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  1. jackissocool

    Not a lot of Triumph related talents?

    I feel like these talents would be more limiting than anything. If you start making talents like that, suddenly there all sorts of things you can't do with triumphs unless you have special abilities.
  2. jackissocool


    I see a lot of differences with phasing. Moving past obstacles is similar, but there's also many other uses for intangibility - lots of defensive ones, for example. Additionally, teleportation is also more than just avoiding obstacles. It lets you move in any direction is a big one. I'd consider rephrasing the basic power of Teleport like so: Spend 2 Strain as an action so that your movement allows you to appear at any point you can see within range. And then use the current phrasing of Teleport for the basic power of Intangibility. Then Intangibility could upgrade linearly: Basic Power ⬇️ Phasing (Incidental use) ⬇️ Untouchable: As an out of turn incidental when hit by a physical attack, spend a Story Point to automatically cause it to miss. Or something like that.
  3. jackissocool


    How about a range option? What other minor powers are you working on? Phasing/intangibility, Supreme accuracy (Bullseye's perfect aim, Captain America and Daredevil ricocheting thrown objects in impossible ways).
  4. jackissocool


    Wow, I wish I had seen this earlier! I've been working on superpowers for a week from a pretty similar approach. I was doing talent trees like this, and I'd come to the same conclusion that skills and heroic abilities as they exist just wouldn't cut it. I even came to some of the same specific implementations of powers. But now I'll just use this cause it's 50x more complete and thorough!
  5. jackissocool

    No PBP threads for this system?

    I never thought about that. I'd love some observers for our weird game.
  6. jackissocool

    Question on silhouettes for Redwall inspired archetypes

    I get the idea but that would be massively in favor of the smaller characters because this is a modern setting where combat will be mostly guns
  7. I'm making a new setting right now. After doing a setting roulette (inspired by the Dice Pool), one of the traits of our world is Redwall-style animals. So all of the PCs are small mammals, ranging from mice to squirrels to badgers. I've adjusted silhouette perspectives so that a squirrel is the standard for Sil 1. I've cooked up a bunch of archetypes that vary from Silhouette 0 to 2. I didn't want their characteristics to be limited by their silhouette, so some large animals have low Brawn and some small animals have high Brawn. But I do want a bit more mechanical heft to silhouettes beyond small target/big target presented in the CRB. So how does this sound: Silhouette 0 PCs add a setback to all Brawn based checks. Silhouette 2 PCs add a boost to all Brawn based checks. Does that seem too unreasonable?
  8. jackissocool

    A Web-Based Character Generator - The Genesys Emporium

    Ok. Another issue I'm having: it's just not opening on my computer. I was using it like normal yesterday then it stopped and it hasn't resumed. The page opens up, I get the "Loading..." message, and then just the background texture, nothing else. Tried it with Firefox and Chrome.
  9. jackissocool

    A Web-Based Character Generator - The Genesys Emporium

    Yes. As far as I can tell you can only add one at the moment. Also no way to give the average human's ability to select two ranks. Or am I missing something?
  10. jackissocool

    A Web-Based Character Generator - The Genesys Emporium

    Will we be able to add multiple starting skills for custom archetypes?
  11. jackissocool

    Arkham Horror for Genesys

    In some ways I think it's likely because it's a strong property for them with a lot of recognition. For that reason I would expect it before Tannhauser and the steampunk one. But it is a good point that they don't want to compete in that way with Call of Cthulu, because I understand that Chaosium is somewhat involved in the Arkham Files games. So hmm. I would love one, personally (see my avatar).
  12. jackissocool

    Silly Thought: Godzilla Genesys

    Oh man, kaiju would make an awesome one-shot. Great idea.
  13. jackissocool

    Magic seems like it's set to low damage

    Remember that part of the reason for this is that attacking is just one small part of what magic can do, unlike combat skills.
  14. jackissocool

    [MOONS of GALTORUS] science fantasy setting

    This is wonderful. What career do you start with?
  15. I had a great time. Can't wait for next session!