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  1. Do I understand you to say that imperial pilots are broadly overpriced by 25-33%?
  2. I mean, strictly speaking, it’s an alkali metal. The alkaline part is actually the hydroxide. So, when hyperspace is basic (from KOH), everything in it will be salty (from K+ and OH-).
  3. Recently I had a guy roll a /LN into range one because he felt it was more valuable than focusing. That accidentally blocked a sloop. I was so angry that his reasoning was wrong but the outcome was correct.
  4. If any FOcho lists make it past first round of Swiss, second look at it?
  5. Welcome to the FFG forums, where "obvious" is in the eye of the beholder! It's nothing against you personally, because you legit might be way more insightful than I am, I just don't actually know you. From my point of view, Rush is definitively inferior to Soontir. By the time Rush is I6, he's only worth 29 versus Soontir's 53. Rush's dial is excellent, yes, but he can't double repo and take a mod, and he doesn't have access to talents that could remedy that (e.g., Lone Wolf, Predator). So he's ultimately worse as a points fortress and worse as a closer ace. And the final clincher is that, before his ability activates, he's susceptible to killboxes that can take him off the board before he gets a chance to be an ace. I would not put Rush on the board because I haven't seen a squad with him that looks like it would be happy against 5A, which a lot of people seem to want to run.
  6. That free focus is... valuable. That's like saying, "Holo looks good, he's like Grand Inquisitor without the force." [I don't actually think Holo is like the GI.] I thought FW was this weekend until I just looked it up. For the 7th - 9th, I might be able to swing that. Amusingly I just listened to that Mynocks cast with Nam-my walking my dogs today where he commented that he hates swarm games because they sap the energy out of commenting. I'm surprised he didn't yell REKT every time he passed you.
  7. Bully Dion into streaming FOcho and I’ll buy your drinks next time I’m in town, which should be soon (tm).
  8. P A N I C A N I C ... streams should be entertaining, though.
  9. Between the tractor changes and higher ship counts, this seems like something I would expect to fall apart mid game. Dooku seems like he’ll run out of force, then he can only play one trick at a time and needs you to be in arc. As a 3 dice gun that may or may not have focus and wants to spend force on effects, not dice, I don’t even know that I’d shoot at him until Vultures were mostly gone. It’s probably not fun to play against, but it doesn’t seem overly concerning?
  10. I love how, this many years in, you’re still trying to be reasonable.
  11. What does this even mean? What is ‘tier language’? Do you mean, like, ‘S or A Tier’? Or does this have a meaning that’s only clear in the context of this episode?
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