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  1. I don’t know how players may use SAD only once per game as more or less standart fleets start engagement in the end of second turn. So at least two of the most decisive turns SAD is in use for advantage. And that’s not saying that there are situations when it has a good use in later game, because sometimes even in the heat of battle ability to pass can be put to good use.
  2. I’m afraid that Harrow or any other title/upgrade would’t help Victory to become great again. And that is because only large ships (i.e. Victory’s main competitor Imperial class) has access to Strategic Adviser. Let’s assume that we speek about Imperial 2 and recently buffed by capacitors Victory 2. For reasonable price of 124 points for Imperial 2 you gain a ship that is twice a Victory in activation manner while still capable of dealing 1 on 1 with Victory 2. One may say that differ in points is quite big and it is 35 points at least, and that is true. But this difference will decrease as we add more and more upgrades to Victory, and it’s performance still be paled to that of Imperial 2 in maneurability, durability or firepower (sure, we can put full load of Capacitors, Gunnery team, Leading shots, Minister Tua + ECM/RBD, some turbolaser on it, but that make Victory price in points comparable to Imperial still not giving the decisive edge over naked Imperial 2 that will have activation advantage due to Strategic Advisor. And increase in maneuvrability will do little help there as ISD can simply wait for Victory’s move, neglecting it’s improved maneuvrability) . But if we remove Strategic Advisor from equation, then we will have a bit different picture. Whithout this additional activation upgraded Victory has nearly equal chances to win or loose 1 on 1 battle and that is what expected from ships of close to the same price. And even unupgraded Victory will still has better chances against ISD because it doesn’t have it’s activations advantage any more (not to say the one with improoved speed). Ability to have Strategic Advisor on big ship is what makes Victory a senseless waste of points, because you don’t have any tools to deal with this kind of advantage (taking second non flotilia ship neglect all point savings Victory provides while taking additional flotilia may not be an option due to flotilia limit and still eats liont share of points saved by choosing Victory). And I move further and say that this is not solely Victory problem (it’s just the most obvious) but all medium class ships problem, because they all have worse points/efficiency problems against large ships with Strategic Advisor. Only change to Strategic Advisor card, say by making it one use only, will make Victory (and other medium ships) great again, but not another round of new upgrades.
  3. Or even some new variants of existing ships. Everything they need to do so is to put some new cards and cardboard into campagn box as we already have models for those ships. But it’s unlikely, at least with next release, because we’ll get new campaign inside SSD.
  4. It’s not needed right now or in the close future. I’d prefer more new content instead, like new campaign, or unit packs. I’m still waiting U-Wing and Alpha appiarance in the game.
  5. I regularly use generic TIE-Fighters to complement TIE Aces while using small fighter coverage group. They have one of the best cost/efficiency ratio in the game.
  6. I just wounder what is the impact of his desision on SW:Armada will be? Is this the real case of delay of new expansions or a death sentence to a game? I hope for the first but afraid of the last
  7. I'm sorry to say that but I bet we wouldn't see anything for Armada on Gen Con. It'll be X-Wing 2 general premiere. I'd say that if FFG has something to show us it wouldn't happen until october or november.
  8. I don’t belive that game that was in top-5 of best selling games can be a low priority game. I’d rather belive that problem is in people that are responsible for game’s fate. When a person indifferent to the product he responsible to takes a position of importance, there will be no good for this product. And I’m afraid Armada was unlucky enough to get a portion of such people. I think that is why Armada been ignored so much.
  9. What I really don’t understand is a neverending wish to change something that is not broken? We all choose Armada for what it is now, with all those mechanics that might look cumbersome but working perfectly for this game. Why so much people think that when we turn Armada into X-Wing clone it’ll become better? It has a much better chance to stuck in between two different mechanics which result that old fans will leave this game because “it’s not the Armada we know and love”, while those wanting for change will also be disappointed as Armada “still not like X-Wing”. And that means a dead Armada, which I think is the outcome we all are trying to avoid. I belive there are things that could be improved ( from my point of view new group titles is a step in right direction) but Armada do not need any core mechanic changes right now, just small twiks here and there.
  10. A'm the one with Advanced Projectors and XI7 errata fix, though reinstate Yavaris ability to move squadrons with FCT and then shoot twice is also good point for me.
  11. Hi everybody. If someone of you will be visiting Moscow in time of FIFA World Cup and would like to have some rest from it in exchange for some Armada play we will be glad to see you on our regular Armada tournament. If you interested in more details just pm me and I'll be glad to help. Best regards.
  12. Resently, I started looking for Armada tournament organizer and I found... nothing, while x-wing and even Imperial Assault had their own. Can somebody advise me a program for making tournament parings if any exists? Thanks in advance.
  13. Maybe domswat911 post was too emothional, but he points in right direction. If we want the best for Armada we should stop to wine on forum and just wait for will come next. Remeber, FFG also reads this forum and makes appropriate conclusuons. If somebody forget, they nerfed flotillas (which was heavily souded) and also Yavaris + FCT + FC (which was not so heavily sounded). And if we will be loud about closing Armada they will go to please us and close it. And I don't think that it is what we really wanted and liked. So I think we should become more optimistic and patient and it will be rewarded.
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