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  1. I have from the grave and have been trying to build a necromancer PC. (I'll probably never get to play it but hey, I just enjoy character creation) I keep running up against the problem of how one actually acquires the necromancy order talent and spell cards. From the grave includes a necromancy order card but it includes no further instructions as to how one acquires the card unlike say the dark magic card. To enter the necromancer career you must have first completed the witch or apprentice wizard career. The problem is that as I understand the rules as written an apprentice wizard may NEVER learn another order (except dark magic which has a specific exemption) not only that the necromancy order has no stance meter on it so an apprentice wizard with just necromancy would have no stance pieces. If you go the witch route you could acquire the card but as per the witchcraft rules would only be able to learn lvl 1 spells witch would totally gimp the necromancer since with from the grave cards alone the only lvl1 spells only affect friendly undead which you can never raise because thats a lvl2 spell! I hope this all makes sense thanks in advance for any help you can give.
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