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  1. I won't lie. I haven't paid much attention to Legion lately (or the Forums) but when I saw these guys I immediately thought of @TauntaunScout
  2. I was told that 1 mini has to take all the wounds, 1 by 1, until they are all dead, rather than spreading the wounds around equally. Has everyone been doing this?
  3. Hi there. I am in Alton; not exactly next door. But if you ever wanted to meet halfway and play somewhere, I'm up for it! It looks like Effingham would be a good halfway point. Feel free to respond here if you are interested.
  4. That's how I have played it as well.
  5. I had a chance to use the wookiees last weekend and I was very impressed. I didn't think they would be nearly as good as IRL but after wiping a unit of Snowtroopers in one round, my mind was changed. That they also have 3HP per mini is icing on the cake. Has anyone else had an opportunity to play them yet? Were I a richer man, I might pick a couple more units up.
  6. The Z-6s are a numbers game. They are white dice but with a Z-6, you go from throwing 6 dice to nearly 12 dice. Their counterpart is that ion shot which is 1) exhaustible and 2) designed to punch holes in armor. Ask Imp players what they think of Z-6s. In my experience, they hate them, and for good reason.
  7. He was good in Star Wars Miniatures; just look at how ruthless he is! I would not mind him in Legion.
  8. Agreed. At least the Commanders and Operatives being released are not mirror images of each other.
  9. Did the generic officers get their tags yet? If not, I vote them.
  10. Slap in the face, that seems like an overreaction. I think these units are solid. They don't perfectly mirror the Royal guard as they're a bit punchier at range 1-2. Personally, I'm looking forward to them as a way to counter royal guard/means to punch a hole in frontline defenses.
  11. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/12/18/fatal-fury/
  12. parallel releases don't necessarily mean a balanced game. Giving super offense to side A and super defense to side B is asymmetrical, but balanced.
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