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  1. Along with that, it would add other major tactics to it. Having Leia or Veers parked on it could work well to allow you to transport things around more easily. Also having it as an objective to keep control of a skiff could be a very interesting option. Perhaps a get the skiff to a location...or control so many of them.
  2. Personally, I'd make them less of a unit and more of a special terrain one, possibly even used as an objective. Empty ones are stationary, when stationary it can be freely boarded by standard movement. Control is determined by which side has the most on board it. Having it move with only a portion of the automatic moves normally there with Speeder vehicles, perhaps having the required move if it was used for a move action the prior round. It would probably work best with the medium movement tool. Needing to climb (or force jump) onto it while it's in control of a side would work. Those onboard are treated as having the benefits of the speeder type cover from those not also inside it. Once per round, the player who has control of it, may spend a move from a unit onboard to move it.
  3. In Legends there was a great comic set on Bespin about that. Vader's the reason why Chewie got Threepio's parts back
  4. From the picture, they look a lot like foam board cut in random shapes and stacked on a skewer...
  5. Personally, I'd go with him having a force ghost ability on his main card, if this character is defeated then one allied character gains an aim token and you may transfer one force power from this character to another character with the ability to take a force power even if all of their power slots are taken.
  6. If you want some real fun with Ewoks, there is the comic that's set from the POV of an imperial Stormtrooper that survived Endor...the only thing he still has good in his life was the belief that the Endor Holocaust happened, only to have the story end by him being told that the rebels stopped that from happening. There is also the old Illustrated Star Wars Universe that has a rather interesting story that's a prequel to RotJ about the Imperial expedition to the Forest Moon of Endor where they were scouting for a location to build the ground facilities needed for the Death Star's construction.
  7. It's an interesting take on them, but the coloration looks kind of off. Not entirely sure if it's the pics or the actual colors. It also looks far to "samey" in coloration. Personally, I'd say a darker red option would work better for the scheme, saving the brighter reds for highlights.
  8. I've tried a few times, though with some borrowed ones since I haven't gotten around to getting my own as of yet and there's quite a few people building both sides and only playing one along with using a few borrowed bases with some of the WotC speeders set on them. I've also kind of cobbled together a Commander Skywalker, Rogue Leader stats which would simply use another speeder for the mini and would let you swap a trooper slot for an extra T-47...it's in the thread for custom units...
  9. Using platicard to smooth the top shouldn't change anything for gameplay. My Imperials have a layer of plastic canvass over them for a grating on most of them. I have one set that I had sanded smooth and then used a layer of polyeurethane after painting to try for a very smooth, semi-reflective look (Which I then, accidentally, messed up by using superglue rather than the other options that wouldn't have frosted it and forced me to do other things to make it look semi-right).
  10. Kind of wish they'd also have the standard bases as well...
  11. Not directly to buy, but a lot of more urban terrain can work for it. Look at the buildings with multiple stories or higher walls. Even some Endor style trees tend to be big enough to give cover.
  12. The issue that is about to come into play is with the new turrets, in a heavier terrain scenario the rebel one will end up nearly useless.
  13. I've largely been making my own, but I've been planning on buying others. Here's a link to where I've got a tutorial for the trees I've been making for the table... Truncated Trees
  14. 501st Legion : Vader's Fist Stormtrooper Only, Unique 25 points This unit gains +2 Courage, and Pierce 1 against units with deflect This unit also gains 1 additional personnel upgrade slot Unique upgrade status is removed if Darth Vader is a commander Using personnel upgrades to also work for specialized training options would also work since there isn't really a title type upgrade...
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