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  1. In my first post, I asked whether people wanted to see new factions, or if new factions could actually work. I got some amazing feedback about how that could ruin a well balanced game, take people out of immersion or under preforming sales of new factions as most people wouldn't recognize and feel the some sort of attachment to them, as we do with the ISD or the MC-80. There was also discussion about doing different era's of time but I'm not sure how well those could function. Would they be new factions? Would they just be expansions for our current factions? to be honest. I don't know. This however, got me thinking. What if instead of factions/new era ships, we just got new upgrade cards, sold outside of ships along with selling current upgrade cards in packs. Admirals and heroes from Rogue One as well as the new trilogy. If it's limited to just upgrade cards as well. We could grab Jedi, and others from TCW.
  2. Do you think that adding new factions such as Yuuzhan Vong, and/or Pirate factions (Crimson dawn, Black Sun and Mandalorians) would be good for the growth of the game? Would it add new players? Seems like Armada (other than Huge ships) won't be getting anything new. Unless they dig back to the clone wars. But it seems there's not a whole lot of variety left in capital ships. Just started playing Armada a week ago and I've really been enjoying it. I hope more people start getting into it because it really is a fun and pretty balanced game.
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