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  1. Even if we don't get Imperial Army minis I'll be painting my snowtroopers up in their colour scheme.
  2. That didn't stop FFG from adding him to the Imperials in X-Wing or Armada
  3. I've done a little already to make my Stormtroopers more unique and made an Inquisitor. I have something planned once Veers is released.
  4. Light cheap units that can maybe repair vehicles?
  5. Depends, are they wargamers or just model collectors?
  6. If it sounded harsh it wasn't my intention and yes it's just a hobby and how people hobby is entirely up to them, however painting is a pretty big part of the hobby and it should be encouraged, am I asking people to expertly paint their miniatures? No, paint your stormtroopers bright pink and your rebels with clown faces for all I care, it's better than showing up with a horde of grey.
  7. I'm the life of the party.
  8. Then they shouldn't get into this hobby since painting is part of it, and yes when you start painting it will likely look terrible, I remember my first space marine and how terrible it looked but that's okay because people get better over time and there are plenty of tutorials online on how to paint better. I would take a badly painted army over a swarm of grey plastic any day.
  9. Just finished an inquisitor converted heavily from the IA Inqusitor and a lot of greenstuff, I plan to make a few more. As for rules, rules writting isn't my strong suit so I'm just going to use vaders card without any upgrades.
  10. Such aspirations, I hope he doesn't choke on them.
  11. Inquisitors, TX-225's, Deathtroopers, Krennic and Shore troopers.
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