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  1. Hi all might be a long shot, but I’m after a 2019 Worlds Ten Numb. I’ve got a 2019 Worlds Kylo Ren for trade. I’m located in Australia.
  2. I like the idea of having two i1 blockers to potentially soak up some damage for Blackout and Kylo, so I’d go; Kylo - (Foresight) Blackout - (Fanatical, AO) x2 Epsilon Squadron Cadet Foresight is decent for chipping damage, although you need to be careful when using it as Kylo only has the two force charges. I’d be inclined to fly the ESCs with Kylo and Blackout on his own. You could always ditch foresight and throw Null in for a juicier target and i7 but I’m not sure if that’d be worth it.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. The feeling I get is that Stealth Device is an upgrade that isn’t really worth it for the points and it taking numerous actions to “repair” it. What would be other alternative upgrades that boost your green dice?
  4. Hi, I am a little confused as to how stealth device actually works. When is it actually “active”? Is it able to be repaired? For example, if I wanted to put stealth device and r2-d2 on Luke Skywalker and Luke lost a shield, can r2-d2 regen a shield to repair the stealth device? I’m assuming the answer is yes but unsure. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. What about something like this? Saw Gerrera (52) - Pivot Wing (0) Jek Porkins (45) - Crack Shot (1), S-foils (0) Braylen Stramm (52) - Crack Shot (1) Ten Numb (48) - Crack Shot (1) Total: 200 This list would mainly focus on offence, so as you mentioned it has to kill before it gets killed. To mitigate this, I’d swap out Saw for Magva with Tac Scrambler and use her as a meat shield in front of your B’s to grant them additional defence mods.
  6. I've tried both of the following lists and both are great, although I think Norra in the Y-Wing is better value for money as you can deck out your other ships a little more. Norra Wexley (Y-Wing) (41) - Expert Handling (2), Ion Cannon Turret (5), Hull Upgrade (3) - Points: 51 Gina Moonsong (50) - Predator (2), Autoblasters (3), S-foils (2) - Points: 57 Hera Syndulla (38) - Crack Shot (1), Targeting Computer (3) - Points: 42 Thane Kyrell (48) - Crack Shot (1), S-foils (0) - Points: 49 Total Points: 199 or Norra Wexley (ARC-170) (55) - Expert Handling (3) - Points: 58 Gina Moonsong (50) - Crack Shot (1) - Points: 51 Thane Kyrell (48) - Crack Shot (1), S-foils (0) - Points: 49 Hera Syndulla (38) - Crack Shot (1), Targeting Computer (3) - Points: 42 Total Points: 200
  7. I find this list to be extremely fun to play. "Quickdraw" (45) - Fanatical (2), SF Gunner (10), Deuterium Power Cells (9) Captain Phasma (39) - Proud Tradition (2), SF Gunner (10), Hull upgrade (5) x3 Zeta Squadron Pilot (26) Total: 200 Fly Phasma and two Zetas together and QD and a Zeta together. Phasma is pretty wicked at tanking/passing off damage to either of the Zetas and can be a strong endgame piece. I'm not entirely convinced by the DPCs on QD or if I were to change them out, I'm not sure what for??
  8. How about something like this; Quickdraw - Fanatical, S/F Gunner, DPCs Midnight - Swarm Tactics Phasma - Proud Trad, S/F Gunner, Hull Null - naked Total: 199 Phasma is pretty wicked for tanking damage, so get her in the thick of it with QD and Midnight and use Null to flank close to Midnight in case Null gets damaged and Midnight can use Swarm Tactics to bump up the initiative to 6.
  9. FO TIE bomber - FO is in need of a dedicated bomber. TIE/wi modified interceptor - I guess this would be similar to a TIE phantom??? Resistance maybe BTA-NR2 Y-Wing, T-85, new B-Wing???
  10. I have found that Lando is more janky to fly than Han (and actually more fun). I've flown the following list a couple of times and it's been pretty fun to fly, although I have been absolutely murdered by Nantex's; Lando Calrissian (Scum) (49) - Marksmanship (1), IG-88D (3), 0-0-0 (5), BT-1 (2), Lando's Millennium Falcon (3) Total 63 points IG-88B (63) - Marksmanship (1), Autoblasters (3), IG-2000 (1) Total 68 points IG-88C (64) - Marksmanship (1), Autoblasters (3), IG-2000 (1) Total 69 points Total 200 points
  11. Jan Ors (45 pts) - Lando, EU Gina Moonsong (53 pts) - Crack Shot, Jamming Beam, S-foils Braylen Stramm (53 pts) - Crack Shot Ten Numb (49 pts) - Crack Shot Total: 200 points So I tried the above list and went up against 4x Starvipers all with Crack Shot, 7x Trade Fed Drone with Grappling Strut and ESC's and 4x Fangs with Fearless. I flew all B-Wings in a straight line with Jan following closely behind. The Vipers were flying in a box formation. Straight up joust. Crack Shot was well worth it for defensive type mods as I was definitely getting enough damage through. Once the Vipers shields were down, rolling crits was great. I won this game but lost Braylen and Ten in the process, with Jan only losing one shield and Gina losing two shields. Going up against the Trade Fed drones was difficult. ESC's tore Braylen and Ten apart pretty rapidly and I got pretty well stomped from there. Then the Fangs.... I actually swapped out the Crack Shots for Marksmanship to try and push more crits through and it payed off. Jan got hammered on the second pass and Gina was also a victim shortly after. Game finished with a narrow win. This is a really fun list to fly, hits hard and has enough dice mods, although I think it will take some fine tuning to and practice to counter swarms. I think if I go up against unshielded swarms like TF drones, I'll swap the CS out for Marksmanship to try and push through more crits and see if I actually need the defensive dice mods or just go with pure offence. Thoughts?
  12. I am trying to get a stress sharing list to work between the 3 named B-Wing pilots and Jan Ors but I'm unsure what to load the squad out with? Jan Ors (41 pts) Gina Moonsong (50 pts) Braylen Stramm (52 pts) - (Predator (2 pts)) Ten Numb (48 pts) Total: 193 points The idea is to fly Jan just behind Braylen to enable the additional attack die. Braylen needs to stay stressed and Jan needs to be able to clear stress. How do I achieve this? Gina needs to stay stressed to be able to pass stress token/s to Ten so he can utilize the stress token/s for dice mods. How do I achieve this? I'm not sure how well this list would go against swarms or even in a tourney, but if I could get it to work, I think it would be a ton of fun. Thoughts?
  13. I can’t find it anywhere as part of canon, so I guess it is completely Legends. Which means they probably wouldn’t introduce it and this makes me sad. 😢
  14. As is a Crusader-class for Scum
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