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  1. Ok, I think I am getting the hang of it. It's nice! So...when do we start making characters or do we go to session zero and discuss that?
  2. I'd like to get in on this too. I added myself to discord. I found it a liitle cryptic. I'll need some pointers or a walk through the basics, but I'm in if you can use another player.
  3. Thanks, you're right, I missed that. Made the correction.
  4. Here is my first attempt at Character Creation using Terrinoth. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nHa8XFgzaBxUq1PdXU2r6iezIW_yuGqC Background Too impetuous by Latari standards, Celebros Arothir, has left the fastness of Methras to seek new experiences and adventure in the Realms of Terrinoth. Though highly skilled, Hunt Master Cillian has made it clear, though Celebros has inherited the Blood Harp from his mother, he has to mature if he is to become one of the Deep Wood Rangers, or better yet a Latari Blood Wood Scout.
  5. I think that is a credible speculation. Thank you!
  6. Choosing a Heroic Ability happens in Step 4: Invest XP. Does this mean you have to "purchase" this ability? Heroic Ability changes the playing field dramatically, and so puts heroes on a different level (I like this!). I know that you have to split your XP between Characteristics, Skills, and Talents as you see fit, but since they mentioned it happening during this step, I was a little confused as to whether it cost XP or not. It doesn't mention it anywhere, so I assume not, just wanted to get some clarification.
  7. oi! thanks mate! Can't wait to use them. I just got my Terrinoth in the mail the other day. Sweet book. This helps a lot and gets me making NPCs as well as Pre-Made Characters for my own campaign.
  8. Hey this looks good so far. Here's some things I noticed at first glance, or questions I have. Are you restricting Talents by Discipline? You seem to have put the Ork, Troll, and Obsidiman at near equal wound Thresholds, is there a reason for this? The elf seems kind of weak, yet there were requirements for strength to wield an Elven Warbow in the original material, is this intentional? The skills list is slightly on the long side, are all of them necessary? Ok, so that's what I have right now. I'm not disagreeing with you on anything, just asking questions. Sometimes that's the best way to solidify a concept that you had. Good Luck. I'm a big fan of Earthdawn!
  9. No problem, sometimes it helps to write down what you already know and then baby step your way to the other stuff. Creating a campaign world is not easy, even when the background material is laid out for you.
  10. I agree, but on the other hand, no games master runs Rules As Written the same way. In your game you may require a skill roll for something I feel doesn't need one and vice versa. You share with the open mind that people will change what you've written to suit their game, gaming style and sometimes simply because it makes sense to them to change what doesn't make sense (to them). Take magic for instance. Your game may or may not include all of these types of magic (you may not even agree with the simple definitions or categories): Sorcery Uses a grimoire of some sort (runes can be grimoires), requires study Animism Uses Animal and Nature spirits, shamanism Deism Power comes the worship of a god/goddess, or god-like being, Clerics Mysticism Usually a Martial Art, Kung Fu, Walk on water, Super Jumps, Iron Skin, etc. Alchemy Use chemicals to create magic or magic like effects Elementalist Control of the elemental forces like Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Wood, Stone, etc. Hedge Magic Minor magical effects, Sharpen Blade, Light Fires, Ventriloquism, etc. As you can already see, you're going to change this list even if I put it out there as "written in stone". Every suggestion I've seen so far is valid and will work for some and not for others. I think it's completely natural for our games not to be compatible with each other. Understanding how flexible Genesys is and that they continually repeat the phrase "home brew" is enough for me. If that means a whole new skills list, then have at it! I think it's amazing what the community has come up with so far and will continue to change and evolve! Awesome...:)
  11. First I think you might concentrate on race and culture. Do you have all 12 races fleshed out or do you plan to limit the number of races to choose from? Do you have a good idea of how each culture differs and how each affects the selection of classes, weapons and spells? Will you be using Mist and Runestones or something else? Will equipment be available according to region or will it be available everywhere? I would put a little thought into those questions before making a conversion. It can be a lot of work, but also rewarding.
  12. Just to add one more deviation. Engineering (Electronics), Engineering (FTL Drives), Engineering (Cybernetics), Engineering (Biotechnology). If it fits your campaign, you could use any skill you'd like to expand by placing the particular field if study in parentheses. In your homebrew this would put limits on what you could actually accomplish. The above skills would fit nicely in a Firefly campaign...
  13. The Strange (Monte Cook Games) Spirit of the Century (Evil Hat Productions) Trail of Cthulhu (Pelgrane Press) Nights Black Agents (Pelgrane Press) East Texas University (Savage Worlds) Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium) Delta Green (Pagan Publishing) Each of those is kind of like what what you're looking but not exactly. There's plenty of material there for you to use though. Even some of the concepts they use can be added to your GM style. Good Luck.
  14. Just a thought on Sanity rules. You could just use the Chaosium Call of Cthulhu Sanity rules. Very basic and already modeled. However, if that is not your vision, then leave it out. I personally think the more you use magic at higher levels there may be a risk of Taint. So, that's a discussion for another thread I think simply because it would definitely require another system bolted on to keep track of Sanity.
  15. Thought about this a little more. This makes sense: "While moving through difficult terrain created by scattering caltrops, you must make a Coordination check as an incidental, taking 1 point of damage per 2 Failures and suffering 1 point of strain per Threat (and a Despair might trigger a critical injury). " - sf rattan I would stick to one point of damage per failure since you can soak that still. One other thing, since you've injured your foot or feet, maybe you you have to make a brawn or presence check to continue movement, since you're in considerable pain, and maybe if you make that additional roll you might be at 2/3 movement or some such? Just a thought...:)
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