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  1. Based off my experience with preorders, especially priority supplies, I would not recommend preordering these from miniature market.. at least not until they are even listed on the FFG site to preorder
  2. I called today to ask why the tracking was never updated and FFG was super helpful, said they would look into it and cal UPS to find the package. Within hours my tracking was updated and I got everything today if you haven’t gotten your preorder check your tracking and if it isn’t moving try calling their customer support
  3. I got shipping notification Monday, saying I should get it Wednesday (like they usually do) but nothing has arrived yet and the shipping tracking shows it is ready for ups but not scanned as even picked up from MN yet
  4. I don’t think they ever got any as I had preordered priority supplies when it was announced and never got them so had to cancel and get off amazon i can’t speak for other preorders as I cancelled all when this happened and ordered through FFG direct
  5. I need those astromechs in my life
  6. Where did the pictures of the boxes come from? I don’t see them on FFG site yet
  7. I dislike this for no other reason as now I have to have two more armies... I already have 1600 point rebel and imperials... and I don’t think I have the willpower to not get the clones and separatists..
  8. Chewbacca operative, Wookiee warriors Q4 2018 some sort of 4 mini expansion trooper upgraded for each favtion clone wars coming to legion
  9. I have not been there before as I’m in st Charles but I will definatly check it out
  10. Yeah sucks cause they have such a nice store. hope they can get whatever the issue is sorted. I may be old school but I want to support local stores when possible because wit any hobby store eventually they all go away trying to compete with online.
  11. I just cancelled all my preorders with MM. as others said they are super nice and good customer service as they processed refunds almost immediately and didn’t even ask any questions their store is great and their service e is good, I just don’t think I want to risk preordering through them anymore personally. In the past o have had no issues getting things from FFG’s store, they always show up the Wednesday prior to the Thursday release and they don’t charge your card until it ships. The downside is it’s full retail price plus shipping so definatly not the cheapest option. For my own sanity I think I will stick with that route from now on or wait till release and try to get them off amazon or other online places that have them in stock. i do appreciate everyone’s experiences and I don’t want this to be seen as a bash MM thread since in store and all other transactions I’ve ever have are great. It could be FFG it sending them what they were supposed to recieve or they take too many preorders before knowing how much Stock they will get? I don’t know so I give them the benefit of the doubt but for me personally I don’t think I will want to put money upfront anymore for a preorder without a guarantee of release day delivery as that is usually the whole point of preordering. At least if for whatever reason FFG can’t fulfil it I won’t have money tied up and can always just try to find them elsewhere and cancel the order right from my account page
  12. Agreed i just found a copy of priority supplies on prime, and replaced all my legion preorders with FFG directly. I plan to cancel all my legion preorders tomorrow its a shame as I live in St. Louis and would rather patronize a local business but like you said I preordered these the day they were announced. If they can’t provide it on or very near release after taking payment months in advance I guess I won’t preorder from them anymore. Lesson learned I guess. I appreciate all of your experience.
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