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  1. This seems like a plausible upgrade list.
  2. If you assume that the Nantex will be priced like Strikers, then sure. Don’t bet on getting Ensnare, though.
  3. Has anyone heard an indication on timing? Usually they give a quarter in the closing paragraph, but this just said with the rest of wave V. Are we just straight guessing on release dates?
  4. I didn’t say you had to be at the same trial.
  5. Can confirm that everyone at a hyperspace trial can hear Zack.
  6. “Dial issues”? The vulture dial can do everything it needs without banks. Blue two turn with broll—> focus is strong. I was originally pissed when they were 2 agility, but at 3 agility it’s probably not fair.
  7. Would CIS see more play if Vultures didn’t suck at banking? I’m pretty sure it’s usually not the right answer because it screws up formations. Vulture boxes are fun.
  8. I know the answer isn’t electro proton bombs, but I do want to see them on the table at some point. (Just once, though)
  9. Are you accounting for two shield per turn regen? Because that seems good.
  10. Uh... 16 + 10 = 26, and 20 + 8 = 28. They’re chonkier in second edition, right?
  11. I don’t see what the point of giving this calculate... are we expecting that it might get multiple attacks? With zero agility wouldn’t you just prefer to focus anyway? Overall Super Hyped. Will buy at release. I’ve wanted this model for a long time and couldn’t find them in stores for ages.
  12. I’ll be curious to see how the dial works with advanced SLAM. The blues are basically swapped with the Gunboat, which feels like it SLAMs for position and then wants 1 blues for range / time on target for munitions. The Fireball has one speed blues, but one fewer health and no shields, so if you mess up your positioning or approach, you’re going to get punished a lot more because it’s harder to escape. Overall I’m curious to see how it’s priced... with only 2 dice, I’m not sure how effective it will be at generating damage. It looks like it’ll have a missile slot, but you need targeting computer to set up locks.. worth the investment?
  13. Regarding cost, I’m sure this has occurred to many people, but for the rest: these essentially cannot cost less than 10 points because then the SF might take them preferentially to the gunner. If the developers want that to feel like a real decision, the price can’t be less than gunner... and probably not more than Proton Torpedoes. We won’t know pricing for a while, but it’s fair to guess we’re looking at 10-13 points. My money is on the upper end of that range, because there are so many torp carriers that you could easily run into unanticipated combos if it’s too cheap.
  14. Uh... no? Good Teroch players line up alphas based on his ability, which can act as an effective force multiplier. That’s like saying Fenn is garbage because some players get caught in arc R2, or that Tavson is rubbish because people don’t shoot at him. Don’t you remember Resistance Leia? I didn’t need to put her on the table to know she needed Luke gunner prices to not be cancer.
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