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  1. well thanks for the replies; you've all given me lot to think about. My big concern has been to make sure everyone is involved to some extent and how to achieve that, rather then to show off a prison or interrogation scene. Capturing the pc was not part of my plan at all in the first place! I haven't experience in doing a true split party; whilst the group has split up at times to achieve multiple time sensitive/difficult tasks, it was more in the vein of "you have a day in town to prepare for the job and a lot to do, so who goes off to do what?" i am probably going to go down the route of providing plenty of opportunities for the prisoner to make new contacts and for intelligence gathering; of course if she wants to escape on her own that's all well and good too! whilst giving the player a guest character might work, A) they don't know anyone altruistic enough on this planet that would chip in and help them, and B) i reckon people want to be awesome with their own characters rather than one they haven't invested in. I will talk with them first though; after all i may be wrong and this would be their preferred option.
  2. well when rolling for the negotiations for the mining equipment they rolled poorly enough the other side shopped them so theres that... i have thought of a couple of ways the pc might glean useful information from her captors interrogating her; the bad guys aren't united and their treatment of her (and where she ends up) might highlight this. i am mostly concerned as to what she could be doing rather than just waiting to be rescued. I'd like the player to be feeling as if she's doing stuff and keeping her involved!
  3. Hey folks! I've been running and eote campaign on and off for about a year but have had no other gming experience so i'm turning to you guys for help with a problem. So the pcs had a bank heist on malastare go very wrong, with one of the party getting captured by what was an imperial sting operation. Whilst i have no doubt that her getting free will be a priority, i am struggling on thinking how to keep the captured pc involved and doing stuff. As a chiss imperial deserter connected with a frigate that recently mutineed, i am sure that there would be a harsh interrogation somewhere, but 'roll discipline to resist interrogation' doesn't sound like it would be very fun or interactive. what could she be doing/how do i facilitate her agency to do stuff in this case? More importantly, what pitfalls should i avoid? the gang did purchase some mining equipment for the heist no questions asked from a dodgy business that did hire prison labour from the imperials; i was thinking of sending the pc there for some irony, as seeing this pissed her off when negotiating the drill purchase. any thoughts and advice would be appreciated!
  4. Folks have been quite helpful in pointing out stuff; thanks very much to you all! Will have to give the O66 podcast archive a look then; I suspect i should be harsher on the consequences of just using picked up loot then I have been. Arguably since one of the players ended up accidentally shooting down their sister (obligation) with a looted disruptor pistol (friendly fire) this has already come to pass (first shot with the gun in question too). There should be an awkward family conversation coming up, especially as the sister didn't necessarily feel that she needed rescuing in the first place... In the end the inquisitor got away by a handful of wounds; The PCs decided to alpha strike/concentrate everything on her, which meant they were ignoring her entourage, who in turn hurt them far more then she probably could. I suspect that adopting a mindset of focusing on the objective so much sabotaged them in the end, as it meant that when she was very badly wounded she still had the resources to escape.
  5. Maybe if the PC had access to a large group of minions they could boss around? A fleet of mouse droids, or disgruntled utility personnel (and gathering the group could be a plot hook in itself). Maybe more the beginning part of mission impossible one, though hopefully without the crew getting wiped out one by one...
  6. one possibility I am mulling over I giving the inquisitor an electrostaff rather then a dual blade lightsaber; no one is really melee oriented atm,so its less of an issue if it falls into their hands. Sure they could train to use it, but that takes time and I would be fine with that. failing that, I am currently planning to have the final confrontation on a repurposed gas mining station, shades of Bespin? Should provide plenty of long drops and dangerous machinery to provide dramatic fall to peoples deaths if I choose to go down that route
  7. That hutt episode sounds interesting, and I may have to borrow that idea going forward! I do try to add a mixture of very weak and strong enemies, as much because it would be weird if the low level storm troopers or thugs just mysteriously stopped turning up, but also because the minion group rule means they can still be somewhat relevant.
  8. More concerned that he is going to run away from the rest of the party in terms of combat power
  9. You've all suggested some handy ideas, so thanks for those folks! Given that I suspect they will be getting help from the rebels, and the local moff has already expressed an interest in seeing the rogue inquisitor dealt with, I can see the inquisitor taking the spiteful route if it looks like the facility is going to be captured, especially as she has tried to cover her tracks before. kaosoe, I am a little concerned as the force user character already has a lightsaber and its easily one of the nastier things in the group; his character is already noticeably more tanky and lethal than the two smugglers of the party, and I don't want the power difference between players to get too out of hand, as i am concerned that in order to provide his character a challenge the smugglers might find the situation a it too lethal. At the same time, it would be nice to give some kind of decent reward for victory. How big of an issue is power differences between PCs for folks by the way? As it stands, the less combat oriented members of the party are certainly able to contribute ATM, but I am a little concerned that if the FaD PC continues to focus on combat skills when the other PCs get both combat and non combat skills, that it may distort things a bit on both directions. There was one part of a session in which the players very much had to rely on non combat/social skills, and the FaD PC was only really able to contribute by taking on obligation.
