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  1. For Hoth? Easy way is painting the base white or bluish gray. Slightly harder is doing that, then adding Citadel's Valhallan Blizzard on top. Slightly harder again is adding some rocky bits and complementing the Valhallan Blizzard with some glue and Krycell snow powder. That's what I did. Hmm, reminds me to photograph and post that lot of snowtroopers I painted.
  2. I'll try them out if I ever get around to start collecting clone wars. Seems to be made for the gazillion B1 droids.
  3. Now now, they can't be that bad? ^^
  4. Probably something smaller than New California, given that it is not called an expansion. Perhaps cards only? Here's hoping for a better scoring system.
  5. Makes sense for Wedge though, as all he ever really does is fly. He wouldnt make much sense as a commander or operative unless he still was in a vehicle. TCW Jedi do a lot more than ride tanks.
  6. Maybe an alien smörgåsbord once the rebel trooper upgrade expansion hits, perhaps supplemented with select aliens from the units you won't be doing full videos of?
  7. Any teaser yet on what you have planned for after this wave of clones and droids?
  8. Which is not necessarily a downside, superglue joints are brittle enough that sometimes they will snap cleanly if a model is dropped or smashed, which is a lot easier to repair compared to if it had been fused with polystyrene cement.
  9. So, we free the Fathiers from servitude in the races at Canto Bight because cruelty to animals is bad, only to press them into service, running screaming into the face of this? ...now that's some next level Resistance SJW right there.
  10. Probe droid operative and K2 unit of 3+1 for imperials and Andor+K2-SO operative pair for rebels, please.
  11. Yup, that'd be nice. Corps with bomb/charge mechanic then?
  12. And as for the Wookiee cultural weapons vs. alliance standard issue... ...wouldn't you stick closely to your cultural heritage after years of enslavement and cultural suppression? I'm sure some freed Wookiee or another knows the construction techniques if they cant just be smuggled out of Kashyyyk. ...would you volunteer to tell the Wookiee contingent that they have to equip standard issue donut helmets, camo fatigues and A-280's rather than their traditional garb and equioment, oh, and no more ripping stormtrooper arms out of sockets!
  13. Yellow snow? BAD Tauntaun! I guess that is why they smell bad on the outside...
  14. Ooh, shiny Hoth rebels! ...but aniron, you haven't even begun painting your aftermarket Hoth rebels yet, heck you haven't even received that Hoth Han and Leia you ordered yet. Shuuuush, look at the shiny Hoth rebels!
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