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  1. aniron

    3D Printed Stormtrooper Accessories?

    I had some weird scale issues with some 4-a-duel parts, and there hasn't been any movement on the store for a long time. Buckethead and Skullforge I can soundly recommend.
  2. Watch next episode, where they are forced to put their differences aside and cooperate to check the ravages of @RancorScout.
  3. aniron

    Tauntaun Riders! And Rebel Veterans!

    But what about Grand Army games? 😈 You could have ten of them!
  4. aniron

    Sorastro's Painting

    Krennic! Pathfinders! Death Troopers! Veterans! Vehicles! Tauntauns! Can we just send Sorastro to a weekend vacation on Kamino and get five of him back? 🙂
  5. aniron

    Replacement weapons for corp units

    Presumably the reconfigurable options for the A-300. But yeah, the other current units don't have a slot for it. Better to release some alt. options for the heavy weapon slot.
  6. aniron

    My Stormtroopers- first thing I’ve ever painted

    Yeah, white is by far the hardest colour to paint and have it look good.
  7. aniron

    Basic question about priming minis.

    I put some strong double-sided tape down on a few scrap lengths of wood/mdf. Holds like ten minis each and you can reuse them if you put the new minis down over the same spots.
  8. aniron

    Swamp/Forest themed Imperial Army

    Think I might nick some of those techniques for if/when I do Kashyyyk TCW armies.
  9. aniron

    Tauntaun Riders! And Rebel Veterans!

    Is that one of the brothers from Force Commander?
  10. aniron

    Tauntaun Riders! And Rebel Veterans!

    No, because it seems from the wording like it will still be bought as an addon to the veterans unit, or have some rule requiring a unit of veterans per, or similar. So if you take all rebel troopers, you don't get any, so that's a pro for the veterans if the Mark II is any good.
  11. aniron

    Tauntaun Riders! And Rebel Veterans!

    There is also the medium repeater blaster, which the Rebel Troopers can't take.
  12. aniron

    Tauntaun Riders! And Rebel Veterans!

    Or one could... you know... if Rieekan turns out to be bad, or worse, boring.
  13. aniron

    Whither the Rebel snowmen?

    Oh my. It actually worked! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/3/8/in-the-trenches/ https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/3/8/charging-into-battle/
  14. aniron

    A cry for help from the Outer Rim

    I don't think any ship minis or tokens do come with the game. Perhaps the micro machines scale ships are a better bet, but the X-Wing scale would surely be way too large.