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  1. I ran these two ARC-170 lists yesterday and both wrecked faces. Rebel - Norra Wexley (Swarm tactics, Lando, Shield upgrade) 64pts Shara Bey (Squad leader, Saw, Shield upgrade) 75pts Garven Dreis (Leia, Shield upgrade) 57pts Total 196pts Republic - Oddball (Elusive, R4-P44, Cody) 66pts Wolffe (Elusive, R4-P17, VTG) 63pts Jag (R4-P, Chancellor Palp) 67pts Total 196pts With the rebel list, I went up against Boba and 2x Lok Revenants. I flew Garven and Norra in the middle and Shara on the flank. I slow rolled and waited for opponent to come to me. I banked Shara in from the flank and focused on Boba with all three ships. Boba gets popped third round and get one Loks shields down before time is up. I lose all sheids on Shara and three on Garven. Pretty good win. Fun list to fly and hits hard. Republic list is all about synergies and formation flying. I went up against a Sep list with Maul, Greivous and two drones. I flew in a straight line with Jag in the middle. Again, I focused on Maul as he seemed to be the biggest threat. My opponent didn’t fly this list well so I popped Maul reasonably quickly. Greivous was a pain, the Bellyrubs aren’t bad ships tbh. I ended up winning but lost Jag in the process. Another fun list to fly.
  2. I’m planning on running these two ARC-170 lists. Not sure if either would be world beating lists or great with swarms, but I think these lists would be fun to fly. Rebel list - Norra Wexley (Crackshot, Lando, Hull upgrade, R3 astro, VTG) 68pts Shara Bey (Saw Gerrera, Hull upgrade, R2 astro, VTG) 72pts Garven Dreis (Jyn Erso, Hull upgrade, VTG) 60pts Total 200pts Republic list - Oddball (Elusive, Sync console, R4-P44, VTG) 69pts Wolffe (Elusive, Sync console, R4-P17, VTG) 65pts Sinker (R3 astro, Sync console, VTG) 63pts Total 197pts Thoughts on these two lists?
  3. I’ve put this on the table and it’s super fun to fly. Blackout - (Trickshot, Ad Optics) 70 Recoil - (Predator, Ad Optics) 65 Quickdraw - (Elusive, Spec Gunner, FCS, PA) 65 Total 200 points I flew QD and Blackout down the middle and used Recoil as a flanker. QD tanked a few shots and Blackout was in amongst obstacles to make use of his ability and Trickshot. Recoil managed to flank well enough and get around the back of my opponent causing chaos. I flew this list against triple T-70s and went 2-0.
  4. I was thinking of running this list; TIE Silencer “Blackout” - Trickshot (66) TIE Silencer “Recoil” - Marksmanship (60) TIE F/O “Scorch” - Fanatical (37) TIE F/O “Muse” - Fanatical (34) Total: 197 Thoughts? Can I make this more solid?
  5. I played a game against a friend of mine that ran The Inquisitor, 2x Onyx Sqn Escorts and a Shadow Sqn Phantom. So I ended up running with the list below.... And boy oh boy he got punished!!! I'll definitely be using it again! Wes Janson (29) Servos, IA, VI, Refit, R3-A2 Norra Wexley (39) Vectored Thrusters, Title, VI, Ezra, R2-D2 Saw Guerrera (32) EU, Title, VI, Targeting Scrambler, Refit, Hera, Kyle Katarn The Inquisitor got deleted straight up by Wes and Norra, didn't even fire a shot.. And I got the Shadow Sqn Phantom shields down first round with Saw. He got 2 hits on Saw with the Phantom and the Onyx Escorts got a hit each on Norra. Wes and Norra then promptly deleted a Onyx Escort, while I rolled like garbage with Saw and only managed 1 hit on the Phantom whilst he managed to smack Saw for 3 hits. Wes and Norra took out the Onyx Escort and Saw smashed the Phantom for the decimation of his list.
  6. Unfortunately I don't own a Sheath. Stick with Jek instead?
  7. I know Norra will hit like a truck anyway so maybe no torps at all and sink points into what instead? I want Jek to be in the think of the action with Norra so making him PS9 and pairing him with R3-A2 to dish out stress makes sense. I want to use Cassian to strip stress from either Norra or Jek (so he doesn't eat too much damage) and with Kanan, have the option of that too. Unsure who to replace Kyle Katarn with though?
  8. Norra Wexley (43) Vectored thrusters, Title, VI, Adv proton torps, Saw Guerrera, R2-D2 Jek Porkins (26) Servos, IA, VI, Renegade refit, R3-A2 Cassian Andor (31) Title, A score to settle, Targeting scrambler, Renegade refit, Kanan, Kyle Katarn Any suggestions to make this build sync better?
  9. I find Jek Porkins works well with R3-A2. What astromech is best suited for Wedge, Wes, Luke, Garven, Hobbie, Biggs and Tarn?
  10. I guess it would be considering moldy crow lets you keep unused focus tokens. In that case, I've swapped out Recon Specialist for Bossk and swapped ion pulse missiles for harpoons on Dalan Oberos
  11. Torani's ability with the enforcer title either strips all focus and evade tokens or forces the opponent to take a damage. If they choose to remove tokens, the title will proc a stress token on the enemy to then proc black market slicer tools. Chips and calculation to trigger harpoons. Ion cannon turret and ion pulse missiles to prevent enemies from actions..
  12. I was thinking something along the lines of this: Torani Kulda (35) - M12-L Kimogila Fighter - Guidance Chips (0), Title (1), Calculation (1), Harpoon Missiles (4), Overclocked R4 (1), Black Market Slicer Tools (1) Palob Godalhi (34) - HWK-290 - Vectored Thrusters (2), Title (3), Veteran Instincts (1), Ion Cannon Turret (5), Recon Specialist (3) Dalan Oberos (31) - M12-L Kimogila Fighter - Guidance Chips (0), Calculation (1), Ion Pulse Missiles (3), Unhinged Astromech (1), Black Market Slicer Tools (1) Thoughts on this setup?
  13. Just wanting some suggestions for a twin kimo/hwk build
  14. I wanna try this: Torani Kulda (27) Guidance Chips (0), Enforcer (1), Adaptability (0), Extra Munitions (2), Ion Pulse Missiles (3), R4 Agromech (2), Black Market Slicer Tools (1) Total: 36 4-LOM (27) Mist Hunter (0), Veteran Instincts (1), Tactician (2), Fire-Control System (2), Black Market Slicer Tools (1), Tractor Beam (1) Total: 34 Drea Renthal (22) Vectored Thrusters (2), BTL-A4 (0), Ion Cannon Turret (5), Unhinged Astromech Total: 30 Unsure about the title on the Y-Wing, what's everyone's thoughts? Should I change anything?
  15. Torani Kulda - Title, R4 Agromech, Black Market Slicers (31) 2x Hired Gun - BTL-A4, Vectored Thrusters, Ion Cannon Turret, Unhinged Astro (28) Binayre Pirate - Black Market Slicers (13) Total: 100 Not looking to win any tournaments, just a list I wanna have a few fun games with. Thoughts?
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