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  1. Which is not necessarily a downside, superglue joints are brittle enough that sometimes they will snap cleanly if a model is dropped or smashed, which is a lot easier to repair compared to if it had been fused with polystyrene cement.
  2. So, we free the Fathiers from servitude in the races at Canto Bight because cruelty to animals is bad, only to press them into service, running screaming into the face of this? ...now that's some next level Resistance SJW right there.
  3. Probe droid operative and K2 unit of 3+1 for imperials and Andor+K2-SO operative pair for rebels, please.
  4. Yup, that'd be nice. Corps with bomb/charge mechanic then?
  5. And as for the Wookiee cultural weapons vs. alliance standard issue... ...wouldn't you stick closely to your cultural heritage after years of enslavement and cultural suppression? I'm sure some freed Wookiee or another knows the construction techniques if they cant just be smuggled out of Kashyyyk. ...would you volunteer to tell the Wookiee contingent that they have to equip standard issue donut helmets, camo fatigues and A-280's rather than their traditional garb and equioment, oh, and no more ripping stormtrooper arms out of sockets!
  6. Yellow snow? BAD Tauntaun! I guess that is why they smell bad on the outside...
  7. Ooh, shiny Hoth rebels! ...but aniron, you haven't even begun painting your aftermarket Hoth rebels yet, heck you haven't even received that Hoth Han and Leia you ordered yet. Shuuuush, look at the shiny Hoth rebels!
  8. Mel's miniatures has some of the patrol ships as well, but mostly in other sets. Perhaps @melminiatures could be persuaded to whip up a patrols set to go along with the player ship sets, with some scaled-down versions of the larger ships? Hutts: M3 Scyk (×3) in this set along with two other fighter types: https://www.shapeways.com/product/M9E7Q99YF/armada-hutt-fighter-set?optionId=57226041 Kihraxz (×3) in this set along with two other fighter types: https://www.shapeways.com/product/DF2GTQNCD/armada-black-sun-fighters-set?optionId=57226058 Tl-1200 : missing C-ROC here, maybe too large scale: https://www.shapeways.com/product/QHJ528HEK/armada-c-roc-gozanti-cruiser Black sun: Z-95: Use armada squadrons. Star Viper (×12) in this set, but so many... : https://www.shapeways.com/product/DK2FH2VJA/armada-12x-starviper?optionId=56461365 Neutron star bulk cruiser here, but too large scale: https://www.shapeways.com/product/JUEWTUGWK/armada-neutron-star-bulk-cruiser Kalevalan star yacht /First light: missing.
  9. Not strictly Star Wars, but the scale matches up if you want a dual-game board or a backwards rural planet setting. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ttw-altburg-stable/tabletop-worlds-altburg-stable-32mm-resin-cast-terrain
  10. If only Obi-Wan had reached Alderaan somewhat earlier...
  11. I use W&N series 7, I believe Sorastro uses Rosemary & Co. Series 33? Raphaël is another popular brand. Of course, there is still the possibility of getting a damaged or otherwise defective brush even with the tried and tested brands, and none of this matters if the brush is caked with paint or have had all the oils stripped from it by heavy soap. And, eventually they wear out.
  12. That would be Kolinsky sable (i.e. from the naturally pointed tail) and proper brush care.
  13. Here's a shield effect implementation from another miniatures game.
  14. Maybe they picked the wrong image by mistake. The Phase 1 models are in the core set, phase 2 in the expansion.
  15. Are you sure? "Within the BARC Speeder Unit Expansion, you’ll find one unpainted, finely sculpted BARC speeder miniature different than the miniature included in the Star Wars: Legion Clone Wars Core Set—now featuring pilots in BARC Speeder Pilot armor."
  16. Target X is in the rules reference: "TARGET X (UNIT KEYWORD)When a unit with the target x keyword is issued an order, it gains x aim tokens.• If a unit with the target x keyword would be issued an order but a game effect causes that order not to be issued or to be issued to another unit instead, that unit cannot use the target x keyword.• This effect is different than performing an aim action, and therefore does not trigger abilities that occur after aim actions are performed."
  17. *reads rules reference* Oh. Ooooh!
  18. Can't put Recon Intel on the Mk2 Medium Blaster detachment, it only has a comms slot. No turn 1 CB with fire support unless the opponent infiltrates and moves within 3 while leaving the emplacement alive.
  19. Yeah. I'm not saying anyone should, just wondering what the rules say you could. Is there anything in the rules about overhanging the base? GW tried. It didn't take off.
  20. So technically you could arrange Luke off to the side of the base such that the highest point above the center is, say, on his thigh?
  21. Wearing an orange jump suit on a snow planet and waving a glowing stick around to boot is not conducive to stealth.
  22. The upcoming phase 1 clone trooper expansion box has one, I believe. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-legion/products/phase-i-clone-troopers-unit-expansion/
  23. Taskmaster 1 (action) - Place one bounty token on an enemy unit within range 2-3. Cartel - friendly special forces units and operatives gain Bounty 1 while this model is in play. I guess....
  24. We'll surely see *Darth* Maul for the CIS, though. But what exactly is Jabba going to do on a legion board? Villain laugh at the Z-6 squads?
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