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  1. Thanks. I’m in the UK too. I got mine from ebay in a range of sizes and delived for £7 all in. Do a search using ‘imperial airbrush paint masks’ and you should be able to get what you need at reasonable cost. Let me know how you get on, keen to see results.
  2. A combination of airbrush and a stencil. Amazed how cean they came out as neither is a flat surface.
  3. After life got in the way I have finally completed my second stormtrooper squad with a leader inspired by an image I saw on the net which in turn made me sculpt with some green stuff for the very first time. I think this squad are an improvement over the first ones so progress! The back of the leader ... This means I have finished the Imperials from the core set ... Which means I have finished the core set aside from the barricades ... Next stop, new commanders and units. Watch this space!!!
  4. EyeSeven


    Not my paint job sadly. I have a core set of stormies to complete before I steal this paint scheme idea ?
  5. Right, the second squad is now done with a couple of quick conversions to make them stand out a little more. It also includes the most casual ion shot ever! This also means that the rebel side of the core box is complete which is a big achievement for me as I am the world's slowest painter.Next is the second stormtrooper squad to complete the core box but they may take a while as I am playing with green stuff and the weather (for a change!) is really quite nice.
  6. EyeSeven


    They are already out in Europe.
  7. "So guys, I'm ready to play Star Trek Legion." Audible and uncontrolled laughter all round "Guys? What? Star Wars Legion? You sure? I swear it said Start Trek! Well, er, I just finished my Andorian though. Right, back to the Star Wars universe it is!
  8. Great news, just got a your order has shipped notice from my online store of choice. Should be with me on the 4th. UK based if anyone is wondering.
  9. Now that really would be exciting. Not for my bank balance but for me I'd be like a Rancor in ...
  10. If anyone would like to borrow my son he has some sort of white dice deal with the devil pact going on. First go on Saturday had him rolling 4 white dice which all came up shield. Thinking back now I should have rushed out and got him to buy a lottery ticket!
  11. I had to use a little green stuff too on a couple of joints and no primer went anywhere near mine! Just painted straight over it and so far so good.
  12. It does. I started off with a bit of brass wire and then just sculpted some green stuff round it. Stuck an air to air missile from a 1:144 scale F15 kit on the end and then added some paint. Here is the in progress shot and the trooper it will eventually end up on. On this trooper the wire will be completely covered close to the barrel. Contemplating doing some smoke coming out the back.
  13. First rebel squad has been done. Pretty happy with how they turned out. Now all I need to do is workout how to keep the second squad in the same scheme but make them different, an oxymoron if ever there was one. Suggestions welcome. So this is alien Bob Russel, the unit scout. He doesn't like anyone as they make fun of him constantly. With his skin pigmentation it took the squad all of 2 minutes to Christen him Brussel Sprout the scout. He didn't see the funny side. And finally, the ever growing group shot. Missile launcher has some new effect but really that will be for the second Stormtrooper unit which will also have a couple of other conversions and additions. It may be a small wait for the next unit as I am new to this green stuff conversion malarky and everything is taking twice as long as I planned!
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