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  1. Can't emphasize this enough - go for two fleets that lack upgrades! I'd add in some basic squadrons though; playing without them essentially eliminates one of the four command dials and removes an important concept entirely.
  2. I'm thinking of going with option 1, but with a second caveat - the second token will only be used if it isn't already exhausted. Might prevent the AI from burning through tokens too quickly. Will try to get another game in tonight and share how it goes!
  3. Played a game today using this system, and I enjoyed it. Certainly beats playing both sides! A couple caveats up front: I'm not the most experienced player so ignored the bonuses, I used a thematic setup that in hindsight probably made the game easier for me based on the AI's limited movement choices, and I played without upgrade cards. My fleet (498 Pts) was an Ackbar MC80 Comd, MC75 Armd, Neb B Sp, MC30c Torp, and CR90A with 3 A-Wings, 3 X-Wings, and 2 Y-Wings. The AI (600 Pts) had a Motti Imp II, 2 Victory Is, and 3 Arquitens Comds with 9 Tie Fighters, 4 Interceptors, and 3 Bombers. The thematic set-up had the bulk of my fleet and the AI's Star Destroyers in opposite corners. The AI Arquitens deployed directly opposite my fleet, while my MC30c deployed opposite the AI's SDs. All of my ships started angled toward the Arquitens, while his were all angled toward the bulk of my fleet. I ended up winning by 107 pts, but it felt tighter than that as the AI only needed to damage my MC75 once more to destroy it. I found the attack priorities to work well in general. Because ships can attack from multiple arcs, I found the AI never had to pass up a juicy target entirely to engage a large or well shielded ship, although it might not always optimally apply coordinated fire commands or dials. I felt that the AI's movement worked well for ships that like to engage head-on, like Star Destroyers, but was weak for ships that prefer flanking shots, like the Arquitens (or, I imagine, the MC80). For example, on the SD side, a single SD slowed down to engage my MC30c while the rest turned to intercept the bulk of my fleet head-on (makes sense). On the Arquitens side, meanwhile, the AI charged headfirst at my fleet at varying speeds. Initially, that meant they weren't able to leverage their flank shots, then it meant they ended up ramming my ships headfirst (bunch of wannabe Hammerheads!), and finally, it left them isolated at close range on the flanks of my MC80 and MC75. Regardless, I understand why this limitation exists (one deck streamlines the AI's decision-making) and honestly don't know how you could resolve it short of having a second deck with different movement priorities for ships that prefer to flank. The only rule I didn't really like was the one that prevents the AI from using more than one defensive token on a given attack. I assume it's there to simplify the AI's decision making. Either way, I ignored it a couple of times when I felt it didn't make any sense (eg the AI was defending against the final activation of the round, drew a redirect to mitigate multiple hits, but had an unused brace). Overall, really fun system to play with and kill an afternoon. I do have two questions @Crabbok: Can you clarify if I was using the command dials as intended: I played so that the AI player did not stack command dials, but instead whatever card was drawn at the start of their ship's activation was immediately used as its command. Did you ever playtest with the AI using multiple defensive tokens? I'm considering adding a second defensive token icon to a handful of the AI cards, but would like to hear your thoughts on that.
  4. Maybe it's just me, but I think people like to ignore the first half of that statement (the intent bit), which to me is more important than the second half. From the perspective of Luke, is he really looking at an enemy from the eyes in his head, or from the tip of his lightsaber? I also think others have brought up a good point wrt the inconsistency between generalized movement but specificity for LoS. A turn represents more than an instant in time, so it's a bit ridiculous to treat a static pose as perfectly representative of the space occupied by a person.
  5. I'd like to say yes but I can't imagine how much shipping from the sixth planet of the Hoth system to Canada would cost.
  6. Not just a Sunday... But also the day before the Canada Day Stat Holiday
  7. Valid complaints if this is historicals; but it's not, it's Star Wars. How often do you see Stormtroopers or Clones in the movies executing tactical movement. They pretty much all fire from the hip or chest while moving upright. Very little aimed fire or crouched movement from cover to cover. Almost nobody ever adopts a prone firing position, let alone kneeling.
  8. My recommendation is based on whether you have a group of friends interested in it, or you're relying on a local community. If the former (and casual), it's a fun, balanced game with some interesting mechanics. I'd absolutely recommend getting into it. There's more than enough ships out there to get variability in gameplay, and with a group of friends who are mutually interested, you should be able to play often enough and potentially split costs. If the latter (or competitive), you're going to have to do some more research into the state of the game where you live.
  9. I feel the marked tokens should only last one turn. Otherwise you're adding a lot of firepower over the course of one game. Especially because, the way that's worded, you could just keep the Droid out of sight in the back and mark targets all game without exposing it.
  10. They're definitely support. Primary role is recce. Not great at ATK or DEF, but great optical packages. I think they should have a role, maybe to improve the effective range of adjacent units? Just spitballing.
  11. I would hope that whoever your opponent is, they would be reasonable enough to agree he should gain cover from a barricade. It's pedantic and petty to try to argue he shouldn't.
  12. As others have said, more vehicles, dewbacks and tauntauns, echo base troops, Imperial army corps unit. I also wouldn't mind a second, alt sculpt Stormtrooper and rebel trooper expansion. Also a Lando operative and a death trooper expansion. Oh and Probe Droids!
  13. A bit simplistic. High ground is not always a good thing. Reverse slope defence is a good example of this.
  14. They seemed more akin to a personal bodyguard to me than a ceremonial task on a parade. Since Palpatine is a commander, you can justify them being included as they'd be his personal escort. Whether or not Palpatine belongs in a tactical miniatures game is another debate.
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