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  1. Thanks for the reply. Im now waiting the revised edition in the mail next week I guess the core set will keep us busy for a while for learning the gameplay. Dont quite get the rotation of the datapacks, is that more for tournament play or casual also? When you say lunar and sansan going to rotate next, does that mean genesis and spin is in the current rotation?
  2. Me and my girlfriend have been looking at netrunner and would very much like to play this. We have played through Arkham Horror LCG and Pathfinder LCG and had a blast, but would like a game where we can play against eachother. The problem is I dont know what to buy. I see the old core set is sold for a pretty cheap coin, but then you have the revised edition where the price is over twice as much. What I wonder if its some difference in game mechanics or its just the artwork? Could we do just fine with the old edition or should we go for the revised? And is all the old expansions and "booster" packs compitable with revised edition IF there is some changes to game mechanics? Last I want to ask, we just noticed the game legend of the five rings. How is that game compared to netrunner? Easier or harder to get into? Hope any of you can inform me on this and thanks in advance MM
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