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  1. Curio has 12+ players, playing every tuesday. Huzzah has a good crowd, too. Lab plays monthly usually, but there are pickup games. Can't speak to maryland, but if you are living in arlington, probably curio is your best bet for weekday games. huzzah has a hyperspace trial in august.
  2. $4.99 for a QJ? good lord. lol. i need some other ships to go on sale.
  3. bump! do people still play at jk entertainment?
  4. Looking for one striker, model only!
  5. Kanan crew is the same as 1st edition, except you use a force to do it. after a friendly ship at 0-2 completes a white maneuver, it can remove a stress.
  6. Try han with ap5 and another ship. put lando crew on han. use ap 5 to coordinate a lando, and then reroll it with han's ability. it can be good.
  7. Invalid poll, "Crappy" isn't on there.
  8. tron999

    Kill Han

    Temba, his arms wide
  9. Title on the scum falcon isn't listed.
  10. I'm bad, and I don't know how to get better, which is the worst.
  11. Thrust Corrector is the card that Marcel from Gold Squadron designed.
  12. They could also do Ticket to Ride digital
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