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  1. i mean, they already have images for cards with errata changes in the RRG. Why cant they just add some in there for the points changes. then if you dont want to print them off, print them off, if you do, then go ahead. I personally would love to be able to. Or better yet do a different PDF and stick it in the "Tournament Resources" file on the website. I mean, they are already doing it for half the cards that are adjusted. And as far as X-wing I dont know what was going on with that but plenty of other minis games provide you with a PDF of updated cards that players can print, Warmachine, Malifaux, Wild West Exodus, Eden and those are all companies with less resources than FFG. Just give me a place where I can download the PDF and have the cards with tournament points on them. Especially since I have to already to it with Errata cards. Give me less stuff to have to cross reference. And the comment made on the live stream of "War gamers are used to looking at points" is just ridiculous. FFG can and should be better at providing players with easy to use resources.
  2. i do both. Even when using a list builder. It is far more real to have everything in front of me. they just made it more difficult because I have to have a chart as well.
  3. Come on FFG a chart? Now i have to remember what points have changed when I am list building? then refer to the chart? Or I have to go out of my way to find an accurate list building? That is a terrible cop out to call them "Tournament points". Just include a section in your PDF with "Tournament Points Cards" so i can print them up. You know no one is going to play old points values so why pretend that there are two versions of the game? The reason you gave is a cop out. You are creating a barrier of entry to playing the most optimized version of the game. You are ALREADY including errata change cards just give us a section to be able to print them so I can put them over my old card. I would be printing them and spending the time to cut them out so how is it any skin off of your backs.
  4. Hey everyone, I am the host of a podcast called 3 men and a wargame. We talk about all kinds of different games but right now we are talking a lot about Legion! our latest episode is us being excited about Legion and the next one will be our first impressions. Give us a listen if you like. If you do I really appreciate it! Gotta love a good star wars game https://threemenandawargame.podbean.com/
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