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  1. But two imperial armies with Darth Vader would be ok?
  2. A Legion app would be a really cool way of making it super quick and easy to reference the latest version of the rules among other features.
  3. This keeps getting trudged out but there’s prequel content being released and referenced everywhere
  4. I only see the need for 6 factions (which I don’t think is too much). Imperial Rebel Resistance First Order Republic CIS. Ewoks, Gungans etc could be units within their respective factions. Maybe a capped amount of mercenaries that anyone can buy to introduce Boba, Jabba’s goons, Hondo, etc.
  5. For the time being I’m happy to build an Imerial army (painter and collector, not too interested in the game itself) but I really hope I get the chance to collect a Grand Army of the Republic in the not too distant future. A 501st lead by Anakin and Rex would be a dream.
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