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  1. Unfortunately, this will never happen. I've been playing 40K / Fantasy / Legion over the last 10 years and I've never come across a book/faction that doesn't have auto-include / auto-not-include units. Obviously, I want this to happen, but I just don't think it's possible.
  2. Stop jacking off on the forums bud.
  3. This was me aswell. I played 10 games with it and quickly came to the conclusion that it was garbage. Made a few posts on here and several users dismissed my comments. I guess the rest have finally caught up...
  4. No need due to 6-sided dice. Red gives you 50% (3/6) without surge and 66.6% (4/6) with surge. White gives you 16% (1/6) without surge and 33.3% (2/6) with surge. The only fraction not counted for is 5/6, which creates miserable gameplay (from my 40k experience).
  5. It's tough. Lots of Star Wars nuts around here.
  6. This is just wrong. She clearly defeated him in the first movie (stop trying to defend a weak villain). Your fan theory is incredibly boring. Move along...
  7. Yep. Because you will have to spend an action to change between each of the models.
  8. I'm sure FFG would LOVE to hire you to help sketch out correct trooper poses.
  9. When are we getting Clone Wars? August?
  10. I agree with everything that you stated except the last part. People should be allowed to play the game however they feel. If they want to run the best optimal let them. It's not their fault that the designers created an imbalance. SO trying to put someone down, because they are running the most competitive option is just WRONG. I've been playing 40K, Fantasy, and now this for about 10 years now. There will always be something that is optimal. It is the nature of the game. People will exploit it. This doesn't make them "less tactical/intelligent" than people who don't run the optimal units.
  11. Doing direct comparisons will not work in this game because you need to factor in point costs due to synergies with cards and other units. Also, I think it's pretty pointless to debate how powerful a unit. FFG has already tested and printed the card. No need for us to debate the exact pointcost ... The BARC will cost between a AT-RT - Speeder Bikes. Damage output will reflect this aswell.
  12. This is true, but their will be lists that are BETTER (my point) against majority of the field, than sub-optimal lists. Why did we see high activation lists with multiple sniper teams dominate???? These lists are better against the field and have few weaknesses. In your example: You mention how not having a reliable counter to armor should make you struggle against armor. Yes, this is true! But, lists with armor fit into a lower tier. These lists can't compete that well in objective missions. Not to mention, they are a bit pricey and force you into taking certain choices (You won't see Vader/Sith comboed with an AT-ST). I think cheap, effective vehicles may help counter these meta lists, but right now, we don't have them. Going to 1000 points is more of a preference. I don't know if it will fix the current stale meta, but it will allow for more interesting battles.
  13. The problem with this logic is if you run a list that counters the meta, then that makes you weak against non-meta lists... This is the typical pattern in these types (and card games (MTG, Hstone, etc). Tier 1 lists >>>> everything except lists designed to beat them (Tier 2). Tier 2 lists counter tier 1 lists, but lose to weaker Tier 3,4,5 lists. Tier 3,4,5, etc lists. Beat up on eachother, beat tier 2 lists, but get demolished by Tier 1. You have a better shot at winning by taking a Tier 1 list (lists with high activation count). Yes, you could take a list that counters these lists, but that makes you weak to the rest of the field, so making the top 8 is less likely. I'd like to see new missions, a pass mechanic, and increased max points to around 1,000.
  14. 100% this. I was going to reply to his ignorant comment about exiling / dismissing players who want to run elite armies from the game, but decided it just wasn't worth it.
  15. I was referring to AT-STs and the T-47. I haven't really come across an AT-ST since release due to it's extreme cost.
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