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  1. But what about wounds? In your 2 examples, if Luke gives 4 wounds to the bike unit, or 5 wounds to stormtrooper unit, could he give wounds to miniatures who are not in base contact? [edit] I've seen now it's already answered few posts earlier.
  2. More, if the mini out of LOS is the only one in the unit, the mini cannot be attacked at all.
  3. AFAIK, a mini out of LOS for every miniature's attacking unit is always obscured. It cannot be targeted and wounded, so I wouldn't say that mini has cover. A Unit may have cover or not, miniatures can be obscured or not.
  4. airshow


    AFAIK you obtain both bonuses; so surges count as shields, AND every surge gives a wound to the attacker (obviously, if you have an Dodge token and you spend it). We play this way.
  5. Two. 2 Speeder bikes are one Unit, so first 3 wounds go to non-leader miniature, the others to the leader.
  6. Line of Sight (at the moment, whitout considering the page 8 paragraph) should be used to determine if one miniature can partecipate to the attack (it must see at least one target) and if it can suffer wounds when attacked (if no attacking miniature' unit can see one or more miniature in the target unit, these cannot be hit and cannot suffer wounds. This is how I understand rules so far. The problem is the page 8 paragraph that create confusion, so this problem needs a specific faq.
  7. Interesting. On RR, page 22 Determine Number of Obscured Miniatures: The player traces an imaginary line from the center of the base of the attacker’s unit leader to the center of the base of a mini in the defending unit. If the imaginary line crosses either a piece of terrain or another unit’s base, that mini is obscured. The player repeats this process for each mini in the defender to determine how many of those minis are obscured. (Emphasis mine) So, troopers do not block LOS, but can give cover (I assume light cover), as far as there isn't another rule that override this one... What do you think?
  8. As for every different weapon in the unit' attack pool, can I choose to shoot with rifles for 3 miniatures, then choose another target in range with 3 granades?
  9. I didn't see page 8, now I've understood where the problem arises. Thanks!
  10. The Rules Reference booklet says:"Trooper upgrades add specific trooper minis to aunit, represented by unique sculpts to easily identifythem. These minis always share the defense value,wound threshold, and weapons of the unit card theyare equipped to, but may have an additional weapon oftheir own."For example, I have 1 miniature with rocket launcher, and it requires to be exhausted to attack with 3 black dice. At the same time he’s a member of a trooper unit (4 miniatures) whose standard attack is one black die. So when unit attacks (assuming one single enemy unit) I can choose to exhaust him adding 3 black die to the attack pool or not exhaust him adding a single black die to the pool (7 dices vs 5).My question: If the card is exhausted could I still use the standard unit weapon? Is the weapon exhausted or the full miniature?Thanks!
  11. Rulebook says about Suppression: "The most common way for a unit to gain suppression tokens is to be the target of a ranged attack. After a ranged attack, ..." Rules Reference, instead: "After an attack, if the attack dice produced at least one hit (x) or critical (X) result, the defender gains a suppression token." As far as I know, I believe that Suppression Tokens are distribuited only after ranged attacks, but since that 's not mentioned in the Rules Reference my group have some doubts abut it... What do you think? EDIT: sorry I've seen that is already discussed in another thread. Please cancel it.
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