  10. That sounds like an idea; can you tell me where it is so i can read up on it? can it be bypassed by an enterprising mechanic for example?
  11. Hey folks, Ive been running my first campaign as a GM (and first with the narrative dice system). Mostly EotE characters with one from FaD. The PC have basically got to a point where they are likely to be hunting down the villainous mastermind (a junior imperial inquisitor who has gone rogue and started up their own brainwashing/kidnapping cult). The confrontation will likely be in the next 1-3 at most sessions of about 3 hours each. Since this will be the culmination of the campaign so far, I'd quite like it to go well, so any advice on how to make it a memorable experience will certainly be appreciated! What i am concerned about is the possibility of loot after the battle. I know the books say you should try to wean players off the "loot corpse" mentality, this has partially stuck, but when the dead bounty hunter has a cool (X) they find it hard to resist. Anyway, I am a little concerned that when our heroes defeat this villain, they are gonna want her lightsaber and whatever cool stuff she is equipped with. The FaD character is a rather tanky knight who already has a lightsaber: I am a little concerned he will want two, which given his one lightaber is already the fanciest piece of kit in the party may not be good for team balance, and would certainly make it hard for me to balance encounters in future. At the same time, no loot at all may feel that I am stiffing the players, especially if done in a contrived way. I have considered that they are likely to seek rebel assistance in attacking the cult hideout; given its early days, they will probably want the war material to boost their own position in the area, and this could mean they are limited in what they take. Another possibility is that the local moff, who has been quietly gunning for this rogue inquisitor, turns up near the end of the battle, either to deal with the renegade himself or because he got wind of a rebel operation going on, forcing a scramble to escape: This again may feel a cop out, and may not help with a PC saying that they want to make a quick grab for a saber? I could spend a fate point, but if near the end of a session as its likely to be at that point with no consequences for me not using it, is that a cop out? Should I just not worry about it too much? Whilst a lightsaber can be a big deal, If the party has one already is another really gonna break the game? That said, if only one character has the lightsaber skill, would that be an issue?
  12. That was very much the angle I was thinking about; to be fair it shouldn't be too much of an issue as the killer player hasn't been particularly murderous before this, the players are quite decent at ooc communication and don't want to compromise each others character concepts either. as to the arranging to be elsewhere, I've made it clear in the past that 'going for a walk' whilst your mates do the dirty work wouldn't fly (funnily enough involving having the same NPC they are now trying to extract at their mercy!)
  13. He avoided using force powers or even bringing his lightsaber along; by throw I mean the PC is a big burly lad who tried to disarm one of the corsec officers and instead sent him sprawling into the other with advantage and no success. As to the inquisitor, it is probably a bit late for that...
  14. thanks for the replies! I wasn't planning to give any conflict for simply being in the same group as the cop killer; I think you're right there. I was wondering about going forwards in the group though; for example, if the force user just shrugged it off, or had a tolerant attitude to the incident, or if he does nothing about repeat occurrences. The corsec officers were moving to arrest the NPC defector; they had demanded that he be handed into custody, but at the time there was a fight between assassins, the PCs and other corsec officers (who were using non lethal force). The fight started with the throwing of one officer into another; the PC specified he was using as little force as possible, and they knew the assassins were hot on their heels so I can see where talking it out may not have seemed a viable course, plus they were caught in the attempt of trying to avoid violence so I didn't give any conflict for it. In future I will, but not sure if its fair till retroactively award it after I said I wouldn't.
  15. Hi everyone! I have been running a campaign for a few months (first time as gm),mostly eote characters. We have had great fun so far but have recently reached a conundrum regarding a player who has a FaD character and I was wondering if I could get some help Recently the team decided to extract a lieutenant of the big bad boss of the campaign who wanted to defect in return for giving up Intel on their bosses base of operations. This guy was in Coronet City, and was wanted by Corsec for murdering two of their agents. The boss of the defector had also sent an assassin team after him; leading to a three way struggle. A gap opened up in which a couple of Corsec officers attempted to arrest the defector, whereupon one of the non FaD PCs gunned them down in the back. Its important to note that Corsec hadn't yet used lethal force or even tried to do more than arrest the perp. What would be helpful is to know how to handle this vis a vis conflict? The force sensitive wasn't in a position to stop this happening, being busy against the assassins; his only offensive action towards Corsec had been to throw one officer into another when they were first confronted. The book suggests that conflict should be earned if they casually tolerate this kind of thing from other PCs; for this reason we decided that the morality roll will be delayed until the beginning of the next session when they will have a chance to interact a bit. Still, I am not sure how much the FaD PC needs to be to avoid conflict. Any thoughts or advice would be welcome!
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