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  1. Curious to see how this went for you. I used your list as a jumping off point and thought of the following as another similar possibility. "Howlrunner" — TIE Fighter 40 Crack Shot 1 Stealth Device 8 Ship Total: 49 Iden Versio — TIE Fighter 40 Crack Shot 1 Ship Total: 41 "Scourge" Skutu — TIE Fighter 32 Crack Shot 1 Ship Total: 33 Darth Vader — TIE Advanced 70 Instinctive Aim 2 Cluster Missiles 5 Ship Total: 77
  2. solved my own problem! emailed Asmodee and they helped me pronto.
  3. I think this is going to really divide the casual players who don't buy everything (like me) and the competitive/tournament players who do. FF seems to be gearing this upgrade to the folks who are already all-in, expecting them to have everything and convert everything because they are going to play regardless of cost. It's also prime time for new players to jump in of course as they don't have any conversion concerns and can just start playing. But for folks like me who have a few of this and a few of that, buying a conversion kit where half of the cardboard isn't used will be a waste of money overall. The solution is either to release single ship conversion kits for a while at least, or else I'm buying all new expansion packs to replace my old ships. So in that case the "you won't have to replace all your ships" talk is nonsense.
  4. Agreed. I've been playing for about a year, just casually. I don't buy everything and don't intend to. I really would like FF to sell not just large conversion kits but single-ship conversion kits. I fly Imperial mostly but have a few Rebel ships on hand to play with family and friends. I'm not going to buy a $90 kit where I don't have half the ships for that faction and don't intend to buy them. Spending even $5-10 on a single ship kit would be a better deal for me. $90 may be a "better deal" in terms of cost per ship conversion but if $40 of that is never used it's a waste of money. It does not seem cost effective at all to buy a new core set and 2 conversion kits to play a game I already own, especially when half of the material will be unused.
  5. So at a game night I lost the base card for one of my pilots (Soontir of course). I'm referring to the cardboard token that goes on the plastic base with the pilot skill, arc etc. Is there a way to get a new one from FF without having to buy another whole set? I've looked on EBay and nothing there.
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