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  1. I just, you know, pretend it IS a lightsaber? It works the same as one.
  2. I've gotten a lot of mileage out of it on an X-wing. I think it's pretty useful actually as people usually forget its there until I use it. Most lists have several ships in my local meta so finding a target to use it on is pretty easy, and pushing through that extra damage has won me points I wouldn't normally have and delivered a crit at the best time.
  3. Loku made a fantastic jedi using the ancient Lightsaber.
  4. I managed to slice my hand open on the edge of an acrylic range ruler.
  5. I'd like some better Rebel Z-95 pilots, maybe Jaden Korr as a force user? Hera in the B-wing and A-wing. Juno Eclipse crew? or a lambda pilot. And Leia in an N-1...
  6. Honestly, I think this looks a bit lame... TLJ has killed any interest I have in the new characters. Was Finn even in this trailer? Meanwhile I doubt Lando can do much to carry the film and bringing back iconic dead characters, while fan service, undermines the resolutions of the original films. I'm like, 30% interested for this movie.
  7. Z-95 Headhunter I5: When making an attack against an enemy in your bullseye firing arc, provided you are not in the defender's firing arc, you may roll up to two extra dice. If, as a result of this attack you ever roll all hit/crit results, the defender automatically counts as rolling 4 natural evade results. Seriously... like every time.
  8. I'm all for as many factions as possible. Honestly, I was disappointed that wookiees were released as rebels and not their own faction, and the same for Boba on the imps, as he could have been with Mandalorians or scum. Either way, I think you've proven there is enough in the FO to fill out a lot of unit choices.
  9. I made a list with Airen Cracken handing red actions to stress Ezra which could allow for some really nice shenanigans but flying a Z-95 and Tie together takes some practice. Rex was always great and will likely be even more valuable now that attack dice are so limited. Sabine combines well with trick shot acting as a pseudo-advanced sensors and she's a fantastic blocker on a ship that can boost, 1-hard and barrel roll on the same turn. Finally Zeb is a Tie but tougher. Rebs don't get much 3 agility/evade ships and it's cheap. Keeping it alive longer is pretty great imo.
  10. Hello there, Just played a campaign game in which I brought out IG-88. He was killed soon after and I played the Final Blast agenda card to perform an attack before he died. I used an attack pool of 2 yellow dice for the surges and got enough to use Recover 3, which was enough to keep him alive. Did we play this right? It meant he then got to attack twice again on his activation and basically went from death to 8 health remaining.
  11. They could give all of the vulture droids a white stop.
  12. Alright, thanks for the help that clears up a lot
  13. Hello pilots, I've read up as much as I can on the conversion packs for 2.0 but I've yet to find out precisely what is inside them... I get the ship types and numbers but I'm still confused as to the rest: Do we get plastic medium bases and stems for any medium ships? Do we get multiple dials for each ship? (So for 2 X-wings in the pack we get 2 x-wing dials?) Do we get ALL the upgrades that are in the standalone ship kits? (Again with X-wings: do we get all of the same upgrades that are in the individual kit?) If the answer is yes to the last question, do we get two copies of all pilot cards, ship bases, medium bases (where applicable) tokens and upgrades? How about the new core set - do we get the upgrades and pilots from that in the relevant conversion kit? Sorry for nooby questions, thanks in advance!
  14. I want all of them: The clones, the CIS, the First Order and the Resistance... And I don't just want scum, that's thinking way too small for a game like this. I want Hutt cartels, Black Sun, Mandalorians, gungans, wookiees, ewoks, czerka/mining guild, and lots more as their own factions.
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