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  1. E-web would be awesome... similar to IA can't move and shoot same activation but when it opens fire it throws the kitchen sink at them....
  2. Cool survey would be pretty sweet to see something similar 6 months to a year from now and see what changes.
  3. Where does it say that you can't have more than 1 dodge token? You just can't do 2 dodge actions. On the turn you play master of evil Vader can still dodge, which would bring you to 2 dodge tokens. And force reflexes doesn't say perform a dodge action it says gain a dodge token. Therefore Vader can have 3 dodge tokens in this way.
  4. Nice thanks everyone for compiling and clearing some of the questions up. Hopefully the forum mods can make this a sticky thread and put it on the top of the rules section
  5. So if the stormtrooper unit did 6 melee attacks they would have to perform another attack action in order to get 6 ranged attacks, and as we know you cannot perform 2 attack actions in the same activation. In an instance where you can split fire i.e. a unit with arsenal (x) you can do one attack with x number of weapons, being either the melee weapon or the ranged weapons. The only limitation here is you can't shoot at the same unit you are fighting in melee. Your other thought of splitting the attacks I would agree would be allowed to melee attack with the 5 troopers, but split fire the 6th heavy weapon trooper onto a different unit because the rules already allow them to split fire.
  6. O and another podcast I've been listening to is swstabcast https://swstabcast.podbean.com I am not a contact just a listener
  7. You can do this? I mean it's not dodging twice So I guess I can't point to anything that says you can't, I've just never thought to do it lol
  8. A tan would also look really cool instead of the white armor.
  9. There is also legion outriders podcast. I have nothing to do with it in just a listener, but I found it on podbean...
  10. I agree completely with you. Ive played a ton of other miniatures war games all that youve mentioned as well as a few historical games and I've never seen anyone make such a big deal as a bunch of people on this forum...
  11. My last game was a little under 2 hours... me and my opponant had both played several full games before and we only had to refer to rules a few times. Each game I've played agaijnst others seems to go quicker the more everyone learns
  12. How did you make the trees? I like them a lot. Is that an imperial terrain shield bunker? I'e just ordered one from them and I'm excited to start building my endor terrain... thanks for the inspiration
  13. I think as long as things are within reason... Don't mount your trooper on top of an eight rung ladder, but if you mount a guy to the base after you use basing material like I do so I can shoot all my bases at once with an airbrush I don' think it' that big of a deal... the thickness of sand or a light layer of spackle will not win you a game that you would otherwise lose
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