has three hull and your brace was block but evade wasn't. Can you evade the accuracy then go back and use the brace to reduce the damage to 2? I am only being this much of a stickler because this post is the first post seen on the forum for rules and should be perfectly thourogh
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